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Club Stiletto Mistress Raevyn Rose: Your life finally has Meaning (Release date: Jan 13, 2021)

Miss Raevyn has turned you into her piss slave. She sits on the bed while you kneel in front of her. She tells you that you should hunger for anything that comes from her body, including her sweet nectar. What slave wouldn’t eagerly kneel before her with an open mouth while he longs for her golden goodness? “Every drop must be consumed and any that goes on the floor must be licked up,” Raevyn says. She asks if you’re prepared for this role. “You will drink all my piss and all my girlfriends’ piss, too” she tells you. She slides a hand into her panties to touch herself, then runs both hands all over her body to titillate you.

“I’ll piss in your eyes, too, and leave it there,” she says, before she rises and tells you to follow her into the bathroom, where she steps into the tub. She proceeds to piss right in her panties. It pours through them and onto the tub floor. “Get in there and lick it up before it goes down the drain,” she says, before she has you suck on her soaking wet panties. She then tells you to close your eyes because she’s going to remove her panties and stuff them into your mouth. As a bonus, you get two bonus Raevyn piss scenes. This will give you a good sense of just how busy you are going to be opening your mouth for her and all her friends and lovers.

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Duration: 00:07:26
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Resolution: 1920×1080

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