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Humiliation POV Miss Amelia: Loser Fountain Contest For Cum Guzzling Freaks – CUM EATING INSTRUCTION

Miss Amelia

You already know you’re going to eat your own cum for me today and you’re probably already salivating at the thought. We both know you’re a cum slut. You need to fill you needy mouth with your own creamy, milky sperm. I know you’re eager to get started. But today you’re not just going to eat your cum, you’re going to shoot a loser fountain! Don’t worry, I’m going to explain to you what a loser fountain is but for now, we’re going to focus on your cock. In order for this to work I’m going to need you to produce a Huge load. So start pumping your cock. Slowly. I want you to tease it. You’re going to stroke and edge that cock for a long time so we can really build up that huge load. I’m going to carefully instruct you exactly how I want you to touch and jerk it in order to insure we get a big load of spunk out of your pathetic cock.

Edge that cock for me as you think about all that cum that’s going to go into your mouth. I know that makes you horny. You’re such a cumslut you’re already getting hungry for it. And I’m going to make you even more addicted to eating your own cum, so much so that you’ll never think about cumming into a tissue ever again. You’ll want every load to go right down your throat. Keep milking that cock. Milk it, every pump creates another drop of cum in your balls that will eventually turn into a huge load the more you pump it. You’re going to devour that salty, warm, sticky load for me.

Keep riding that edge, I want you right on the brink of cumming, but don’t go over that edge. I love seeing how worked up you’re getting, you dirty little slut. So I know you still might wondering about that ‘loser fountain’ I mentioned at the beginning of this video. Well now I’m going to explain it to you, but most of you have probably experienced this before.

I want you to get on your back and lift your legs high above your face so you can jerk your cock right in your face. Watch as I demonstrate, I have to show you idiots so you don’t fuck this up! I want your cock to be about a foot from your mouth, maybe even further if you know you shoot long distances lol. I want you to jerk that cock in the direction of your mouth and when you cum, you will produce a fountain that will shoot from your cock right into your mouth, kinda like a water fountain lol. This is called a ‘loser fountain’. And the more you cum you build up, the better and longer and thicker the fountain will be. This is going to be so humiliating but so much fun at the same time lol!

But teaching you how to do a loser fountain, doesn’t really mean that you’ll do it. I know how often you idiots lose the urge to eat your own cum after you cum. So, I want to see it. I want you to film it. And then I want you to post your video either in the forum in the member’s area of HumiliationPOV, or post it on your twitter and tag the site so everyone can see your loser fountain. Then all the brats can comment and judge you on your loser fountain. And we’re going to make this a contest. The winner will get his video posted on HumiliationPOV and on our Twitter for all to see, and the losers will get their videos posted on the site and on our twitter! LOL! I know you’ll love the humiliation of seeing all the comments the girls will make on your little video. LOL!

Keep pumping and get into the position, I really can’t wait to see these videos. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out like you really want it lol! I know you’re already so desperate to swallow it all down. I’m going to count you down to your loser fountain. 3, 2, 1… Cum for me loser. Shoot that fountain! LOL! Shoot it all down your slutty throat! Now don’t forget to post the video or just send it to me directly.

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