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Goddess Serena: An unbearable predicament – Latex

I adore predicament bondage. I love to use my creative talents to create situations for my subs to suffer through both mentally and physically, playing both of these facets against each-other to produce a scenario in which there is no true way to ‘win’.
Today I have my slave in spreader bars with his arms outstretched above him and each of his hands cuffed and locked into two individual sets of predicament bondage that also interplay depending on his choices.
His cock and balls are secured in a parachute that is attached to a heavy chain that pulls up tightly behind his back with a large weight and is locked in place to one of his cuffed hands.
His nipples are adorned with clover clamps that are attached to a heavy chain that pulls upwards tightly and locked in place to his other cuffed hand with a weight.
The padlocks are electronic timed padlocks that, once set, are completely inescapable – there is no way to override the settings.
His ankles are in spreader bars and the tight pull of the chains oblige him to stand on his tip toes to relieve himself from the inevitable extra pain he would experience if his heels were to touch the floor causing the chains on his nipples and cock and balls to tighten simultaneously.
I set the timer on his cock and balls to 7 minutes, and the timer on his nipples to 10 minutes. He has no choice but to endure the pain for the sentenced amount of time before they unlock and he has to struggle using a single hand to press the release button on the side of lock, all the while knowing that once he frees his hands, he is also freeing the heavy chains and weights attached to them to the nature’s gravity which will inevitably cause him great agony.
In a wonderful twist, this slave in his struggle and panic manages to press a button, but not the release button… He resets the timer to 2 hours.

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