Jerk To My Feet – Victoria Vargas – Babysitter Stayed Late

The babysitter noticed you staring at her cute feet in sexy, strappy sandals. Would you like to touch her soft, young soles and long, pedicured toes? She would love a sensual foot massage. Don’t stop at just your hands… you can use your mouth on the babysitter’s feet, too. Run your tongue up and down her arches and suck on her pretty toes. You’ll love the way she tastes! Jerk your cock to her delicious soles and spill your thick cum when the babysitter says to.
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Jerk To My Feet – Zara Brooks – Wanna Lick It?

I’m all alone in my bedroom, sitting on my pretty pink bed, and I want you to come lick my cute little feet. Don’t you want to play with me? I need them sucked SO badly that I’ll have to use my own mouth until you’re here to taste them instead. You can look into my big, green eyes and watch me wrap my lips around my own big toe and stuff as much of my foot into my mouth as I can. I have to be careful, because every inch of my foot is so ticklish! I lick, suck, tongue, and kiss both of my girly little pedicured feet for our mutual pleasure as I wait for your wet, eager mouth!
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Whitney Morgan in Tickle Me Bobby

Sexy blonde bombshell Whitney Morgan has been waiting for this day to happen for a very long time, that is to have some sweet tickle revenge on the one and only super villain Bobby Tickles! When she finally tricked him into getting tied down to the bed he thought he was going to have some freaking fun with her but oh no that was far from anything he was going to get with her. What Whitney decided to do was torture him from head to toe with those long nails of hers. She started with some upper body tickling that had her laughing her ass off with the way Bobby was screaming. But once she went down to his big feet and took turns on them it was game over, the screams of laughter finished Bobby off really bad, the poor dude won’t be forgetting about this for a long long time!
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Princess Ellie Idol: Foot Training Slave Ray

Slave Ray was up for the weekend to visit his Mistress Mandy and be her film bitch. We’re watching tv with our feet propped on him like a footstool. My husband decided this would make for a good video so he grabbed the camera and started filming. We then proceed to making him lick our feet, humiliating him as we giggle. He slurps our soles eagerly as we relax on the couch. At the end we stuff all 4 of our feet into his slobbering mouth, stretching his lips out far! Silly old Ray! You’ll do whatever we say, with a grin from ear to ear!
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Kinky foot fetish fantasy

Do you like my bare naked feet? Good, I have a few fantasies involving them I’d like to indulge with you. First I want to gag you with my feet to keep you quiet. I want to hear try to talk be muffled by my foot. Lets see how effective my footgag is, I love to hear my foot boys mumble with my feet in and over their mouths. Then I want you tickle my feet. First wrap my body in duct tape so I cant move. I want tape over my mouth so I cant speak. Then I want you to tickle my feet mercilessly. Watch how fun that would be. And why should I get all the fun? Then I would do it to you….
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