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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer and Sasha – Brutal Whipping of Janitor by Mean Brat Princess Students (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Princess Jennifers favorite class at Brat Princess University is Corporal Punishment. Princess Jennifer demonstrates to Princess Sasha Foxx how to administer a beating on a male. The helpless janitor cannot stop the girls or we will lose his job. Possibly even arrested depending on what the girls say. You want her to get an A dont you? Youre getting so much better Sasha. He is getting more and more hurt! The girls make the janitor oink as they beat him. The flogger has metal buttons at the end that tear into his flesh. They even make the Janitor promise to be Jennifers paypig for her Findom class. Jenifer loves hitting balls. Its her favorite. The janitors back and ass are covered in deep welts. The welting continues. Jennifer shows him no mercy. She hits him over and over with all her might. The girls are so pretty and the whip rock is so ugly from his beatings. The blows even cause damage to his balls that required some medical attention. This shows bratty school girls beating a hapless janitor improving their skills for their Corporal Punishment class.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Jennifer – Savage Beating of Whore (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Jennifer - Savage Beating of Whore (1080 HD)

Lola is in for it. The girls have misplaced a lip gloss and they blame her for it. Amadahy and Jennifer will show her no mercy for what seems like such a small transgression. They deserve and expect perfect servitude from their working poor. The poor need to learn that thievery will be punished no matter how slight. They say the most hurtful things to Lola while they beat her. They whip harder and harder and spit right in her face. Lola screams in agony and cries while the girls seem to enjoy punishing her. The beating is unbelievably harsh for such a minor infraction. Lola gets the hardest beating of her life. She is left a trembling sobbing mess. As the girls are leaving they find the lip gloss in Amadahy’s purse. This is the harshest Lola beating video ever.
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