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The English Mansion Miss Vivienne lAmour: Awoken For Pleasure

Mistress Vivienne uses her sub toys to give her pleasure whenever she requires it, tonight she is using one of her sex slaves who is permanently chained on a mattress in the cell. She climbs the ladder and wakes him from sleep, checking his cock is still locked in tight metal chastity, she tease it until it is straining painfully as it tries to get hard. Satisfied he is ready for use, Mistress uses his tongue for her pleasure, licking her cunt and asshole until she has her orgasm. She then turns her attention to his caged dick, rubbing and lapping at the metal, his squirming turning her on before deciding to give him a release, she unlocks it and edges his cock over and over until she gives him the opportunity to cum with a ten second countdown which he has no option but to accept.

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