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Alizae Baby: BBC Cream Pie Cleanup w/Anal – Cuckolding

The videos opens with Alizae on the bed facing you as you just came home from work. You find her sitting on the bed dressed in a sexy school girl outfit! She explains that her black da**y told her she needed to attend the school of big black cock and learn how to take his black cock in all her holes. He came over today and gave her a personal tutoring session. She describes her black da**y’s physical details and how they turned her on like he was a black god -Her pussy got so wet she couldn’t wait for him start training her holes.. she describes the fuck session in detail how he fucked her for hours, pussy was really wet, many orgasms, how he was rough and aggressive (hair pulling, neck ch**ing ) how he owned her mouth, pussy and asshole….she lets you know how white dick is so inferior to black dick….she explains how she had never been fucked like that before and how all she kept thinking about today was having his BBC again and again… Black da**y then enters the room. Alizae starts worshiping black da**y’s cock making comments about how big and perfect it is while mocking and humiliating you. Scene cuts to Alizae on her back so that the frame only shows her pussy and the black dildo.(Closeup of Alizae and him fucking.) As she is fucking herself with the dildo she tells Black Da**y how much she love his BBC fucking her pussy. Also, while fucking herself with the dildo she makes humiliating comments directed towards you while you watch! Scene Cuts and Alizae begins fucking her ass. Her black da**y isn’t done yet. He now wants to train her ass! oooo its just so big for her tight little ass! After getting fucked in her ass she then fucks herself in the pussy slowly pulling out after orgasm to allow the cum to drip out of her red swollen used pussy. She demands you to clean a real man’s cum from her pussy, taunting you about how you love that superior cum and how its fucking delicious. she makes sure you don’t miss a drop. Still in doggy style position she takes some of the cum from her pussy and using her fingers, inserts some of it into her asshole for you to clean as well… She puts your face right in her asshole making you clean it up (really close to the camera) At the end of the clip Alizae spreads her ass with both hands and says “Lick my dirty asshole bitch” Enjoy !

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:20:18
Size: 2.17GB
Resolution: 1920×1080

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