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Brat Princess 2: Sasha – Restrained Handjob with Remote Controlled Plug (1080 HD)

1080 HD A slave has been strapped into a bondage chair. Sasha, and a second woman, want to try an experiment. They have placed a remote-controlled vibrating plug inside the slave. They want the slave to learn to cum passively. The slave isn’t a man, so it shouldn’t cum like a real man. No thrusting; they want to sexually emasculate him with a passive orgasm. Sasha stimulates the slave with her hands, while the second woman controls the speed and intensity of the vibration. The women want his orgasm to be a helpless act; something involuntary that he cannot control. With the stimulation of being stroked and filled, the slave passively cums. It is completely helpless as an orgasm is forced from its body, then ruined. He leaks a pathetic mess onto the floor. The women think that their experiment went well. The slave came very passively, not like a real man at all. They lock the slave in chastity and put it back into its cage. It will stay in the cage until it’s time for the next experiment. (11:49 long)

Production note: This scene was shot with two cameras. The two different angles are displayed picture in picture throughout most of the clip. The ruined cum shot is shown consecutively from two different angles, and also shown a third-time in a picture in picture view.
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