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Stock Caning

Brutal is the best way to describe this scene. Immobilised in stocks, the slave has no choice but to take as many ferocious strokes of the cane as the two leather clad Dominas decide to dish out. Extreme caning, not for the feint hearted viewer!
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Mistress Kandy – Sweaty little slut flogged and ordered to eat ass

Mistress Kandy has her slave secured by the wrists to the ceiling. She tells you that her sissy has done a good job today, sucking cocks and making her a lot of money, she cleaned the house and licked her ass after a workout. “There is always room for improvement though” she adds as she slides the panties to the side to reveal the slaves already marked ass. She gives her slut some solid slaps with her hand across her ass and then explains that during this beating she wants the slave to focus on the need to show the most enthusiasm possible when sucking cock. The man should see that the slave is happy to be between his legs, sucking him deep and hungering for the taste of his hot cum.
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Cruelcity: Nicole Smothers Her Slave with Her Ass and Pussy!

Mistress Nicole’s slave groans beneath her as she sits directly on his face and smothers him with her warm crotch. He struggles to breathe, gasping for air as he inhales the fabric of her sheer red panties. She grabs his head and pushes it into her, cruelly suffocating him and loving every second of his misery. Only she decides when he gets to breathe, and this thought terrifies her slave since he knows she rarely shows any mercy. "Thank you, mistress!" he pants when she finally allows him a brief moment of air. She turns around and smothers him with her ass, continuing to control his breathing while he squirms on the floor under her. Nicole is clearly excited by his suffering as evidenced by her hard nipples that show through her black fishnet top. She loves tormenting this slave by smothering him with her ass and pussy!
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Subbyhubby: Paris Trains Her Husband Part 1: Love His Cock (September 12th 2017)

Paris Knight is very unhappy with her husband. He thinks he is this big shot and he can’t even make her cum! He is so pathetic and she is sick of being unsatisfied by his tiny cock and lack of stamina. He is now working on the weekends and spends even LESS time with her. When Austin comes over to assist with repairs, Paris takes an automatic liking to him and it isn’t long before she’s all over his big cock. Just when Paris is thinking of bending herself over the kitchen table to get the fucking she deserves, her annoying husband comes home and ruins all of her plans. Paris decides to force her husband to suck the big cock in front of him and show him what a real man is. She knows her husband craves cock secretly and had a feeling he was a little submissive bitch all along, underneath that big ego. She decides this is the way things are going to be from now on.
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Cruel Girlfriend: Spat On And Drenched

Look up at your beautiful goddesses. Sipping expensive champagne while you kneel at our feet. You crave our attention – you even wish you could have a chance to please us but you know girls like us despise weak, submissive losers like you. Our perfect genetics give us the right to humiliate and degrade inferior wimps like you which is why you’re going to be spat on and drenched as we sneer down at you and verbally belittle you. Watch us sip our delicious champagne and imagine how good it would feel if we saw you as our equal. Laughing at your jokes as we flirt with you and fiddle with our hair. Imagine what it must be like for hot girls like us to actually like you – to enjoy your company – to want to fuck you! Then listen to us crush you with the reality. You’re a loser – to be spat on and ridiculed. We despise you – We HATE you! You’re going to kneel before us as we drink champagne and spit it all over your disgusting face. We’ll tip my drink over your stupid head. Watch us as we drool our perfect princess saliva all over you. How humiliating for you watching us spit all over you. See the look of disgust on our faces as we look down on you. You’re a loser – a spit drenched beta wimp kneeling in front of hot girls as we totally destroy your fragile ego and toast to your humiliation.
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Humiliation Princess Rene’s Clips!: Love Thy Neighbor

Hi! I’m your new neighbor, Rene. Looks like I just missed your wife – oh well, I’m gonna have to meet her next time! So, anyway, I really wanted to come over here because I overheard you talking in your yard the other day. You were saying how you find it funny that so many males are so easily manipulated by hot girls and that you could never succumb to feminine flirtations. Well, I’d like to make you a wager! I’ll tease you for 5 minutes and if you can control yourself and NOT stroke and cum, you win! Point proven! However, if you cave and jerk and cum for me, you’ll pay my mortgage for me. Should be easy, right?! I mean, you’re not one of those weak males, right?

[Includes cock tease, tit worship, JOI, femdom pov, blackmail fantasy, goddess worship, masturbation encouragement, ass worship, upskirt fetish, breast tease. Shot in HD.]
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Lady Nina Leighs Royal Domination: REAL BIKINI BLACKMAIL

WARNING this clip WILL make u hand over every detail it demands. my wet look bikini is going to play a huge role in seducing those digits out of you. you want to play with fire then u are in the right place.im going to tease all that information out of you in order to do with it as i please. watch my hot body and sexy tiny wet look bikini, and listen to my sexy british voice, and embrace your obedient nature by fully submitting in this SUPER HOT clip. DO not buy unless you are serious about blackmail LOSER. you have been warned.
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Princess Rene: The 12 Days Of Humiliation Day 12

On the 12th day of Christmas your Princess gives to you… 12 very lovely gifts! Are you excited to find out what our culminating clip will be today? This one is my favorite clip in the whole countdown to our humiliating holiday season! You’ve been used, abused, degraded, denied, and humiliated and today is the icing on the cake. Happy holidays, boys! You will definitely need this linkwhile watching!
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Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas: Ball Bust Interview with local pig!

Pig #2 is a Local pig in Oregon and begged for an interview! I busted him so hard my Pig #1 was crying lol and of course I ended ball busting both of them while I was at it. My Goal was to bust one open id say i came pretty close. My Hits are Hard and I am merciless when it comes to ball busting. Ive learned most pigs are weak and can’t take much pain so all interviews are done with pig tied up. This way if pig ever backs out he can’t go anywhere until I’m done with him! FOR WMV CLICK Ball Bust Interview with local pig!
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Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas: Fetcon Panty Thief!

Custom: So I come back from walking around the fetcon convention this week only to find Jason Ninja the little midget going through my panty drawer!. He tries to attack me but I punch him in the balls causing him to cup himself and while he cups himself I turn him around and pull his pants down. And he’s wearing woman’s panties. I can’t help but laugh and tease him for this, Then I grab his balls and squish them making him squeal like a girl. , I toss him around the room for a bit then give him a wedgie lifting to his feet, and slapping and bunching his balls. Not surprised Jason has a tiny little DICK lol so I grab and squeeze it, mocking his size, and commenting that’s why he wear’s woman’s panty because of his small dick. and than you spank him, and finally kick him and punch him in the balls and carry him out the room and toss him into the hall way wearing his cute girl panties. – This is Fetcon and This shit Happens All the time!
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Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Ball Bust Interview with local pig!

Pig #2 is a Local pig in Oregon and begged for an interview! I busted him so hard my Pig #1 was crying lol and of course I ended ball busting both of them while I was at it. My Goal was to bust one open id say i came pretty close. My Hits are Hard and I am merciless when it comes to ball busting. Ive learned most pigs are weak and can’t take much pain so all interviews are done with pig tied up. This way if pig ever backs out he can’t go anywhere until I’m done with him!
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Cruelgf: His Cum And My Spit

Oh look at poor cucky. Look at all his slimy cum – your real man rival’s Alpha cumloads. He knows you’re going to be eating it today – I told him we were going to make you eat his cumloads. I’m going to pour all his loads into a glass so you can guzzle it down like a good little cum swallowing beta wimp. I thought it might me nicer for you if I added a little bit of Alpha Goddess Spit to your delicious drink. Would you like that cucky? How does it look – your superior master’s thick cum all mixed in with your superior Goddess’s spit? It looks fucking disgusting to me but you’re going to slurp up every drop aren’t you. I think it’d be cool if I recorded you as you gag on every mouthful so I can show our stud how you drink down his cum. I know he’d find it fucking hilarious. He gets to cum – and all you get is to eat cum. That’s kind of it for you cuckold isn’t it. You’re a cum eater and I’m going to watch and laugh as you clean up every drop of this cum and spit cocktail. So gross!
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Princess Ellie Idol: GIVE IN TO THE GAY 720P

You spend an awful lot of time trying to convince people you aren’t a faggot. You want others to believe you think cock is gross. You want them to believe the only thing for you is a woman. You’re hiding something. You’ve been supressing your true feelings for some time now. Truly straight men watch lesbian porn or go out and fuck girls! You like to see porn with dicks in it. Why? Because you secretly desire cock! Watching all my humiliation clips, maybe dressing up as a sissy….you’ve taken a step today in the right direction. You bought my forced bi clip because in all reality, you’re a little curious. I, along with these well hung studs will help you discover your true identity. You’re going to give in today… Give in to the gay!
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You paid for this clip, so why not reward you with a little cum countdown, hm? My nylon foot lover loves to cum to my feet, doesn’t he? Can’t get enough Ellie feet. Cum on my command, pet. Jerk your dick to my soles, stroke to my toes, masturbate to my stockings!
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Foot-slave For Life

Foot-slave For Life! (HD)
You foot-pervs are PATHETIC. And I can make you do whatever I WANT. As soon as I discover that some loser is obsessed with My FEET – the lowest part of My body – I know he is WEAK. And therefore, he can easily be taken advantage of. In fact, if I discover this, it basically means his life is OVER.

Format: MP4
Duration: 00:08:52
Size: 519 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

And I just discovered YOU perving on the soles of My shoes and My gorgeous feet in My hot dark nylons, so you know what THAT means….i am going to turn YOU into one of My MANY foot-slaves!!

In fact, I explain to you in explicit detail in this video how you are going to be My personal foot-slave FOR THE REST OF YOUR MISERABLE LIFE. My feet are going to be the sole focus of your pathetic existence FROM NOW ON & FOREVER.

This clip has a great scene where the camera (YOU!) actually laps at the dirty soles of my shoes with your miserable tongue! HAHA!!! So make sure you LICK YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN when this happens, loser!!! I even make you peel the stickers off the sole of My shoe “virtually” thru the computer screen! (you need to watch the video for this!) It’s probably as close as you will ever get to actually licking the holy dirt off the soles of MY shoes.

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