Society SM – Feenix Tops Gabi- Gabriella Paltrova

Society SM - Feenix Tops Gabi- Gabriella Paltrova
Gabriella Paltrova

Small and uber sexy Gabriella Paltrova begins stretched and spread…Feenix takes his time inspecting her fine body before cutting off her lacy outfit…He has tough plans in mind for our little hottie…She is bent over and the Samurai electric dildo is used on her helpless ass hole…He torments her with electric shock as he pleasures her shaved pussy…Gabriella is then tied sitting up, with her legs spread, exposing her pussy…Clamps on the labia and a zipper on each inner thigh…Feenix offers her orgasms as he continues to dominate all of her senses, offering pleasure with only the promise of pain…In the final scene, Gabi is suspended with her legs spread…spent from a long day, she can only hang helplessly as Feenix takes his sadistic liberties with her exposed pussy..