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Club Stiletto Miss Madison: Get High on It

Sexy Miss Madison has her slave on his knees before her as she runs her hands over her magnificent breasts. “Slave do you like these?” she asks him. When he replies yes she tells him she knows what will make him like them even more, fresh pawpers, which she pulls from between her cleavage. The slave takes a good sniff and Miss Madison wants you to do the same because she wants you gooning for her all night especially when she gets her slave on his knees and uses him for nothing more than a foot stool. After a snort she leans into her slave and squeezes her tits so they almost jump out of her dress. “Just think, some men actually get to touch these” she says, one nipple being slightly exposed. She now sits back and hikes up her skirt, telling the slave to admire everything about her, to take in all her beauty.

Now the Mistress sends her slave down to her feet so she can turn her attention to you asking if you’re high and horny and stroking to her. She pulls up her skirt higher and shows you her breasts and nipples and tells you to imagine sucking on them. Meanwhile, her slave continues to kiss her feet. She calls him up for another snort and again torments him with her breasts before telling him to return to her feet. She then brings her legs up on his back so he is now her footstool. She tells you to stick your tongue through the fishnets while she plays with her pussy. “Take another snort” she tells you. She pulls her top down completely exposing her tits. She brings her fingers up to her mouth and licks the pussy juices from them. “Keep stroking but no coming” she tells you. She spreads her legs wide and now you see all of her and she looks incredible. She tells you to worship her feet and while doing so to look up and admire her pussy and tits but know you’re not good enough for them. She gives her slave another snort, sends him back to her feet and says “You’re going to be worshiping me all night.”

Miss Madison

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