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Saint Mackenzie’s: Geeky School Girl Melissa Plays with a Stethoscope While Stripping Off Her Uniform

Melissa has just got back from infiltrating rival school St William’s and she is still wearing their cute grey & red uniform. As she waits for Matron to arrive she is restless and decides to have a look through the desk drawers. She finds Matron’s stethoscope and reflex hammer and curiosity gets the better of her. She takes them both, using the stethoscope first to listen to her heart, but she struggles to hear anything through her uniform! So she starts to slip off her uniform, pausing to see if she can hear her heart while she does. Soon she is in just her lingerie and she can hear her heartbeat much better now. However she wonders if her bra may be restricting what she can hear, so she slips that off too, along with her panties, and finally Melissa is left completely naked contently listening to the pounding of her heart!
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Saint Mackenzie’s: Cute School Girl Lola Teases As She Strips Off All Her Sexy Little Gym Kit & Lingerie

Lola is waiting outside Headmistress’s office; she has been sent there straight from her hockey class and is still wearing her cute little gym kit. As she waits she plays with her sports uniform, pulling at her little shorts, pulling them down showing her sheer backed panties before pulling them back up over her ass. She loosens her trainers and slips them off, now she feels more comfortable she strides around still playing with her gym kit. Next she slips off her socks & shin pads leaving her with sexy bare legs, but she is not planning to stop there. As she grows increasingly bored of waiting she decides to lose all her inhibitions and she starts to slip off the rest of her gym kit, teasing a little as she does. Off comes her sports top and then her shorts, and it is not long before her panties and sports bra follow, leaving her completely naked!
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Saint Mackenzie’s: Sexy School Girl Bonnie Plays with Her Pretty Feet While Slipping Off Her Uniform

Bonnie has been left alone in class, as she waits for Miss to return she slips off her heels; her feet are feeling quite warm. As Bonnie sits at her desk she rubs her socked feet, but her socks are still very warm so she decides to slip them off as well. As she waves her pretty bare feet around she feels much better and she starts to play with them, showing and rubbing her bare soles & pretty painted toes. Bonnie gets up and wonders over to teacher’s desk, slipping off her blazer on the way. As she rolls around on teachers desk playing with her feet she starts to slip off more of her uniform, spreading and wiggling her toes as she does. Soon she is in just her sexy black lingerie but it is not long before she is stripping that off too! Now completely naked Bonnie swings her feet up on to the desk showing off her naughty naked body & bare soles!

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Saint Mackenzie’s Lauren Marsh: Gorgeous School Girl Lauren Strips While Playing with Her Cute White Gym Panties

Lauren has gone to Matron’s room after her sports class to have a medical exam. As she waits for Matron she parts her legs flashing her sexy white gym panties under her very short gym dress. Lauren loves her sexy gym panties and, as she starts to slip off her gym kit ready for her medical, she plays with them. She pulls them up into her perfect round ass before bending over giving you a naughty panty ass view from behind. As she slips off more of her gym kit she is soon left in just her underwear and you can see her naughty gym panties in all their glory. Lauren knows that Matron will want her completely naked for her medical, so slips off the rest of her underwear. However once completely naked she decides she cannot be without her gym panties and slips them back on without her thong underneath!
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Club Dom: Michelle & Tangent: Caning Coach Jackson

Coach Jackson has been spying on poor Miss Mathews and makes very rude comments to her. She tells her teacher and principal on him. Professor Michelle and Principal Tangent decide to make the coach regret his ways and they call him into their office. He denies being a jerk to Miss Mathews, but they can see right through him, after all, they deal with men like him from time to time and this is why their school is so well-run, because they discipline all of the men employees themselves. spank and paddle him. The clip begins when they decide to really destroy him, with their canes. The three women, yes even Ricky, take turns putting the coach in his place, punishing him thoroughly with their hard firm canes.
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Teacher Supervised Masturbation

Format: MP4
Duration: 12 minutes
Size: 296.15 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

This is a custom vid but no name is mentioned. I am a modern, but conservative teacher. (Glasses, blazer, jeans). Your hormones are effecting your studies so from now on you’ll report to me each morning for guided masturbation. I’m professional and slightly dominant but in a nice way. I use “official language” (penis, anus, masturbate, ejaculation, etc.). This is about education and discipline. Young men need proper guidance in their sexual development. I also give you an anal toy to use & guide you in using it to have a more intense orgasm (so if you have an anal toy it would increase your enjoyment of this vid).
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