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Queensnake: CHILI CAGE – HOLLY 2021 September 25

First we wanted to do a sparking cage movie with Holly but she gave up after one-minute electric shock on her pussy, it was too painful for her. Kudos to Nazryana, she could do it earlier. So I found out something else for Holly with the same setup. However I am not sure that it was a good barter for her since having hot pepper sauce on and in her pussy is probably even more painful than the electric stinger. But at least she did not give up this time. Actually she had several orgasms during this session. After the shooting she said that the vibe on her clit turned the crazy pain into crazy orgasms. The ice in her pussy also helped a little bit in the first moment but after removing the ice the burning pain got even more intense. She said that she would go to a date after the session. Poor guy 🙂 I imagined how surprised he was when her dick got into fire after fucking her hot peppered vagina lol

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