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Olivia Rose Fetish: prickly sweaty sweater pits – SWEATER FETISH

I become extremely lazy during the winter. I don’t really have to be seen by anyone in the winter and I am always wearing long sleeves just like this sweater. Since no one sees me I rarely shave. I think it has been about 3 or 4 weeks since i have shaved. My armpits are super prickly. You know what else? I also seem to sweat even more durning the winter! I feel dry all summer, but as soon as sweater weather rolls around it’s like I am a sweaty mess.

And I don’t wear deodorant.

You’d think this wool would soak up the sweat and make them less smelly, but it doesn’t My pits smell when i wear long sleeves and the sweat just soaks into the sweater from my unshaved pits.

I bet you want to see them, don’t you?

Here, I will take My sweater off and show you exactly what I mean.

Look at My irresistibly prickly sweater pitts. I want you to get your face right in them and just imagine sniffy them after I take my sweater off for the day, and not just sniff, but lick.

I tease you by licking My own armpit and smelling it.

Go on take a whiff and a lick of my incredible, incredibly smelly, prickly, sweaty, sweater pits. You know you want to…

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