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Brutal Master: Raven’s First Time in HELL!

Let’s get one thing out of the way up front, BrutalMaster named this cunt “Raven the Whore” because, well, she is a whore. Yes, exactly what you are thinking, that is the simple fact. She is much more than that, of course, but whore does seem to encompass all of it neatly.

And this particular little slice of time was called “Just Fifteen Minutes In” because in less than 15 minutes from arriving in HELL! (dressed like, you guessed it, a whore) this little piece of shit was already trussed up, bruised, suffering and opening her mouth like, again, a whore.

The little cunt has huge udders that are already looking less like human tits and more like something you would see swinging around under an animal on a farm. But more to the point, she admits that she is meat who deserves to be tortured, degraded, and punished. If you had seen the (lack of) clothing she showed up in you would know that is all exactly right.

In addition, this is one of the most masochistic bitches we have ever seen in HELL!, especially considering this is really the first time she has been tortured as she deserves.

And just for a fun, final act, after all her suffering, screaming, and crying, she was pissed on for the first time.

This is Raven the Whore, just 15 minutes in, Welcome to HELL!, Cunt.

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