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First Tears – a good hard spanking and strapping

Do your really think that smart mouth has no consequences ? Bent over the bed in tiny lace panties, spanked and strapped as she cries. Beautiful color, welts and bruises as the tears fall
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Chrissy Marie Bare Bottom OTK – Very Personal Training 5

Stripped nude save her tiny thong which will soon be pulled down around her thighs, Chrissy Marie lays obediently over her trainers lap. His big hand and specs and prices for breeze her his big hand inspects and caresses her bruised cheeks before removing her panties. Smacking down harshly, and pretty swollen bottom bounced and flattens under his heavy hand. Again reduced to whimpering cries as she promises to be a good girl. He soothes her scorched skin, applying oil and massaging her punished flesh.
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Chrissy Marie – Hairbrush at Bedtime

Chrissy luxuriated in the heat his hand creates across her pretty little bottom. A long luxurious spanking makes her warm and tingly in all the right places before bedtime. He retrieves the hairbrush from the nightstand and continues to swat her cheeks. Stinging swats trail down her thighs, moaning and content under his attention. Soon her panties are removed, exposing her fully to punishing swats of the hairbrush. She has hidden the paddle in hope of escaping the terrible sting, but he won’t give up easily.
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First Fifty (50) Frat Paddle Blistering for Christy – Punished for Cheating on a Test

The Frat Paddle with Holes is reserved for severe punishment spankings when Christy has broken serious rules. 22 inches of heavy wood, drilled with blistering holes will teach her the consequence of her behavior. Her wrists and ankles are bound to hold her in position. Ordered to bend over the bedrail on her tiptoes and count the first 50 swats of her punishment. Her green plain pleated schoolgirl skirt is flipped up and out of the way. The force of the first swat takes her breath away, gasping as she counts. After 20 swats, jiggling and bouncing, her skirt is removed leaving her in a tight white thong panty. Her bottom is swollen and livid as she obediently counts her swats. Scolding and ordering her back onto her tip toes, her swats are delivered at a harsh methodical pace. Gasping as she absorbs the painful discipline, fighting hard to choke back the tears. Halfway through, her composure is broken and the tears begin to fall freely. Sniffling through her sobs, cruel swats continue to blister her poor backside as she obediently counts the first 50 swats of her punishment.
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Chrissy Marie Sleeps best with a freshly Spanked Bottom

Chrissy Marie seductively shows of her pretty curves in matching red bra and panties. Waiting for him to enter and put her to bed her favorite way- with a nice warm spanked bottom. Over the edge of the bed, his big hand smacks her pretty bouncing bottom bright red. Her face displays her enjoyments at having her bottom warmed at bedtime. She is instructed to remove her bra and she cant wait for him to pull her panties down.
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Casey Plugged and Paddled – 2 Broken Curfew

Naughty girls get their ass plugged and paddled Casey! With the giant plug deep in her naughtiest hole, he continues to paddle and strap her. She whimpers pathetically, humiliated and punished. See the shame on her pretty face and each swat on her stuffed bottom from both camera angles.
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Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling

Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling – Maddy Marks is no stranger to the Paddle

Day three for Maddie in the principals office for the dreaded school panel. She has no stranger to the paddle but dreads the horrible sting on her bare bottom. Defiantly she marches into his office, putting her hands on the wall and thrusting her bottom out for him to do his worst.The swats are brutally hard on the seat of her white cotton panties as she chokes back tears. The big wooden paddle is drilled with blistering holes designed to break even the toughest girls. Her panties are pulled down and she is ordered to put her hands on her ankles for a cruel paddling on her bare bottom. She is sobbing through her swats, on the verge of breaking down. Sniffling as she rubs her bruised bottom, she is threatened with the cane if she has to return the final day.
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Sunday Bare Bun Day 4 – Belting Discipline

Turned on by his touch she still craves the warmth of his belt. Overjoyed when he orders her back over the bed for 100 licks of the belt. Her skin is shiny and soaked with oil, amplifying the sting of the leather. She Obediently spreads her legs and pushes her bottom up for each stroke, craving the heat. Counting the final 20 strokes like a good girl, she can’t wait to thank him properly for her discipline.
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Fix Your Attitude, Or Master Will do it for You

Outdoor Spanking and Belt Licking

His naughty girl had pushed his buttons, bratting and sulking until he was forced to pull the car over and take care of business. Panties down over his knee as he sat on a boulder at the side of the road. She was embarrassed, knowing she was in full view of any passing cars, wailing as he spanked her bare bottom hot and red. She was pulled to her feet and bent over the rock, his belt sliding off his waist and doubled over in his fist. Her ripe ass felt the heavy crack of the belt, hard and steady until she promised to be a good girl. The searing heat of the belt and Master’s strong hands remind to obey when Master warns her she had better fix her pouty sulky moods, leaving no doubt that he will do it for her.
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Harsh Topless Paddling for Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is stripped to her tiny white thong, bent over for a harsh paddling. The first heavy wood paddle is 2 feet long, wide and thick and drilled with blistering holes. Ashley obediently accounts off the swats – “Thank you Sir” as she grits her teeth, fighting back the tears. Next a solid maple paddle almost knocks her off her feet with the heavy impact. His hands caress her swollen cheeks, pulling her thong tightly up her cunt as he continues to paddle her. Shrieking and trembling, she takes her paddling like a good girl.
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After Dinner Discipline – Naughty Christy Breaks a Yardstick on Her Bottom

Master was determined to break the yardstick on my bottom. I could see that sadistic sparkle in his eyes. I love it when Master’s eyes sparkle!! I giggled and playfully protested as Master hoisted my legs up over my head, in Legs Up position, exposing my jean clad bottom to the ouchy yardstick. Master spanked me hard in this position, each stroke of the ruler stung across my taut flesh making me squirm and yelp. Once Master had finished with me in Legs Up position, he instructed me to stand up and bend over the edge of the bed. Further stinging stokes from Master’s unyielding yardstick rained down upon my tender peachy globes. Soon, I became unable to stand still and hold position; Master gave me a few more excruciating WHACKS, before telling me to clamber up on top of the bed, and present my bottom on all fours. I did as I was told, knowing that these final strokes were going to be the hardest yet. I braced myself, my legs spread wide, my hands clenching the comforter…I swear Master was winding up for this last set of colossal swings! Each stroke of the yardstick seared into my fat little bottom, I gasped and yelped continually. I could feel my tears beginning to swell as Master lay into my bottom one final time, the mean ol’ yardstick met my bottom and promptly snapped in half! I giggled gleefully very proud of myself and my buns of steel.
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Mouth Soap and Bathbrush for Disrespect – Christy Cutie

Christy has been extra mouthy, defiant and disrespectful. Leaving him one last resort to keep her in line, she is ordered to the bathroom. Presenting the bar of soap, she is forced to open her mouth for a thorough mouth soaping. If this doesn’t cure her smart mouth, maybe the bath brush on her bare bottom will help teach her a lesson!
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Babysitter Discipline – Casey Calvert’s Severe Belting, Raw and Crying

She had been warned. Acting slutty and making advances with the Mr. would result in a severe beating. She just couldn’t help herself, throwing herself at him one more time, and this time, he will beat her til she can sit down. Skirt up, bent over for the belt, the heavy leather starts to teach her a lesson. Harder and faster, she begins to choke back to the tears, wishing she’d listened to his warnings. Full on sobbing wracks her body as she is belt whipped raw. A second camera captures her angelic face as the tears begin to run her mascara.
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Chrissy Marie Topless Paddled and Sobbing – Very Personal Training 4

With tears rolling down her face she is ordered off the ball. Instructed to remove her bra, she bends over with her hands on the wall. Swollen bottom pushed out for the paddle, a personal training session she will never forget. Her bottom is paddled purple as she continues to cry pitifully. Her beautiful breasts jiggling with each swat as she sniffles through her sobbing. Face and bottom camera capture every swat of this beautiful topless girl taking her well deserved Discipline.
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HARD AND OFTEN – Belt Whipping Christy Cutie

Christy is a naughty girl who knows exactly what she needs. Dressed in her adorable school outfit she lays on the bed and asks for a beating. Pulling up her little pleated skirt, Daddy removes his belt and begins to punish her on the seat of her cotton panties. She whimpers and moans, a delicious combination of pain and pleasure. She loves the warmth of the belt beating her plump little bottom. She needs it hard and often, a beating that starts pleasurable and becomes as hard as she can possible take it.
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Made to Pick Her Own Switch – Thrashed Bare and Broken Bent Over the Car

Not satisfied that she had been properly punished, she is sent to collect a switch. Bent over the hood of the car for dozens of strokes, her pants pulled down to reveal bloody spanks on her swollen red bottom.
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AssumethePositionStudios – Sybil’s Wet Panty Spanking

Naughty Sybil is confronted as she comes home from her friends house, sent home for getting in trouble drinking. She knows that daddy will be waiting for her and that her bottom is in for a terrible beating. She is confronted as soon as she walks in the door, trembling with guilt and shame as daddy scolds her and informs her that her worst fears were correct. Ordered to the couch to lay over daddy’s lap, Sybil protests and cries as her skirt is raised and his big strong hands beat a steady rhythm on her cotton panty covered bottom and exposed thighs. She cries and tells daddy that she has to go to the bathroom, panicked and dismayed at his response that she will hold it until her discipline is done ! Hard swats turn her alabaster skin bright red as she squirms in pain and discomfort. He slows to let her regain her composure, she frantically tries to hold it, a small wet spot forms in her panties as she begins to lose control. After a thorough OTK spanking she is sent to the corner, still denied the relief she is begging for. Fantastic OTK Domestic Discipline Spanking
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Topless Discipline for Ashley Lane – Heavy Strapping

Enjoying her agonizing cries, he decides to add to her humiliation by forcing her to remove her bra. Bending back over, her ripe breasts jiggle with each brutal lick of the strap. Her shorts our lowered revealing the tiniest seamless white thong. The prison strap stings horribly as for exposed bottom is blistered. Crying out and clenching and agony as she is solidly beaten. Stubbornly she hold back the tears, hoping he will use the big paddle to break her.
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Wet Panty Spanking Casey Calvert – Girls night out – 2

Continuing to protest her punishment, Casey begs to use the bathroom. Soon the crotch of her gray cotton panties turns dark with her wetness as she begins to soak herself on his knee. Spanking the wetness between her legs, scolding and humiliating as she is punished. Removing her panties to rub her nose in them as her spanking continues on her bare bottom. Her discipline is far from over…
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Willow’s Extra Credit – Naughty Co-ed OTK Paddling for Poor Attendance

Choosing a spanking over a failing grade, Willow secretly enjoys his big hands cracking down on her upturned bottom. Scolding her for enjoying her punishment, her stern professor grabs a paddle to make sure she learns her lesson. Paddle swats alternate on her scalded cheeks as she wiggles and moans. The splat of the paddle is punctuated by her cries of owwie and non stop swats reign down. Taking a good hard spanking is the only way she’ll earn enough extra credit to stay in his class. The Professor is determined to leave his mark on her impressionable young bottom.
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Assume the Position Studios – This Is For Your Own Good!

Christy needs regular maintenance discipline to keep on track. A string of tardiness at school and late assignments signals that she is long overdue. Bent over at the waist, bracing herself on the chair. Her bottom is thrust out at a perfect angle for correction. This is for your own good as the paddle cracks down.
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Bare Bottom Belt Whipping for Wet Panties – Sybil Hawthorne

Sybil is crying in humiliation after she loses control in corner time and is spanked soundly over Master’s lap. Her wet panties are now lowered and she is order to bend over pillows on the couch , legs spread with her bare ass high in the air for Master’s thick leather belt ! Heavy leather strokes on her bottom and thighs paint of vivid red reminder , purple splotches begin to bruise as her belt whipping goes on and the strokes fall harder. She is made to count the last 20 , her voice trembling defiantly as she holds back the sobs she knows are coming.
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Assume the Position Studios – Sobbing under the Strap

Topless Strapping to Tears- Chrissy Marie very Personal Training – 3

Her bottom is presented perfectly over the balance ball for discipline. Pulling down the shiny spandex to reveal her red swollen bottom. A skimpy white thong is all that is left for protection. Her breasts are pulled out of her top for added humiliation. Pulling her thong up in a humiliating wedgy, she is strapped until sobbing and sorry. Tears roll down her pretty face as her exposed bottom is beaten harshly.
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Please, Spank Me – I’ve Been Such a Naughty Girl

Christy and Sarah Paddled over Dana Spechts Lap.

After Sarah and Christy had both received bare bottom hand spankings from their Dana they a Assume that their punishment is over, unfortunately the naughty girls spanking has just begun and the worse is yet to come. Bottoms already red and rosy, each girl is instructed to bend back over Dana’s lap for a long hard paddling. Dana paddles them until they are kicking, screaming and their bottoms are bright red and swollen. Christy has added humiliation when Dana forces her to ask for a spanking with the paddle for being such a naughty girl.
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Personal Training Slut gets her ASS SPANKED! Casey Calvert

This little slut has missed one too many appointments with her personal trainer. Invited to his house for some personal attention, the day starts out with no cause for alarm. Happily she settles in for a rubdown, only to have her bare ass smacked hard as he begins to lecture her. What kind of slut wears those clothes to the gym with all that make up? Heavy swats of his hand reign down, pinned and spread over his knee. Moaning as she is spanked on tiny spandex shorts, then peeled down to tiny thong.
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Sunday Bare Bun Day 3 – Bared and Oiled

Ordered over the edge of the bed with a pillow under her tummy, her soaked panties are pulled around her thighs. The familiar sound of his belt pulling through the loops, doubled over before it crashes down on her hot little bottom. Pausing to slather her warm flesh with oil, she returns over his knee for a very intimate spanking. Stepping out of her panties, her bare bottom is spread, kneaded an exposed. She luxuriates under his touch, hoping her belt whipping is over.
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A Thermometer and Paddle Teach Her Never to Play Sick

Getting to the Bottom of Christy’s Naughtiness

Christy has a whole list of new years resolutions, and number one is getting lots of spankings to keep her behavior on track! Sleeping in and lying to skip school results in a very embarrassing temperature check and a hard paddling until her juicy bottom is bruised and blistered. Master’s big hands, and two brutal paddles scorch her poor bottom as she cries and promises to be a good girl. Humiliated and ashamed of her wetness as she is punished hard.
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Maddy Marks Wheelbarrow Spank and Paddle – SpankFlix and Chill – 4

With her yoga pants stripped off, a thin wisp of lace thong is all the protects her red bottom. Her cheeks are spread over his lap with her hands on ground. The wheelbarrow position is exposed ,painful and embarrassing. His hands alternate on her throbbing cheeks as she whimpers. Luxuriating in the heat and her exposed position as he begins to paddle her. Reminding her that the girls and her videos get spanked on the bare bottom for maximum embarrassment, she has ordered to remove her panties.
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Feisty Fraulein Barnyard Belt Whipping

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Spanking

When a trip over daddy’s knee isn’t enough, Christy is sternly ordered to place her hands on the fence. The familiar jangle of Master’s trusty belt sliding through the loops make her bottom throb anew. Her panties are bunched up around her thighs, as she is instructed to bend over, displaying her ripe bottom for discipline. The splat of heavy leather on her peachy globes inspires immediate moans and cries. Her juicy cheeks cheeks jiggle as the doubled over belt collides repeatedly, teaching her a lesson. When she fails to hold position, she is scolding and earns extra punishing licks on her thighs.
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