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HOGTIED: May 10, 2018 – Karlee Grey

Karlee is young, sexy, and down to do the dirty while tied up and tormented. She has massive, all natural tits that every person should be able to squeeze and grope, but only the lucky ones get to. We begin with Karlee in a standing position with one of her legs pulled up exposing her already soaked pussy. This slut gets moist at the site of rope, so The Pope takes advantage of that and gets her tied up in helpless bondage as quickly as possible. The torment starts fast and the pace is set for he entire day. She screams, she begs, she pleads, and most importantly she squirts everywhere. The more intense the torment is, the more intense the orgasms get with each stroke of the flogger.
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Subby Hubby: She Has You By The Balls Part 1: Pussy Licking

Inga is a special housewife who only wants the good things in life, including her big shot husband to be her total slave. While he polishes her toenails in his collar, she pulls out a large syringe and decides to tell her husband about her plan. She will inject his balls and as soon as he cums, his balls with harden and fall off, leaving him castrated and even more obedient than before. He agrees to this, after all, it could be a joke right? Or maybe it isn’t but still, she should be happy, she is his whole world. She injects the warm liquid and he starts to panic. She goes inside for her bath and he has no choice but to follow, towel her off and eat her gorgeous pussy for her. Wait a minute, is she trying to get him so horny that he cums? He can’t cum, or she will have his balls in a jar.
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Real-Time Footage 247 Slavery Day 2 #3of3(Part 2 of 6)

Format: MP4
Duration: 20 Min
Size: 338.36 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

This is real-life, real-time footage of an intense BDSM scene. The slave had to totally give himself to Mistress Sidonia for 24 hours a day, for 7 days. There would be no let up he would be controlled for every minute. He would be broken, punished, used and abused, kept always in some kind of bondage. He would also be given to another Mistress for her use.He was also filmed through out the entire period, special cameras were installed including a slave-cam, a POV camera and time lapse camera. This is the actual footage with a time code running throughout it including the name/nature of the camera/footage. This allows you a truly unique view into what happens behind closed dungeon doors. It also establishes without doubt there was not let-up for the slave this scene really did last 24 hours a day for 7 days. See Mistress Sidonia Blog for more info.
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