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cfnmtv: Camera Shy (Part 1) (Release date: Apr 29, 2021)

PART 1: Ben’s head is still spinning from the intense erotic experience via webcam with the mysterious Anna. Although he’s never met her, her image fills his every waking moment. He lays on his bed wishing more than anything that he will one day meet her in real life. Unfortunately, all the time spent obsessing over Anna has meant that his coursework has suffered…

Ben returns to reality with a bump when he attends college. People seem to be staring at him, giggling and whispering behind his back. Do they know something of what happened in his bedroom? He’s aware he’ll be in trouble with the teacher for not doing his homework. But he’s so sexually aroused that he finds it hard not to let his mind wander into the realms of fantasy.

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:09:02
Size: 165.17MB
Resolution: 960×540

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