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Club Stiletto Miss Madison: The Air in There for Johnny – TOILET SLAVERY

A C4S Top 5 Seller – Toilet Slavery

Johnny has been locked in the toilet box all day just waiting for mammy. She has ignored him until she has to do her duty and once done with that he will be left there to lay in it. An entire day of relaxation for him, how lucky. She walks in the room and takes the lid off the box and tells him “It’s a special day for you johnny, mammy is very gassy.” She sits on the box with her pants on and tells him she is going to call it johnny’s hot box and then instantly lets out a nasty fart that makes you wonder if she hasn’t just soiled herself. Then another one and she laughs saying “My panties are really going to stink, I’ll save them for later when it’s your bed time and you can sniff them.”

Miss Madison is clearly on the brink of a huge dump as she lets out another couple juicy farts and hearing her boy coughing in the box makes her howl with laughter. “How’s the air in there?” she asks. “Delicious” johnny replies. Madison waves her hand in front of her face to clear the smell. She then decides to pull her pants and panties down before there’s an accident. She tries to blast another fart but this time there are only a few little toots. Silent but still effective to insure johnny is swimming in the gassy treat. Then yet another long fart and she says she almost schl1t herself. After letting out another fart she lifts herself off the seat and you get a nice view of her ass and asshole before she sits down and farts again. She tells him when she is done she is going to leave him there for the day and night and then tells him to open his mouth. “Here it comes” she says and then as her hole opens to expel her waste says she wants to hear him chewing it. “I love spoiling my boy” she says with a happy smile on her face.

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