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Humiliation POV Goddess Dommelia: Cheating Hot Wife Confession Whispers ($11.99 clips4sale)

Goddess Dommelia!

Imagine you’re in your bedroom and your wife/gf is getting ready for a date, but not with you. Dommelia’s face will appear on the sides of your screen, fading in and out, whispering cheating confessions softly in each ear. This is an absolutely spectacular effect unlike anything we’ve ever done before. Watch your significant other get ready to cheat on you while you hear her cheating confessions being whispered in your ears over and over again. You will love the audio and visual effects in this clip as cuckold triggers are unknowingly being planted in your brain.

It’s date night honey. I’m so glad to get some one on one time with you. It’s so difficult to drag you away from the computer these days. Do you like what I’m wearing? This lingerie is so sexy, isn’t it? I only wear this on real special occasions, like on date night, with a man that I really, really want to fuck. Honey, why are you taking your clothes off? Did you think it was you that I wanted to fuck? Did you think that after all these sexless months in our relationship, that I was going to want to fuck you? No, darling. You see I’ve gotten a bit tired of this sexless relationship.

A hot, gorgeous woman like me should not have to beg her partner for sex. I have needs, darling. And do you think you’ve been meeting them? We both know where you’ve been getting your fix, don’t we? Porn. That’s right, I know that you’ve become so addicted to porn and that’s why we never fuck any more. It seems you found something that you enjoy more than me, so I did the same lol. That’s right, honeybuns. It is date night tonight, but I won’t be having my date with you. You see I’ve been fucking around behind your back. Did you really think a woman like me is going to be satisfied with literally no sex at all? No. I’m a sexual creature darling, I need sex. And I’ve certainly found it.

I went through your browser history and I saw the extensive pornography that you watch. So I decided to one up you. I joined every website I could, like hot wife websites, swinging websites, and other dating sites like Tinder. And through them my sexuality has become reignited. And there was just a tiny part of me that felt bad knowing that you were just sitting at home, jerking off to porn, living in a virtual reality, whilst I was out getting fucked by real men. Men with much bigger cocks and much bigger sex drives. Men who know how to handle a sexy, woman like me and please me. I’ve fucked so many men.

And something has become very apparent to me through all of these encounters. You simply are not enough for me anymore. No. I need more than you. Turns our your dick is very average, even below, and I never knew it til I started experimenting. And I’ve also learned something new about myself, I’m a size queen. My new ‘men’ having been hitting me in spots I never knew existed, spots your little cock could never reach. So do you know what? I’m going to keep fucking these guys. They’re just so much better in bed than you ever were. It’s made me realize just how pathetic you are.

I mean you stay at home jerking that cock to porn every single night. You don’t even have the balls to cheat on me properly. Or maybe it’s because no one else wants to fuck you. Either way, I’ve decided that I’m not going to stop this new lifestyle that I’ve got. This is our relationship from now on darling. I am your hot wife and you are my cuck. Ok honey? So you can stay at home with that fucking computer tonight, date night. You’ve got another date with one of those porn sites, and I have got a date with an athlete with a ten inch cock. And if you’re really good while I’m out, maybe I’ll let you lick his creamy hot load out of my pussy. Would you like that? Of course you would. I wish I’d known this sooner, that you’re just a pathetic little cuck. See you later, darling.

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