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Humiliation POV Princess Char: Cash Dispensing Pervert For Hot, Young Bratty Girls ($8.99 Clips4sale)

Princess Char!

You’re a little chronic masturbating pervert for hot, young, bratty girls like me, aren’t you? Of course you are. It’s all you do, jerking off all day to bratty girls like me. You’re a fucking pervert lol! You know you are. You can’t help yourself. Guys like you will never have sex, all you can do is jerkoff to my hot, young, tight, little body lol. It’s all you’re good for. Jerking off and watching me on your screen. You’re so pathetic. And you love it. You know you do, you little pervert.

You can’t stop staring and drooling over my hot young body. You love being teased like this, you love being able to feel like a pervert peeking in on a hot . You wanna jerk your cock to me so badly, don’t you pervert? Of course you do lol. But you don’t deserve it. Perverts like you have to pay to jerkoff to bratty girls like me. And they love it. You love paying to jerkoff. You love paying me, isn’t that right? Pay me and feel your cock twitch and throb as you jerk it to my hot, young body.

You’re such a lucky pervert, aren’t you? This is your dream, just jerking off to a hot alone in her bedroom while she teases you with her hot little body. And you need to pay for it, don’t you? It feels so much better when you pay for it. Your dick gets so hard when you pay and you obey me. Isn’t that right, pervert? My body has you trapped, trapped in a jerking frenzy with your eyes glued to your screen. You are helpless against my hot little body, aren’t you pervert? Lol!

You want me to fuck you over. You need me to. Beg me to fuck you over, pervert. Say, ‘Please Princess, please fuck me over, I need to be fucked over by you.’ Lol! You’re a fucking idiot. So easy for me to manipulate. You are putty in my hands. I have you wrapped around my little finger. You’re just a cash dispensing pervert for hot, young, bratty girls like me, aren’t you? Yes you are lol!

I’m going to mindfuck you so badly that your dick won’t work unless you’re paying to jerkoff to me lol. You need this. You need me. You need my hot little body on your screen. You’re just a stupid little pervert, all you’re good for is paying me. And I know you want to. You need to. If you wanna jerk your cock to me, you have to pay me, pervert. You’re going to obey me and do whatever I tell you to because you love being a pervert for me. And paying me is the only way I’ll let you perv on me. I’m so young and hot and it’s so easy for me to make you do whatever I want you to do. And what I want is to fuck you over. So don’t resist. You can’t resist. I’m your new addiction, you’re not going to be able to stop jerking and paying me, isn’t that right pervert?

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