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FILTH SYNDICATE: May 7, 2021 – Sophie Short, Jack Eden/A Man Who Knows His Place – Electrical Play

Goddess Sophie takes such delight in beating, shocking, and pegging her pathetic live-in toy, Jack Eden. You can see the joy in her eyes as she messes with his mind, turning him on with her seductive voice and perfect body while simultaneously paddling his cock and balls and shocking him with electricity. He stands with his arms tied above his head. Naked and vulnerable, he knows there’s no escaping whatever devious torment Sophie has planned. She turns him around to slap his ass until it’s red and swollen, only then does she consider it worthy of taking her strapped on cock.

Sophie bends Jack over, she teases the outside of his hole pretending she is going to be gentle, but Jack knows better. He screams out as she thrusts the dick deep into his ass. Sophie grinds her pussy on his ass, filling him up and taking his breath away. She smacks his ass while she fucks it and pushes his face into the cushion. She’s so mean and he loves it. He’ll take all that she dishes out for the honor of living in her sub basement, eating her scraps and worshipping her in any way she demands. He is a man that knows his place.

With: Sophie Short, Jack Eden
Director: Sadie Lola
Categories: Brunette, CBT, Collar, Crop, Electrical Play, Femdom, Hood, Male Sub, Other Hair Color, Paddle, Pegging, Strap On, Sub, Tattoo, Zapper

Format: mp4

Duration: 00:37:44
Size: 2.68GB
Resolution: 1920×1080

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