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Club Stiletto Mistress Kandy: How I remove my sissies makeup ($5.99 clips4sale)

It’s been a busy day for Kandy’s sissy nikki, house cleaning and sucking cock, and as this scene opens the sissy is on the floor with her head in the face sitting box. Kandy explains that she likes to remove the sissy’s makeup with her ass. Kandy sits onto her sluts face and slides her ass up and down smearing the makeup all over the place. “I’ll make sure this makeup is all gone so in the morning she has to apply it all over again and get herself pretty for the men I have coming over to get blowjobs, get their asses rimmed and fuck her sloppy little pussy” Kandy says with a chuckle.

Kandy points out the sissy’s chastity device and says it is permanent. She allows her dirty little girl to rub her berries giving her limited pleasure. Kandy separates her ass cheeks and shows her delicious puckered asshole and you can see the makeup has been transferred all over her ass. Nikki is delighted because while she enjoys servicing men, her calling in life, there is nothing she enjoys more than feeling Kandy’s ass on her face and having her tongue deep inside her asshole. Now nikki looks dreadful so Kandy slaps her cum filled berries and tells her what tomorrow will be like, how she will get herself prettied up again and then spend the day on her knees attending to men. Finally She orders the sissy to crawl over to her toilet table. As Nikki slinks away Kandy pulls her panties to the side and gives you a perfect view of her divine pussy, the source of the sissy’s bedtime beverage. Don’t you wish you were Kandy’s sissy slut?

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