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After Class: POV SEX: Mandy Flores

I’ve asked you to say after class. You seem distracted and withdrawn and now its affecting your grades in my class. I begin to strip as I tell you that Im keeping you late to help you fit in since you’re new. I know you have been staring at me with lust day after day and I see that you dont know how to act around girls and you need a sexual lesson to gain confidence in not only your social life but you need to fulfill your fantasy about me so that you can focus in class…..Mandy Flores
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cfnmtv: Male Anatomy For Girls

Male Anatomy For Girls

Mr Curtis will do anything to get his son accepted into this prestigious establishment but his endurance is about to be pushed to the limit. It’s one thing to be naked and examined by the eager girls but having his g-spot probed may well prove too much to bear. For a proud working class man, having anything shoved up his arse is the ultimate humiliation. But down on his hands and knees with the commanding teacher and her laughing pupils mauling his naked body – he has little option but to comply.
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WHIPPED ASS: October 26, 2017 – Chanel Preston and Alex Harper

College student Alex Harper is desperate for the opportunity to make up a failed test. She visits Professor Chanel Preston, who impresses upon her that she won’t always get second chances in real life. But Alex is determined and willing to do anything, so Chanel decides to give Alex a chance. Alex acts shy but is eager to get woman-handled and fucked by her hot teacher.
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Subbyhubby: The Class Bitch Presley (Full Movie)

Presley Carter is the BITCH of the school and she often gets whatever she wants. Most of the guys wish they could date her and even the teacher gets excited when she walks into class. She is young and naturally dominant, and knows that she can bend men to her will. Presley is followed outside of school by a fellow jock classmate who she quickly turns down. Presley has her eye on a bigger prize, her teacher. Presley enters detention and quickly has her teacher under her control, telling him that he must do everything SHE says, and not the other way around. Before he knows what hit him, he is on his knees mere inches before her gorgeous, young pink pussy.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: Jun 17, 2016 – Dylan Ryan and The Pope/The Pope vs Dylan Ryan – Teacher’s Pet

DEVICE BONDAGE: Jun 17, 2016 - Dylan Ryan and The Pope/The Pope vs Dylan Ryan - Teacher's Pet

Dylan and I have a lot of history together, and the chemistry between us shows during our scenes. The chemistry that I speak of is the way she is willing to suffer and let me be the twisted sadist that I am. She is helpless in the bondage and made to endure grueling punishment before having squirting orgasms.
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Club Dom: Michelle & Tangent: Caning Coach Jackson

Coach Jackson has been spying on poor Miss Mathews and makes very rude comments to her. She tells her teacher and principal on him. Professor Michelle and Principal Tangent decide to make the coach regret his ways and they call him into their office. He denies being a jerk to Miss Mathews, but they can see right through him, after all, they deal with men like him from time to time and this is why their school is so well-run, because they discipline all of the men employees themselves. spank and paddle him. The clip begins when they decide to really destroy him, with their canes. The three women, yes even Ricky, take turns putting the coach in his place, punishing him thoroughly with their hard firm canes.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Makes Mr Puckerman her Foot Bitch (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Makes Mr Puckerman her Foot Bitch (720 HD)

Cali teases her teacher, Mr. Puckerman with her knee high socks. She knows how much the pervert likes feet. The socks dry out Mr. Puckermans mouth, so Cali graciously spits in it. She trains Mr. Puckerman to call her Princess. Princess Cali knows that Mr. Puckerman would do anything for her socks. She slowly removes them. Cali rubs her dirty white socks all over Mr. Puckermans face. She shoves her sock deep into Mr. Puckermans mouth. Mr. Puckerman is terrified of Cali. She removes the sock gag and thrusts her foot into Mr. Puckerman. Cali tells him that hell be giving her an allowance from now on. She expects $100 a week to start. Shell also require weekend shopping sprees and the use of his school office for fucking her boyfriend. Mr. Puckerman agrees to all Callis demands. Cali plans to fully train her teacher. Shell be locking him into chastity, next.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Teaches Mr Puckerman to Worship Shoes (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Teaches Mr Puckerman to Worship Shoes (720 HD)

Cali is frustrated with her math homework. Its just too hard. She asks her teacher, Mr. Puckerman to show her how a problem is solved. Mr. Puckerman gets right to work explaining the equation to Cali. Cali places her feet on top of the notebook. Mr. Puckerman struggles to concentrate. He is distracted by Calis feet. Soon, Mr. Puckerman is mindlessly doing the entirety of Calis work for her. Cali notices her teacher staring at her feet. She asks him to solve the final math problem. With her homework completed, Cali starts to tell Mr. Puckerman a funny story. One of Calis friends has a guy friend who cleans her shoes for her. Cali thinks its a really sweet story. She convinces Mr. Puckerman to just kiss her shoe. Mr. Puckerman doesnt resist. Cali thinks it would be really sweet and thoughtful if Mr. Puckerman could lick her shoes for her. She likes them to be really shiny. Mr. Puckerman licks the soles of Calis shoes. Cali is impressed with Mr. Puckerman. Cali convinces Mr. Puckerman that the exchange they are having is totally normal. She would like for her shoes to be licked clean every day. She loves how shiny his tongue is making them. Cali teaches Mr. Puckerman. Every morning at eight oclock, shes going to walk into his office. When she snaps her fingers, she want him to lay on his back. Cali practices snapping her fingers and Mr. Puckerman immediately lays on his back. Cali wipes her shoes all over Mr. Puckermans tongue. She tells him that if she brings a friend to his office in the morning, hell have to clean her shoes as well. Cali spits in Mr. Puckermans mouth. He better not be looking up her skirt. Mr. Puckerman eagerly sucks Calis heels. Good, good Mr. Puckerman, she purrs.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter – Uses Perverted Puckermans Face to Get Off (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Cali Carter - Uses Perverted Puckermans Face to Get Off (720 HD)

Available on the membership site! Calis professor, Mr. Puckerman, rubs Calis feet while she tells him about her day. Cali is really frustrated with her boyfriend. Shes been texting him all day, hinting that she wants to get fucked. Calis sexted, sent dirty pictures, and hes totally blown her off! Cali is mad. Shes horny and when he ignores her, it makes her feel like her own boyfriend is turning her down. Mr. Puckerman says that hes sorry to hear about all that. He asks if there is anything he can do for Cali. Cali examines her professors face. She asks him if hes ever had anyone sit on it. Cali suspects Mr. Puckermans nose is actually bigger and more satisfying than his little locked-up dick. Cali positions Mr. Puckerman so that she can ride his face. She straddles his face and bounces her beautiful ass on it. Cali grinds and rubs her clit until she cums on Mr. Puckerman. She dismounts and tells him to go back to rubbing her feet. Its a good thing Mr. Puckerman is in chastity. Otherwise, Cali couldnt use him for her pleasure. Cali likes when Puckermans chastity gets tight. Its a good reminder that hes not allowed to get hard in front of his students. That wouldnt be polite. Chastity helps Mr. Puckerman remember, its never about him. Its always about Cali.
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Mistress T: Teacher Trains You

Mistress T: Teacher Trains You
Mistress T: Teacher Trains You
Mistress T: Teacher Trains You

This is a custom vid (no name mentioned). I keep you after class to discuss your behavior. I’ve noticed you staring at my ass in class. I explain that it’s poor manners to stare or oggle women in an objectifying way. I then explain the right way to treat women, to respect them, to please them. I end up guiding you in a masturbation instruction as the start of training you to be a gentleman who puts women pleasure before your own. Note: This is a gentle, slightly stern FemDom SEX ED/jerk off instruction (with a countdown) by a mature, experienced woman/MILF/cougar. No overt humiliation except getting caught perving in the beginning.
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Mandy’s AfterSchool Tutor

Format: WMV
Duration: 13 minutes
Size: 203.92 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

Custom for ‘Andrew’
After School studies Your parents have hired my to help with your studies, you are wearing a short tartan skirt, white top, School tie, white stockings and you hair is either in a pony tail or pigtails. I come into the room and you are bent over leaning on your desk (writing or something) with your ass to the door showing a great view of your ass and full white cotton panties. I cough to get your attention but not until I have had a good look at your ass. You > stand up knowing what I saw and say you are sorry but you did not here me enter the room. You ask me if i am the toutor hired by her parents? You look me up and down and ask very innocently what that bulge is in my pants, you ask is that because of what I saw when I opened the door. Of course the answer is yes. You say that no one else is home so instead of studying why > don’t we have some fun with a smile. You start by tell me to show you how hard my dick is, when I take it out you say your boyfriends dick is not as big so there is no way I you are going to let me fuck you with it as it will > hurt too much but how about you jerk off for me instead. You undo your shirt leaving the tie on showing your bra, you ask do I like seeing your full young tits in this pretty bra and would Iike to see what’s underneath it? You say I have to keep stroking my cock before I see that. You take off your skirt showing your full white cotton panties, you turn around > showing me your ass and you spank your ass asking if that’s what bad girls like her that tease teachers deserve? You turn around tell me to keep wanking my cock cause I have to shoot a big load or you will tell your parents about everything we did! You keep encouraging me ti jerk off and you decide I have wanked enough to take off your bra showing your tits, you ask do I like to see my student be so rude and show her tits to teacher? You then pull aside your panties just giving me a glimpse of your pussy and you say is this what I have been waiting to see, will I come now? You tell me to hold on just a little bit longer and I will get to see everything! You then take off your panties rub your pussy saying how wet you are just from watching me toss off in front if you and you start to masturbate yourself. You tell me to cum when you cum, After you cum you congratulate me on blowing a huge load.
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Teacher Supervised Masturbation

Format: MP4
Duration: 12 minutes
Size: 296.15 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

This is a custom vid but no name is mentioned. I am a modern, but conservative teacher. (Glasses, blazer, jeans). Your hormones are effecting your studies so from now on you’ll report to me each morning for guided masturbation. I’m professional and slightly dominant but in a nice way. I use “official language” (penis, anus, masturbate, ejaculation, etc.). This is about education and discipline. Young men need proper guidance in their sexual development. I also give you an anal toy to use & guide you in using it to have a more intense orgasm (so if you have an anal toy it would increase your enjoyment of this vid).
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