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Brat Princess 2: Savannah POV – Oil it Up and Cum Hard for My Juicy Booty (1080 HD)

Oil up my big juicy booty. Admire my big, perfect ass. I own every inch of you with the slightest little shake. Watch it shake. Worship its perfection. Oil it up. Cum hard for my big juicy booty.
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Brat Princess 2: Savannah – Lick Up what My Yoga Teacher Left Behind after Our Work Out Cuck (1080 HD)

1080 HD Savannah’s yoga instructor really knows how to give her a great workout. She always comes back home after their sessions together sweaty and sore. Savannah’s husband suspects that her workouts with her instructor might not be just yoga. Savannah explains to her husband that she is, as he suspected, letting her hot yoga instructor fuck her. Savannah wants her husband to smell the sweat and spunk on her workout leggings.
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Brat Princess 2: Savannah – Tightly Tied So I Can Fart on You (1080 HD)

1080 HD Savannah has her slave tied down to a bed. She can do whatever she wants to him. Savannah sensually crawls all over the vulnerable slave’s body. The slave seems to be expecting something nice from his Princess, a generous tied-up hand job perhaps? No. Savannah is not feeling nice. He’s been tied down tight so that Savannah can fart all over him. The slave has always said that it adores Savannah’s beautiful ass. Today she will test its devotion with a full range of what her beautiful ass can deliver. Savannah rips huge, ripe farts straight up her slave’s nose. He cringes and shies away from the powerful odor. Savannah laughs and makes him smell even more. Slaves that say that they appreciate fine asses should learn to appreciate all the elements of a fine ass. It’s very generous of Savannah to give her farts to the slave that says it’s most devoted to her butt. It’s a very special task to serve as a fart receptacle for a beautiful girl. Savannah makes a nice tight seal, so that he doesn’t miss a single fart. She doesn’t want to have to smell them herself. They’re stinky! It’s her slave that should be showing its devotion by taking the brunt of it. The trial by gas almost too much. Will this intense test of devotion cure the slave of its ass addiction, or cause it to crave Savannah’s beautiful behind even more?
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Brat Princess 2: Savannah – Bratty Rich Girl makes the help Lick Ass and Smell Farts (1080 HD)

1080 HD Savannah is not very nice to the help, but really, why should she be nice to someone she’s clearly better than? While tidying Miss Savannah’s room, her house servant asks if she needs anything else for the day. Savannah replies that she’d like to have her ass licked. She’s been gassy, and she wants to make sure that all the stink is licked clean off by someone who doesn’t really matter. The servant does as Miss Savannah instructs. He really hates this part of his job. It’s very humiliating. The help licks Miss Savannah’s asshole until it is squeaky clean. Just when he thinks he is finished, she starts farting again! Savannah holds his head and farts right in his face, over and over. He is very disgusted and she is very entertained. More gas means he needs to start licking her clean all over again! Savannah can’t possibly go out in public smelling like farts. Savannah only farts on the servants. When she’s having sex with her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to stink. Savannah’s servant makes such a fuss, over just a little tummy gas. She doesn’t understand why he’s making such a big deal. He’s there to clean, so she’s really only asking him to do his job. (14:52 long)
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Brat Princess 2: Savannah – Uses the Tongue of Shrinking B0y for Orgasm (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Savannah - Uses the Tongue of Shrinking B0y for Orgasm (720 HD)

Savannah returns to her bedroom to find that danni has shrunk even more. When she left, danni’s feet and head were hanging off the bed. Now, they aren’t. Soon, he’s going to be so small Savannah can crush him like a bug. Savannah sits nude on danni’s face and tries to squish his head with her ass. “Since you’re so small, there’s nothing you can do about it. So, you’re going to give me an orgasm. You’re going to make my pussy cum.” Savannah makes danni stick out his tongue. She has danni hold his tongue out while she teases herself with it. Savannah sits on danni’s face and commands him to lick. Danni is not doing a very good job. She has danni hold his tongue out for her while she grinds on his face. She squeezes his head with her thighs as she rides. Savannah uses danni’s tongue to bring herself to orgasm, while his little dick is locked up in chastity. “Stop,” she says. “I came. You’re fucking useless now. I got what I wanted. Now, I’m going to leave you to shrink away.
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Brat Princess 2: Savannah – Rich Brat Enjoys Foot Worship from Chastity Servant (1080 HD)

Savannah is a rich brat who has a servant her Dad pays for. She loves to have her feet worshipped and cleaned by her chastity servant. Savannah is knows her amazing ass drives her servant crazy. She loves to lie on her stomach and show off her amazing ass to her chastity servant. His chastity tube is so painful. Savannah even fines her foot slave chastity servant if he does not do a good job. She keeps taking money of his already small pay check. She tells the servant that she starts tennis lessons next week and will have to worship her feet afterwards. She humiliates the servant by making him talk with her feet in his mouth. Savannah is such a rich bitch. She does not care how little money her servant makes. She knows he has to do what she says or she will fine him and he will make even less money!
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