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Mandy Flores: Flirty Sister Learns A Lesson

I have a huge crush on my brother and tonight since Mom and Dad are gone I decide to tease and seduce my brother until he gives in. Im dressed in my sexiest silk pajamas ready to play. Jack comes home and I pretend to give a about his class, asking him questions but making sure to bend over giving him good looks at my ass and tits. Would you like some breasts for dinner? Soon enough I have him stumbling over words. He keeps trying to resist so I remind him that he has promised to teach me how to play golf and bring in a gold club. Jack is somewhat relieved thinking Ive given up on whatever I was trying to do… Not! I back my ass and rub on his crotch. “is this position ok” ? Um, yeah but its getting very hard for my Brother to resist now that he has a noticeable boner. This continues and now my brother is getting frustrated and starts grabbing at me.. Hey, what are you doing Jack!? What do you think Im doing? I protest that we are brother and sister and he needs to stop. He laughs and pushes me against the table..I know exactly what i am doing. You have been teasing me for a while now you will learn your lesson

Mandy Flores
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Mandy Flores: Daughter’s Hot Friend Torment with Homewrecker MANDY FLORES

Im your daughters’ hot friend, we “run” into each other downstairs late at night, everyone’s in bed so I decide to give you a nice show with jack off encouragement with more or less humiliation… “hey there, were you looking for something down here, looks like from the size of your bulge you were looking for some pussy and not your wife’s, am I right.” I saw you walking past your daughters bedroom back and forth trying to catch a peak of us… bad daddy! Don’t worry, I didn’t tell your daughter your perversions.. Golly, with me running around in such skimpy outfits, you must be so frustrated, all that pent up tension built up, you must really need to explode in your pants. Its okay, I like to tease older men like you, I wont tell, how about you stroke your cock while you enjoy the show? You do and after a bit I begin to laugh at how easy I can fuck your life up by going back upstairs and telling your wife and daughter about what you’re doing to me. Do you need some tissues to wipe off all your precum dripping all over you now, “you’re wife would be so proud of you right now, she probably hasn’t seen you so hard and big ever before, has she, you perverted fuck?” “look at that, pervert, bet you’ve never seen a pussy like that before,” ooooh, how much do you like my tight ass? Tell you what, we can end this 2 ways, but either way you are going to be in big trouble when your wife wakes up….
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