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Goddess Harley – Sissigasm Seminar

Ok listen up slave, I’m booking accommodations at the next porn convention and I need a couple slaves to go with me. Specifically, I need a loser that I can use at the 2 hour seminar I’m giving at the banquet room in the afternoon. If I choose you I’m gonna be passing you off as a sissy orgasm expert. I’m gonna dress you up like a ridiculous whore and shove you out on stage as the authority on sissy orgasms like a sissy faggot. Your gonna have to give them all the pointers on the two finger jerk off as well as all the super gay mannerisms. Ya know, like limp wristing in the throws of ecstasy… licking your lips like a hungry whore… batting your eyes while begging daddy for his alpha cock. All that stuff. Let’s practice!

Get your limp wrist goin on… or do you want me to put you in a metal brace and make your arms and wrists bent like a pansy for the next week. That’s what I thought now tousle your hair and show off that limp wrist as you tell the Audience what a pansy masturbater you are. Tell them how you masturbate like a sissy while staring at my pictures. Tell them… you say “I’m a sissy fag that likes to play with my sissy clit!” I love my pink panties.
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Humiliation POV Mandy Flores and Princess Barbie: Giggly, Bratty School Girl Small Penis Humiliation (September 15th 2017)

Mandy Flores and Princess Barbie

Why do you think that we invited you over after school? Do you think it’s because you’re cute? Or maybe we have a crush on you? Or maybe we invited you because we heard how big your cock was and we really like big cocks, so we just have to see it. So go on, pull it out. We won’t laugh, if it’s as big as you’re telling everyone, we will worship it. So c’mon big boy, pull it out, just show us.

LOLOLOL!!!! Are you fucking serious? That’s like the tiniest penis we’ve ever seen! OMG! LOL! Awww your face is all red. I don’t even think it’s as big as my pinky. We’re gonna tell everyone your little secret! LOL! You’re going to take all of our abuse right now because shame on you for lying about how big, or rather small it really is.

We wanna watch and see how you jerk that little penis. Awww look it only takes two fingers, LOL! Jerk that itty bitty penis for us. And just the fact that you are hard right now means that you like us laughing at it. We’re going to completely torment you until only girls laughing at you will ever get you hard ever again. You’ll probably jerk off to this moment for the rest of your life. Jerk that tiny penis.
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Clubdom: School Girls From Hell 2: Fuck Machine

Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves have one of their captive school boys and they decide they want to make him their total bitch. They have the fuck machine which they stole and they are now finally going to get to try it out. The girls hook it up and grab a cattle prod, and bully their new bitch boy into getting his hole stretched by them. The girls have him totally at their mercy, they overpower him. He can’t do anything but take it while they enjoy themselves, as the machine fucks him faster and deeper.
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Mandy Flores: Teacher’s widdle secret : Blackmail fantasy : Mandy Flores

You are a student in my class and are failing. You show up to my office to seduce me for a better grade.You have a pouty attitude trying to convince me to help you out of failing while sauntering around my desk.You start to undo your shirt exposing a hot pink bra covering your wonderful tits. You remove your shirt and bend over squishing your tits together in front of me. Then you turn around and lift up your skirt to flash me your ass in which you have a tiny hot pink g-string on. You remove your skirt and stand before me in my chair playing with your tits for me. Then you look down and notice a little bulge in my pants and giggle. You had intended to fuck me for a passing grade but you change your mind now. You tell me to take my pants off because you can’t wait to suck on my cock. As soon as my pants and underwear come down you looked shocked and start laughing at me. You see I am hard but very small and tell me so. You come up to my left side and grab my cock in your left hand and notice that only my little head is sticking out and laugh some more. Then you get back in front of me and giggle pointing at it and tell me how tiny it is. You want to measure it just to see how small it is so you grab a ruler off of my desk and measure it. It’s only 5.5 inches you laugh! Then you tell me to hold the ruler next to my cock while you take pictures with your cell phone because you want to send them to all of your girlfriends. After sending the pictures you put your phone down on my desk and start to strip off your panties teasing me while you do it. Saying stuff in a baby voice like “is your wittle baby penis getting harder seeing my ass”. You also notice I have small balls too and want to see how much cum I can shoot. You get on your knees and tell me you’ve never sucked on a such a little dick before and are curious. So you take it all in your mouth with ease and of course laugh and giggle after. Then while on your knees still you tell me you want me to cum all over your tits. So you tell me to jerk my little dick off for you. While I’m doing this your still teasing me of course. Then after I cum you tell me you are suprised at the amount and take a finger and wipe it off your tit and taste it.You tell me the only way you will keep it a secret is if I pass you and I have to meet you at your house later than night. You tell me some of the other girls are also failing my class and will want the same arrangement.Featuring: Mandy Flores
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AstroDomina: PUSSY POWER feat AstroDomina

Goddess Sydney is sitting in front of you in denim shorts and a bra. What a sight! You know what makes her world so special? If you adhere to everything she requires of you, she becomes happy. And when she’s happy, you’ll be happy. Isn’t that right? Her satisfaction is your satisfaction. Today, what makes her happy is your ability to cum multiple times. And as a reward, she’ll show you what lies underneath her shorts. The place where you want to bury your head and take in all the juices of your Goddess. So let’s go, start jerking. Make your Goddess proud, make your Goddess happy. Because that’s the only path to your happiness. So if you want that reward, you better cum at least three times.
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Atlanta Dungeon: Slutty Cheerleaders Get Spanked (MP4 HD)

There’s a whole lot of ass smacking going on in this clip. Two male and one female slutty cheerleaders get their back porches painted red by Goddess Samantha, Mistress Ultra Violet, and Mistress Alexis. It’s hard to tell who’s ass obtains the reddest hue as the resounding smacks of hand on ass echo thru out the dungeon. A spanking lover’s delight.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Bratty Lollipop Pigtailed Schoolgirl Sock and Feet Mindfuck

Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Bratty Lollipop Pigtailed Schoolgirl Sock and Feet Mindfuck

Miss Honey Barefeet

Hi there loser. I knew as soon as you saw this clip youd start jerking for me. I look so hot as a school girl, sucking on my lollipop with my cute, white ankle socks. Youre going to get so addicted to me loser. Youre going to need to stroke your pathetic dick for me more and more while you look at my feet. I know they turn you on so much. Youre such a sucker for bratty schoolgirl feet, arent you loser? Awww look how hard you get when I call you a loser, youre so pathetic.

Do you like my cute ruffled socks? Do you want to sniff and worship them? Of course you do. Now Im going to show you my cute feet. Arent they so perfect? Dont you just love my toes? I know they turn you on more than pussy. Youre such a dirty foot freak, jerking off to my feet. Watch as I roll my lolli all over my toes. I know youre desperate to lick it off. Suck my delicious feet loser. Suck each toe and then lick the soles. Look at yourself you filthy pervert. My feet are such a turn on for you, you just cant get enough. Stroke it for my feet loser. Show me how pathetic you are.

Youre getting more and more addicted to my feet the more you jerk to them. You love a hot bratty girls feet. You just cant get enough. You crave my feet, my soles, my wrinkles, my arches. Youre such a jerkoff addict. Show me how you pump that cock to my feet. I want you to edge for my feet loser. And dont you dare cum until I let you. I want you to edge until you have blue balls, lol. I just love teasing you like this. I like to fuck with you loser.

I know youd love to rub your cock on my beautiful wrinkled soles, but of course thats not going to happen, because my delicious feet are not for jerkoff losers like you. Maybe Id let you suck on them, thats all youre good for, being my foot bitch loser. I know you’d love licking the lollipop off of my delicious toes. Now just stare at my feet. No more stroking. I want that cock to twitch in the air while you stare at my gorgeous feet. I know you love being dominated by my feet. Worship every curve of them loser. Youre so weak and horny for my feet. Youre getting so addicted. Kiss my arch loser. Good boy. I love when you are obedient. Im going to have so much fun with you loser.

I know youd love to be my personal foot slave. Id make you worship my feet every day. Youre such a fucked up freak, loser. Look at how hard your cock is. But no stroking while youre worshiping my feet. Let it just throb in the air. LOL youre such an idiot! Fuck you loser!
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Miami Mean Girls/THE MEAN GIRLS: Smells Like Teeen Spirit Asses (1080 HD)

Miami Mean Girls/THE MEAN GIRLS: Smells Like Teeen Spirit Asses (1080 HD)

We are just two school girls that are in the hall talking about how we rule the school. Suddenly the lame principle comes by and freaks out because we wore our hot latex school girl outfits again. He said the next time we wore them we would be in big trouble. So we decide that he is the one in trouble because we have video on our phones of him staring at our asses like a perv! We could get him fired. But instead we make him get on his knees in the hall and put his ugly face next to our perfect asses as we fart on him repeatedly. It’s too bad, at the end, he got publicly humiliated when the other girls saw him on his knees smelling our asses like this in the hall, LOL! You can here them screaming “Look! Look!” haha! I wonder who else we can humiliate the fuck out of like this… maybe the rest of the wimps in school.

Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel
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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer – Janitor Gets a Beating (720 HD)

Jennifer goes to her locker to get ready for her next class. She has a 10 AM face slapping class. She finds the new janitor meekly trying to do his job and clean the lockers. Jennifer knows the janitor is new seeing she got rid of the last one herself. The janitor is unaware of the proper school etiquette. A boy must kiss Princesses shoes whenever she enters a room. The janitor is so scared. He has heard stories about how mean and bratty the girls can be at this school of Female Domination. Jennifer explains to the male she needs a subject for her face slapping lab and wants to practice on his stupid ugly face. Jennifer carefully starts slapping the janitors face until she actually breaks his face! She sprays detergent in the wound and the male howls in agony. Jennifer laughs and stuffs the rag in its mouth. She starts slapping the males face over and over. Once she is satisfied with her face slapping practice, she decides the male will help her with developing her whipping skills. Jennifer retrieves a hard cane from her locker. The janitor takes off his shirt and Jennifer begins to welt the janitor. Blow after blow rains down on the janitors back. The janitor begs for mercy but gets nothing but laughter. Jennifer continues to whip the janitor. Jennifer even repeatedly slams the janitors ugly head in the locker. The dumb stupid male knows he cant fight back against the girl. This clip is amazing!
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Mistress – T: Obey Teacher

Mistress - T: Obey Teacher

You’ve been kept after class because you need to learn to obey me. You need to learn to follow instructions. If you can’t focus on your studies because you’re thinking about your boner, we’ll take care of that…but you’re going to empty your balls as per my instructions.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Makes Mr Puckerman her Foot Bitch (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Makes Mr Puckerman her Foot Bitch (720 HD)

Cali teases her teacher, Mr. Puckerman with her knee high socks. She knows how much the pervert likes feet. The socks dry out Mr. Puckermans mouth, so Cali graciously spits in it. She trains Mr. Puckerman to call her Princess. Princess Cali knows that Mr. Puckerman would do anything for her socks. She slowly removes them. Cali rubs her dirty white socks all over Mr. Puckermans face. She shoves her sock deep into Mr. Puckermans mouth. Mr. Puckerman is terrified of Cali. She removes the sock gag and thrusts her foot into Mr. Puckerman. Cali tells him that hell be giving her an allowance from now on. She expects $100 a week to start. Shell also require weekend shopping sprees and the use of his school office for fucking her boyfriend. Mr. Puckerman agrees to all Callis demands. Cali plans to fully train her teacher. Shell be locking him into chastity, next.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Teaches Mr Puckerman to Worship Shoes (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Teaches Mr Puckerman to Worship Shoes (720 HD)

Cali is frustrated with her math homework. Its just too hard. She asks her teacher, Mr. Puckerman to show her how a problem is solved. Mr. Puckerman gets right to work explaining the equation to Cali. Cali places her feet on top of the notebook. Mr. Puckerman struggles to concentrate. He is distracted by Calis feet. Soon, Mr. Puckerman is mindlessly doing the entirety of Calis work for her. Cali notices her teacher staring at her feet. She asks him to solve the final math problem. With her homework completed, Cali starts to tell Mr. Puckerman a funny story. One of Calis friends has a guy friend who cleans her shoes for her. Cali thinks its a really sweet story. She convinces Mr. Puckerman to just kiss her shoe. Mr. Puckerman doesnt resist. Cali thinks it would be really sweet and thoughtful if Mr. Puckerman could lick her shoes for her. She likes them to be really shiny. Mr. Puckerman licks the soles of Calis shoes. Cali is impressed with Mr. Puckerman. Cali convinces Mr. Puckerman that the exchange they are having is totally normal. She would like for her shoes to be licked clean every day. She loves how shiny his tongue is making them. Cali teaches Mr. Puckerman. Every morning at eight oclock, shes going to walk into his office. When she snaps her fingers, she want him to lay on his back. Cali practices snapping her fingers and Mr. Puckerman immediately lays on his back. Cali wipes her shoes all over Mr. Puckermans tongue. She tells him that if she brings a friend to his office in the morning, hell have to clean her shoes as well. Cali spits in Mr. Puckermans mouth. He better not be looking up her skirt. Mr. Puckerman eagerly sucks Calis heels. Good, good Mr. Puckerman, she purrs.
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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer and Lola – Woodman Gets His Face Slapped By Angry Students (1080 HD)

Jennifer hates Mr. Woodman. She first makes him crawl over and kiss her shoes. The girls enjoy controlling the older male with their shoes. Then the slapping begins. Jennifer slaps the math right out of him. She hates math and she hates Mr. Woodman. They know he is a pervert and can slap him as hard as they want. Jennifer really goes hard on Mr. Woodman. She uses an alternate hand face slap technique. She slaps full force alternating with both hands which sends Woodman’s head back and forth. Minion Lola just laughs as Jennifer beats up her teacher.
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