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American Mean Girls Princess Skylar: Faces Sitting CBT with LexiChase 4K ($16.99 Clips4sale)

Lexi Chase hasn’t had the opportunity to test these new losers out herself, so Princess Mia decides to film her face sitting these betas so she can look at the footage and maybe sell it for profit.

Lexi is SUPER bratty and doesn’t care how difficult it is for these losers to breathe. This is literally about HER comfort and making HER money. Because there are TWO slaves, she bounces back and forth between the two… testing each one out individually (that the ONLY reason they get a break)

When the losers disobey her, she uses her shoe to smack their chastity-covered cocks. You can tell it’s painful by the way they squirm. Lexi even pits the slaves against each other and threatens to beat the other loser if the one she is sitting on can’t last a full minute of face sitting. But since she is a Mean Girl, she changes the rules at her own discretion and beats both betas just for fun!

You can even hear Princess Mia talking behind the camera to encourage her to bounce on them even harder with her ass.

– Princess Skylar

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