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Clubstiletto – Dominating Jemma’s Father Part 2

Mistress Blaze has Jemma’s father crouching at her feet after a firm spanking. She orders him to lick and suck her toes while she verbally humiliates him, admitting to him that his subservience, pathetic as it may be, does turn her on. So does the thought of her boyfriend’s imminent arrival. As Ms Blaze strokes her pussy, she torments the slave with detailed descriptions of how her boyfriend is going to fuck her. The slave, naturally, is not permitted to penetrate, let alone taste her pussy. Only real men get to do that! Mistress Blaze then f0rces her bitch to sniff her pussy. Can he smell the remnants of her boyfriend’s cum? Speaking of which, the slave could be very useful as a fluffer, prepping her boyfriend’s dick for entry into her pussy. She makes the slave watch her play with herself as his cock drips futile pre-cum on the floor. That’s all the action his dick is ever going to get!

Mistress: Ms Blaze
Categories: Tease & Denial, Cuckolding, Humiliation, Foot Worship, Ms Blaze
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