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American Mean Girls Goddess Platinum: Ugly Euroseat While It Worships My Feet (1080 HD) – FOOT FETISH

Why use just one slave when two are at the ready? After a day of shopping and generally having a great time spending loser money, I got back to the Manor and needed a bit of a break from being in heels. I dragged these two losers over and had the import from the Czech Republic serve as My seat, while the bald thing got the pleasure of tending to My tired worn out feet.

But as much fun as foot worship can be for losers, I never let them have it that easy. Of course My whole foot goes down its throat as I gagged it, and not only did I expect worship, but the loser was obligated to massage whatever foot I didn’t have it attached to by its lips… hahahaha… that’s right, work for MY perfect tiny peds loser… show Me how they mean the fucking world to you..

Of course this bitch did exactly that… licking every inch of My soles from heel to toes, between every toe, and sucking every bit of dirt and pain away as it lapped like a helpless pet at My feet.. How jealous are you that you aren’t the one here on the floor opf the Manor being able to show your understanding of your inferiority while being My foot licking little bitch?

Get the clip now and then get in touch after to make your pathetic little dreams of foot slavery to Goddess Platinum and all the Mean Girls a real life experience you’ll bnever forget bitch.

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Duration: 00:12:22
Size: 719.09MB
Resolution: 1920×1080

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