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Jerk To My Feet – Victoria Vargas – Babysitter Stayed Late

The babysitter noticed you staring at her cute feet in sexy, strappy sandals. Would you like to touch her soft, young soles and long, pedicured toes? She would love a sensual foot massage. Don’t stop at just your hands… you can use your mouth on the babysitter’s feet, too. Run your tongue up and down her arches and suck on her pretty toes. You’ll love the way she tastes! Jerk your cock to her delicious soles and spill your thick cum when the babysitter says to.
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Jerk To My Feet – Victoria Vargas – Teacher’s Pet

I know you’ve been staring at my feet in class, and now I finally have you alone. Come and watch how I take off these cute heels for you. After all this time, I need you to feel and taste the soft soles of my feet. Nothing turns me on like the way a mouth feels on my toes. Right here in the classroom, where no one is watching, I want you to take out your cock and cum for me. Suck on my little teen feet and stroke your cock to me on the teacher’s desk!
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