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SENSUAL PAIN: Oct 26, 2016 | The Visitors | Abigail Dupree | Master James

A ritual can hold a potent magic.

The Visitors are coming to partake in Master James offering of slave 525-871-465 for a sexual ceremony, ‘The Rites of Passage. Witness Black Snake Magic and Miss Raven Rose perform with Master James and slave Abigail in this intense dance of pleasure and pain. A maelstrom of carnal energy flows around the epicenter of slave Abigail within this ritual. She succumbs to her flesh as the play thing for these three primal energies. Take part in her torment and pleasure. Master James offers His slave to be tested upon an altar of steel; bound, licked, caned, fucked, used, and abused, she will not go unscathed. Be part in her entranced pleasure and torment.

‘The Rites of Passage’: The ritual is a gate way to unbridled sexuality that a sex slave must embrace to become the embodiment of sensual and painful pleasure, in full service to its Master. Part of the rites of passage for sexual enslavement, are what have been termed ‘rites of separation’ from the asexual world. In order to be incorporated into the world of sexuality, a relinquishing of all rights to its Master is required.

The impression that a long-established rite was to be enacted with magic from the spiritual realm and performed with powerful medicine by the practitioners, the awake, not belonging to this world, but of the universal knowing.. Join us as the visitors, Miss Raven Rose and Black Snake Magic, devour this sensual sacrifice in their honor
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jun 8, 2016: Mandy Muse Bound To a Table and Mercilessly Fucked From Both Sides! | Mandy Muse

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jun 8, 2016: Mandy Muse Bound To a Table and Mercilessly Fucked From Both Sides! | Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse likes her intense. She needs it to be to get off. Matt and Dee Williams know how to provide just that.

She is bound on her back to a device that keeps her body locked in a perfect “fuck me” position with her head back to expose her eager mouth. Matt and Dee work her pussy and mouth in tandem as desperately tries to catch her breath. Mandy likes breath play though, so Dee things on other ways have fun with her. Dee straddles Mandy and smothers her with pussy. Mandy isn’t complaining though. She just wants more. Finally she is writhing and having a massive squirting orgasm. This girl is an all you can fuck buffet and we are going back for seconds.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: May 30, 2016: Hot Cougar brutal fucked by MILF and Daddy! Throat fucked and made to cum over and over! | Syren De Mer | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

SEXUALLY BROKEN: May 30, 2016: Hot Cougar brutal fucked by MILF and Daddy! Throat fucked and made to cum over and over!  | Syren De Mer | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

Syren De Mer is one Gorgeous MILF. She has perfect, large breasts, a hot tight body and all the cock sucking experience that can be asked for so when we lock her in for some serious throat fucking, we know she can deliver.

Syren is put in a strict cage that holds her sexy body in place and makes her mouth fully accessible to cock. Matt and Dee Williams take turns using her throat hole while Syren writhes in bondage enjoying every inch of cock in her mouth. This stunner is truly impressive. We reward her with the Hitachi, getting huge, dramatic orgasms from her gorgeous body. Seeing this woman Sexually Broken is always a pleasure.
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Sep 5, 2014: The Farm: Bella‘s Visit Part 1 | Bella Rossi

Bella Rossi Gets the Bondage, Corporal Punishment and ROUGH FUCK She Craves.

Nothing says bondage like spending some time with PD. Bella Rossi is a veteran bondage slut. She loves being locked down and played with. Her favorite part is getting fucked, but if she’s planning on feeling any cock inside of her she is going to have to get through the foreplay.

For some guys that means a bit of kiss, maybe some awkward gropes, but PD is no teen virgin looking for his first score. He’s one of the biggest names in BDSM for a reason, he knows how to take a girl to the next level. It starts with letting her languish in rope on the floor, but before long he’s escalated this scene to cold, hard metal and some serious corporal punishment.

Just before the grand finale PD gets her into the ultimate “fuck me” position. Her legs are pulled up and back, exposing her ass and pussy. Her head is locked down so he can always come around and ram cock down her throat. She is helpless, exposed, and dripping wet. She couldn’t ask for anything more.

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