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Clubdom: Stella Liberty’s Big Cock

Stella Liberty resumes her testing of the sissy slave, only now she is armed with a huge strapon. The sissy bitch is forced on his knees, and forced to give Stella “head”. He deep throats and Stella makes him deep throat even more, watching him choke and gurgle on the cock. After having her way with his mouth, she decides it’s time to have some fun with his ass. She warms him up with a firm strapping prior to penetrating him anally. Bent over, she finally finds something he is good at, being a little bitch and being punished by her cock. Flipping him over and continued the pounding with him on his pathetic back. When she finishes using the sissy bitch, she finally decides which of the slaves she will keep. Who is the lucky slave?
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Clubdom: Stella Liberty Slaps Her Bitch

Stella Liberty and her two potential slaves have moved outdoors, to the beautiful indoor pool. While toiling away for their Mistress, Stella decides that it is now time to test the sissy slave. Dragging him to the dungeon, her quest to test his worthiness begins with a simple question…What can you do for me as my slave? Of course, Stella is not satisfied with his textbook answer and explains that she is longer for something much different. Stella, knowing this sissy slave would crumble under her harsh treatment slowly toys with her prey, using him as a spittoon and slapping his face. She literally takes her gloves off, and works this sissy over.
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Clubdom: Stella Liberty Whips

Stella Liberty has decided to ready her whip, which is bad news for the pain slave. He is locked up, exposed, and mentally tormented with the upcoming whipping. Stella once again shows the pain slave no mercy. Heartlessly carving up his back, questioning the slave’s desire to be her property, Stella continues her incessant testing of this slave. With the severe flagellation, the slave shakes not only with trepidation, but also due to the merciless beating that pushes his limits. Has Stella Liberty decided which slave to keep yet?
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