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Strict Restraint – The Sultry LezDomme Pt II – Melissa Jacobs & Sinn Sage

Melissa remains quite defiant even after being worked over quite well by Sinn…she struggles around to break free with no give from the ropes…Sinn enters and removes the gag from Melissa’s mouth…she shoves in four fingers as she explains what Melissa is going to do…Sinn expects oral pleasure and Melissa abides…after Sinn uses Melissa’s face to cum and turns around to bury Melissa’s lovely face deep into her perfect ass, she uses a vibrator on Melissa’s tender clit until she is cumming and kicking…in the final scene Melissa is bent over and gagged…Sinn enters with a strap on…she fucks wildly…and she continues to fuck…Melissa screams as she cums through the hard pounding and Sinn is smiling and doing her best to hold on…you just can’t go wrong with two beautiful and kinky women…enjoy!
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Society SM – Sinn gets Extreme – Sinn Sage

Sinn is a festival for the eyes…luscious skin, silky hair, perfectly ripe tits and an unforgettable ass…she oozes sensuality in practically every move she makes…graceful and charming…this is an alluring woman…to have all that mystery and femininity tied up and waiting to be stripped leaves electricity in the air…Damon comes in with shears and begins to cut away her dress…he takes his time…Sinn bides her time…but she isnt going anywhere soon…not until he is done with her…he spanks that incredible ass, then directs her to the piece of gear that she will be bent over and flogged upon…I come in to help rig her down…then Damon and I have a lovely time flogging her ass…Sinn is very expressive…this is a fetishist who enjoys her role…Sinn is then bound to a crude rolling rig…Damon uses strong bungee to afix her ankles to points in the floor…a dildo mounted to a pole is rammed into her pussy and tied off…Damon pulls her back and forth as the dildo plunges completely into Sinn’s hot box…He rigs our four point breast smashers to each tit, then rigs it off in the opposite direction with more bungee…then muzzled, roped to a whipping post and flogged…Damon adds a tight pussy clamp predicament and a vibrator…Sinn settles back into deep orgasms, but gets not rest or relieft…Damon turns the pleasure into pain as he keeps the vibrator in place over her clamped cunt…for his finalle, Damon binds Sinn to a spit rig…candles are mounted above her…he applies clamps to her tits and torso, each clamp with its own wieght…then he uses a torch to melt very hot wax down onto Sinn’s naked body…before he is done, she is wimpering…then he rolls her over…he spins the spit a few times as Sinn sobs…then leaves her exhausted…thanks much to these two incredible BDSM role players who like to keep it real.
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Fantasy Damsels – Sinn’s Dark Fantasies – Sinn Sage

Sinn has many submissive fantasies…she also has a few captive fantasies…what’s the essential difference? the reactions and attitude that she portrays…of course, a submissive submits…but a captive never does…they may resign, which looks similar to submission, but is not the same…we decide to play on that side of the fantasy fence today as we recreate one of Sinn’s dark fantasies…Sinn is allready tied up and dragged into a dark basement…she struggles and whines as the masked figure changes his shoes…he drags her across the floor…the sound of a torch is quite intimidating when you’re tied up and blindfolded…Sinn’s sincere and emotional reactions create the scene…then Sinn is stripped and tied standing to a cross…the man sits down next to her, staring at her…then a vibrator is stuffed between her legs…a humiliating bound orgasm…he leaves Sinn with pegs on her body she she is left to wonder what will come next…my favorite damsel ending.
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CumBots – Thrasher – Sinn Sage

I’m not too familiar with Sinn, but I’m liking what I see…She seems to be the loyal type. The type that’s willing to experiment. They type to give it the “ole college try”. When we take a peek at her body we start to like her even more. She’s natural and perfect. Another plus…We bind her boobs and restrain her arms behind her back before we perch her atop the Sybian…She seems a tad nervous…Who could blame her though, we’re a group of dementos…We flip the Sybian’s switch and Sinn takes hold. Figuratively of course…She bucks like a bronco as we put her through her paces.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Apr 14, 2015 – Sinn Sage , Beretta James and AJ Applegate

EVERYTHING BUTT: Apr 14, 2015 -  Sinn Sage , Beretta James  and AJ Applegate

Welcome of Anal Audition week. We bring you an update for your usual tuesday update with anal newbie AJ Applegate. We will also give you an update on Friday with 2 girls trying their hand at the first hardcore anal. Watch these girls push themselves for the first time, only on EB.

Today we have Sinn Sage running an all anal Bootcamp on AJ Applegate and Beretta James. Sinn Sage is going to try to get AJ to gape and take it good in the ass. She’s recruited Beretta James to show AJ how it’s done. Sinn smothers Aj with her lucious ass. These girls tongue fuck each others sweaty, weight lifting assholes. Then get anal fucked! AJ Applegate does her first Fake cum Enema for us.

Anal Exercise Class, Sinn Sage gets these assholes Stretched.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Mar 17, 2015 – Ariel X,Sinn Sage,Claire Robbins and Rachael Madori

EVERYTHING BUTT: Mar 17, 2015 - Ariel X,Sinn Sage,Claire Robbins and Rachael Madori

Pool Shark, Sinn Sage hustles Claire Robbins and Rachel Madori into a game of Strip pool. The girls are unable to pay up with clothing stripping so they pay up with anal….as they should. Sinn and Claire tongue fuck Rachel in glorious fashion. Then the girls are fucked thoroughly with a giant strap on in the ass. Outstanding Rimming, Outstanding, Ass to Mouth, filthy anal lesbians who know what we like.

Pool Hall Wager Turns into Filthy Tongue fucking Party
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Anton Productions: Ransom 2

Ransom 2: Two of our hottest models ever star in this thrilling, highly erotic scene. Sinn and Danny plot to kidnap the richest girl in town, beautiful Charlotte. They sneak into her house and roughly wake her as she sleeps. Charlotte is terrified and pleads for mercy as Danny holds her down and Sinn ties her up securely. Charlottes mouth is packed and gagged and she is blindfolded before being carried off in Dannys arms. Charlotte, who looks incredible in hot little panties and clingy top, is carried into dingy storage unit and plopped down on a step stool. Sinn sends Danny off so she can have some quality time with her helpless hostage. She begins by gently fondling Charlotte but, before long, she is roughly groping her hot body, squeezing and biting her luscious tits and threatening to do all kinds of horrible things to her. Charlotte squirms around in her ropes and whimpers tearfully as Sinn torments her mercilessly. Later, Charlotte has been moved inside the house and she is bound standing with her hands tied to the ceiling, her legs apart and a red leather gag silencing her protests. She is completely naked and looks perfectly helpless and vulnerable. Sinn enters and, once again, starts abusing Charlottes body. She gropes her all over, teases her and bites her. When Sinn notices Danny watching, she invites him to join in. He happily agrees and before long, Charlotte is being groped, teased and tormented by both Sinn and Danny. Sinn strips naked and gets nice and close to Charlotte. The sight of their two exquisite bodies rubbing together while Danny continues to fondle Charlotte is indescribably hot. Later, Sinn announces that the ransom has been paid and she and Danny discuss Charlottes fate. Sinn wants to leave her tied up out in the desert but she settles for something less cruel. They leave Charlotte naked and gagged and handcuffed to a tree in the park.
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Aug 2, 2013 – Sinn Sage , Lyla Storm , and Kirsten Price

Format: WMV
Duration: 53 Minutes
Size: 1944 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Ever see That 70’s Show? Yeah? Think smoke circle but with TOES! Lyla Storm has her friends Sinn Sage & Kirsten Price over to her pad to chill out in the basement but per usual the ladies get so horny that they can’t help but play with each others feet! Syren De Mer, Lyla’s step-mom, knows somethings going on in the basement & catches the girls in a kinky foot frenzy! The girls over power Syren & make the gorgeous step-mom worship all of their feet including her own daughters! Plenty of foot sucking & toe licking with multiple feet! Also, lots of dual cunt licking action with foot & toe contortions with every climax. Syren is then made to get on her back while Lyla & her friends fuck Syren’s pussy with their feet! Finally, Syren is put in doggie style & has her ass penetrated with toes & feet until she comes all over then is made to lick her juices from their delicious peds!
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