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Jerk To My Feet – Mia Martinez – Mom’s Not Home

Your stepdaughter Mia Martinez just got back from a run and she’s worked up a huge sweat. She knows how much you love to smell her sweaty feet so she offers them to you since mom’s not home. You’re a little hesitant, but you quickly conquer that once you get the first sweet whiff. She pulls off one shoe at a time so you can bury your face in the sole and get the full invigorating affect of her strong natural scent. Mia is such a tease and she loves to see how she can encourage you to let your nasty out. She turns around and sticks her sweaty bottom in your face and invites you to enjoy. She can see the bulging evidence of your excitement in your pants so she tells you to pull it out and stroke. Sexy Mia is so excited to watch you jack it to her feminine smells. She talks you through it, telling you she wants to see your huge load and encouraging you to pop for your little girl. Doesn’t it make you feel good to see your daughter so happy?
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Jerk To My Feet – Paisley Pepper – Shopping With Your Credit Card

Your step daughter Paisley Pepper is tired from a long day of shopping with your credit card. She’s come to thank you for financing her eight hour spree at the mall. Paisley brought her old, worn sneakers that according to her are just nasty smelling from her sweaty feet. But she already knows that you are a foot weirdo who actually wants to indulge in that horrible foot funk.

Young Paisley is quite enterprising and offers you a deal that you just can’t refuse: You can jerk off to her yucky smelling feet before her mom comes home in exchange for holding onto your credit card for one more day. You try to weigh the options of jerking off to those wonderful sweaty youthful feet against the damage Paisley will surely do to your credit line. It’s very difficult to think of math and make smart financial decisions when you are being overwhelmed by the scent wafting off this sexy young girl’s feet while suffering the painful sensation of your cock pushing against the rough, jagged inside of your zipper. You know what you have to do; there really isn’t an option. You’ll simply have to brown bag it for a few weeks because there is no way you’re going to let these sweet feet get away without being showered in your cum!
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Goddess Foot Worship – Sloan Harper – Mom’s Boyfriend is a Sock Sniffer

Hot student Harper Sloan is home from her first day in college. After walking all over campus in her cute socks and sneakers, her feet are sore and stinky! Harper’s friendly step-dad offers to give her feet a little foot massage as they talk about her day. Turned on by the strong scent of her sweaty, pungent feet, he can’t help sneaking a quick taste of her salty toes. Harper lets out a quiet moan the moment his mouth touches her foot, and her step-dad uses the opportunity to finally worship his teen step-daughter’s soft, pink feet. To her surprise, the experience of an older man licking her soles and sucking her petite toes is absolutely orgasmic! They promise to never tell anyone about their shared secret…
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Humiliation POV Leg Goddess: Turning Weak Foot Boys Into Sexless Wankers For My Feet

Leg Goddess

Hello footboy, I know you’re here to see my feet and wank for them. Look at how pathetic you are. You don’t need pussy. Pussies are for real men. Foot bitches just worship feet and jerk for feet. You don’t deserve any pussy, you are just a foot bitch. I know how badly you want to worship my feet right now. You’d love to smell them. My feet are so perfect, can you feel how weak they make you? Of course you can because your cock is getting so hard for them.
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With the puppy’s eyes and skin damaged by a whipping session “made by Mistress Gaelle,” James is the iconic figure of submission; Little dick, red cheeks, he’s the perfect idiot to exploit and humiliate. He would not miss anything for his weekly domination session with Gaelle at the moment he is taking care of his delicate feet, after having smelled his socks, he is now licking his toes and between his toes to enjoy the smell of sweat.
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Mandy Flores and Allison Julius: Foot worship fantasy

Not just one pair feet covered in long thick socks to worship but two pairs. 4 beautiful stinky feet for you to enjoy. Well worn and heaven scented and we love teasing you as if you are right there on your knees worhsiping our princess feet like they deserve. What a privilage to imagine for ten minutes what a foot session with the two of us would be like.

Featuring: Mandy Flores & Allison Julius
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa and Amadahy – Gang Up on a Weak Bitch Complete (1080 HD)

1080 HD Alexa and Amadahy have a weak little bitch locked up in chastity for them. They can do whatever they feel like to him, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Amadahy spits in the bitch’s face, then teases him with her perfect ass. Both Princesses look incredible in shiny latex. Alexa and Amadahy make the bitch grovel and kiss their shoes and boots. Amadahy gets it to lay on the ground and she fucks its face with her heel. The bitch gags a lot. Amadahy does not care.
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Jerk To My Feet – Alex Blake – Hot Stinky Socks

Every time naughty Alex Blake wears her pretty, pink, over-the-knee socks, you can’t help yourself from staring. Alone with her in Study Hall, she decides to use your obsession with her socks to her advantage. She’ll show you hers if you show her yours… Watch this hot student remove her stinky sneakers and wiggle her toes in her long socks, just to tease you. Alex wants you to cum for her socks, right here in Study Hall. Will you risk it for the hottest girl in the school?
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Jerk To My Feet – Jamie Valentine – Cum for your Goddess

Goddess Jamie Valentine needs more of your focus on her feet. She wants the scent of her feet to drive every thought, to be the inspiration for every one of your orgasms. Jamie will train you to only become aroused by the perfect scent of her feet. Take a deep whiff of her soft, black socks and become powerless to her aroma. Your Goddess gives you permission to inhale her odor and cum while she controls you completely.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jamie – Addicted to your Goddess

Goddess Jamie Valentine needs you to be completely addicted to your Goddess. She has a very special gift for you: a pair of black, soft, sweaty nylons for you to smell. Once you have a single whiff of her delicious scent, your need for more will be insatiable. Every thought in your mind will be of Goddess Jamie once you breathe in her essence. Every desire of yours will be to stroke your cock to her videos, ordering custom videos of her every single day, giving her every thing you own. Addicion is a serious ailment–and your Goddess has you right by the balls. When she counts down, she wants to see every drop of cum she owns spill from you, just for her.
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Jerk To My Feet – Mia Martinez – Sweaty Sock Perv

Your boss has noticed the decline in your performance at work. It seems you’ve been more than a bit distracted at the office. Is it the thin, soft, nylon socks that Mia Martinez wears beneath her desk? You’re such a sweaty sock perv, and she’s going to expose you. Mia slips off her small flats and presses them against your face. Stick your nose in deep and smell all of her hard work. She’s been on her feet all day while you’ve been wasting her time, daydreaming about her perfect feet. This is your chance, pervert. Inhale the sweet odor of her foot sweat. She expects much better work from you from now on.
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Jerk To My Feet – Trade with the Trainer

Goddess Alice Lighthouse is your trainee and you are her physical trainer. The two of you just had a great, vigorous workout, but afterwards she reveals that she’s a little short on money this week so she won’t be able to pay you. Knowing how much you love her feet, she offers them up as a trade. You are more than happy to accept her trade as she peels off her sweaty gym shoes, revealing her cute green ankle socks. Put your nose up against her sweaty, smelly socked feet, sniffing them fresh after her workout. Breathe in deep so she can hear you smell her dirty, stinky feet. Watch her wiggle her cute little socked toes against your nose while you enjoy them.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Slave Worships 3 Princesses Feet while Another Slave Beaten in Next Room (1080 HD) (NEW)

1080 HD Kendall, Natalya and Sasha have just beaten this service submissive while at the whipping party. But just because his back is open and raw, he isn’t excused from his other duties. Now the girls want all their feet massaged and worshipped. They are tired from having to stand up to beat him and need pampering. In the next room, the whipping party is still going strong. You can hear the slave’s screams, as Amadahy’s started in on whipping a second one. In the bedroom, Kendall, Natalya and Sasha make the submissive smell and worship the socks of every girl. Once every girl’s socks have been worshipped, they want him to also worship each foot. The submissive massages and worships the feet of every girl. Then, goes down the line and kisses each girls’ feet goodnight. The girls tuck the submissive into his closet before heading to bed themselves.
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Brat Princess 2: Athena and Chloe – Lick My Friends Boots Too (Part 2) (1080 HD)

Athena and Chloe humiliate an old man while he worships Chloe’s feet. The old man is very stupid and pathetic. They hate him. He is only good for licking the dirt off their feet. Athena’s feet have gotten very sweaty inside her boots. She needs the old man to lick off all the sweat. But first, she wants him to smell her sweaty socks. Chloe makes the old man thank Athena for allowing him to lick the sweat off her feet. Athena reminds the old man that he’s only useful for his ATM card. They are not satisfied with his boot and foot worship. He is too stupid. They take his ATM card and kick him out. This is the foot worship segment of the clip.
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Jerk To My Feet – Dolly Leigh – Short on Rent

Dolly Leigh is short on rent this month, and she comes to you desperate for another way to let her stay. Little Dolly has caught you going through her sock drawer and sniffing her old gym sneakers.. She bets you’ve even cum just thinking about her perfect, sexy feet. Dolly offers you a trade: instead of paying for rent, each month she will let you sniff, lick, touch, and suck on her sweet, delicious feet. Today, she’ll even spread her cute toes wide for you, let you take them in your mouth, and watch you rub your hard cock against her soft soles until both of her feet are sticky and dripping with the mess of your thick cum.
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Brat Princess 2: Chloe – Dweeb Worships a Cheerleaders Feet (1080 HD) NEW

1080 HD Chloe’s had a rough cheerleading practice. Her feet are very sweaty. Chloe makes nerdy little danni take off her sneakers and smell her socks. Dweeby danni does as he is told by the pretty girl. Chloe makes danni take her socks off and worship her feet. While danni is worshiping Chloe’s feet, Chloe tells him that he is going to be entered in a strap on contest. The contest is something she and some of her friends are doing for fun. Danni does not want to participate. Chloe does not care what danni wants. He is going to have to be a part of the contest anyway. Chloe loves to humiliate the little dweeb. She tells danni that the whole cheer squad is coming over later. He’s going to have to worship the feet of every girl on the squad. Danni tries to complain, but Chloe reminds him that he does not have a choice.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Edyn – Take Grandpas Dentures to Make More Room for Feet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy is so mad at her grandpa. She demanded his social security check for the month, and he hasn’t given it to her yet. Amadahy calls her gramps into the room, to ask him why he hasn’t given her the check yet. Gramps comes in, and immediately, Amadahy slaps him in the face very hard. Edyn giggles behind her hand and eggs Amadahy on. Grandpa is helpless to defend himself. Amadahy notices Gramps is wearing clothes, which he isn’t allowed to do. She and Edyn rip his clothes off. He needs to stay naked so that his granddaughter can see his chastity. Gramps creeps girls out, so they need to know he’s locked up for their own comfort. He tries to explain that he was outside and that’s why he was wearing clothes. Nobody wants to hear the senile old badger’s excuses. Rules are rules. Amadahy lays into gramps for not signing over his check. She’s entitled to get social security from him every month, until he kicks the bucket. That’s the arrangement. Grandpa admits that he was trying to keep a little money for himself. Both girls slap the frail old man in his face. Hard. He is not allowed clothes or money. He’s useless, and lucky he even gets to still live in his house. Grandpa has been forgetting things a lot lately. Forgetfulness is just another one of grandpa’s excuses. He promises to remember to transfer the funds to his granddaughter’s account, but gramps’ memory can clearly not be trusted. They want the funds transferred immediately, before he “forgets” again. Amadahy spits in his face. Edyn tells him they won’t even splurge on a casket when he goes. Speaking of his demise, Amadahy thinks it’s time they return to a previous discussion of gramps’ will. Amadahy wants only her and her cousins included. She wants him to write everyone from his side of the family out. Grandpa hesitates to agree and receives a series of slaps. If he doesn’t comply, Amadahy will put him in a home, and he can just rot there all by himself. And not even a pine box. Gramps looks sad. Amadahy tells him to get down and use his knees while they still last. Grandpa kneels, and the young woman forces the old man to sniff her knee socks. She shoves her feet into grandpa’s mouth. Grandpa’s mouth is not big enough to fit all of his granddaughter’s foot, so they pull his dentures out to make more room. With no teeth, grandpa’s mouth has much more room! Amadahy thrusts her foot in deeper and harder into the extra space. With her foot in his mouth, Amadahy revisits the will one last time. Grandpa nods in agreement to all of his granddaughters demands. Edyn wants to see what it feels like to put her foot in a mouth with no teeth. She forces her feet into the old man, next. He is so defenseless without teeth. More room to fuck and no chance to bite! The girls decide that grandpa is not getting his teeth back. He doesn’t really need to talk properly, and he also doesn’t really need to chew. He’s already on a diet of dogfood and pee, both of which he can gum down. Eventually, Grandpa aggress to all of his granddaughters demands. Even after, the girls continue to fuck grandpa’s mouth with their socked feet. Amadahy makes her grandpa tell her that he loves her. He does. It sounds so funny when he tries to talk without teeth! The girls make fun of him for not being able to speak correctly. Amadahy has gotten everything she wanted out of her grandfather. Now, she just has to make sure that the forgetful old bat remembers their new agreement.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Your Horny Cock Makes You Stupid For My Bratty Socks

Miss Honey Barefeet

Hey loser, I know you were so surprised when I asked you to meet me. No we’re not going on a date, but we do have a special appointment together. You see I heard that you had a little secret and I wanted to see if it was true. I heard you have a foot fetish, that you have a weakness for girls in white socks. You even like it if they’re dirty and smelly. So I need to see this for myself. So I want you to get down on your knees and show me how you love feet and socks, how you love smelling them, rubbing them, worshiping them. I think it’s amusing, I love being entertained like this, LOL!

Look at my pretty feet in these cute white socks. I’ll bet they drive you crazy. Sniff them, love them, I’ll bet you’d love it if I put them on your face. I want you to inhale the scent from my socks and let it intoxicate you. Don’t be shy, show me how you’re going to worship my beautiful bratty feet and socks. I can see your cock is hard, it’s popping a little boner in your pants, lol. Awww are you embarrassed? You should be, it’s pathetic that your cock gets hard for my socks. You know I’m taking advantage of you right now and you’re secretly loving it. You love it deep inside your pathetic loser soul. I know you’ve wanted for so long to worship my feet and socks. You’ve been dreaming about it, haven’t you jerky boy?

I know how bad you want to pull your cock out. Go on, open your pants, show me how you’re gonna stroke that loser dick for my beautiful feet and socks. Look at them and jerk it. Look at my soft cotton socks on my delicious feet. Inhale them, smell my feet. Your poor horny cock is making you so stupid for my feet. You want them so badly. You’re quivering. We’re going to have so much fun, my feet, your cock and your money. I mean you didn’t think you were going to get my feet for free, did you? No fucking way loser! You have to pay to worship my delicious feet.

I’m turning you into my little foot slave and I love it, you love it. I love having you at my feet. You’re so horny, you look so stupid when you’re horny loser. Your face has such a blank look to it. You are a loser for my feet and nothing is going to change that. Jerk your loser dick to my bratty feet while I mock you and show you how stupid you look. You just can’t help yourself, making a fool of yourself for me. You’re so pathetic. Do you have any idea how stupid you look? What do you like more, my feet or the fact that I’m calling you a loser? I love playing with you this way, making fun of you, manipulating your stupid loser brain. I wanna push your addiction to my feet even further. You’re so weak, a weak little foot slave. Fuck you loser.
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Humiliation POV Princess Nikki Next: Gym Brat Makes You Sniff Her Socks And Feet

Princess Nikki Next

I just had such a good workout, my feet are so stinky in my cute sneakers and socks. I’ll bet you’re excited to smell them, aren’t you? You dirty little foot boy. Here lemme take my shoe off so you can get a good sniff of my socks. Go on loser sniff em. Then watch me take them off so you can see the sexy soles of my smelly feet. Sniff my yummy little feet. Or do you wanna smell my stinky socks? Here let me put them in your face so you can get a whiff. Smell my stinky socks you little loser. I know you like the smell of my sweat. Come smell your bratty princess’s stinky socks.

Only a loser like you would like my stinky face in their face, especially by a hot brat who’s so much younger than you. Don’t I have just the sexiest feet? Get your nose up real close and sniff em. Awww is your cock getting hard? I know it is loser. You get excited by a bratty girl’s stinky feet that you’re never gonna have, only over the internet will you ever have them. And you’re just going to jerk your cock to the thought of smelling my stinky socks and feet. You know I think you’re an idiot, don’t you?

You love my smell don’t you loser? Keep stroking loser. Stroke to my feet, my socks, my sneakers. You’re just a stupid loser jerking off to my young, stinky feet. I honestly think it’s gross that you like stinky feet. But you, it gets you fucking hard! That’s truly pathetic. But since you’re jerking, you better make it count, I want you to blow a big load for me. I mean look at me, who wouldn’t? Inhale all of my scent you pathetic loser. Now I’m going to count you down to a big orgasm and as I do, I want you to confess how much you love my feet and how much you love sniffing them and my socks. Awww look at you, you’re about so cum for my stinky feet and socks, aren’t you? I know you can’t cum unless you’re sniffing them. Smell em you fucking loser and blow your fucking load!
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