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Princess Ellie Idol: CUM TO MY LEGS

I knew you couldn’t stay away from my legs.. It’s a dream come true for me to be making these clips for you! Your cock is hard, you NEED to touch it! Show me how much you love them and cum!! I give you permission to orgasm to these legs!
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Christy Berrie: Multiple O’s for Feet

Let’s play a game, foot boy! You should be quite addicted to my perfect feet by now, always wanting more. We’re going to see just how quick you can cum for my feet in these sexy sandals… you have ONE minute to spill your load, if not- try again later! Once you cum in a mere 60 seconds, you’re going to cum AGAIN for my feet. Catch your breath as I slide my beautiful little feet out of the sandals- Luck you, your next orgasm will be to my bare feet! This time you have a whole TWO minutes to orgasm. It shouldnt be difficult for REAL, addicted foot boys!
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Princess Ellie Idol – Pedicure Pet

You’re in the bathroom with me as I’m getting ready for my hot date. As I finish up, I bring attention to my white nail polish. I know white controls you. White gets you to do anything for me. I allow you to smell the fresh polish, the scent of addiction! Focus on what enslaved you from the start. Tonight, I have a special task for you. You’re going to be my pedicure cuckold pet. You’ll prepare the bedroom for my date. Maybe I’ll even allow you to sleep at the end of the bed by our feet if you do a good enough job!
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Brat Princess 2: Mia – Trample in Gladiator Sandals (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Mia stands on the house slave’s chest and tramples him full-weight. The slave must do whatever any girl in the house tells it to do. Mia wants it to lick her dirty gladiator sandals clean. She tramples the slave full-weight for seven minutes straight, no cuts. The slave must lick Mia’s sandals clean while it is being trampled. It’s clear how little Mia cares for this doormat of a male. She tells it to lick until it’s tongue is raw. The slave’s tongue gets black with dirt. Mia is completely indifferent to the slave’s suffering. It must do whatever she tells it to do, whether it likes it or not.
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Clubstiletto – Earn Your Way Up to My Feet

Princess Skylar is all decked out in her sexy, strappy sandals, but the weather has turned and she has to abandon her walk. Instead, she uses the time to train a slave. He has a foot fetish, but must earn his way up to her feet by worshiping her shoes first. He is made to lick the heel, the dirty soles, and then is permitted to lick the tops of her feet through the lacing of her sandals. Of course, he must take care not to get the leather of her expensive shoes wet! Then Skylar orders her slave to thoroughly lick her toes and consider any toe jam he may encounter between them, his lunch. Next, she makes him remove her shoes with his teeth- and he struggles with both the zipper and the laces. Skylar is left to finish the job, but informs him he will be punished. First he must lick her bare feet clean, then as punishment, he must lick an even dirtier part: her ass.

Mistress: Princess Skylar
Category: Foot Domination, Shoe & Boot Worship, Sandals, Foot Worship, High Heels, Foot Slave Training
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Czech Soles – Giantess crushing puny cars

Czech Soles - Giantess crushing puny cars

Giantess Eve wants to crush something and have some fun with all those puny vehicles at down at her feet and high heeled sandals. She selects her victims and crushes them until they are totaly broken in peaces and flat under her shoes! Those tiny cars, truck, tractor and even an airplane are all in pieces on the ground and giantess goddess Eve crushed them all. She can crush anything she want and there is nothing that can stop her. We are all at her mercy!

Category: CAR CRUSH
Keywords: Eve, crush, crushing, car, truck, airplane, tractor, destroy, giantess, giant, sandals, high heels, giantess crush, break, power
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So you want to sleep with me huh?Well not only are you a minute man, you have a tiny penis! I can’t sleep with that. No way! I’m one for games though, how about a bet? If I win you pay my rent, ifyou win I sleep with you. Now, the challenge is, you need to stroke your cock to the pace of my moving foot and to WIN you must last over 3 minutes. You won’t be able to do it! You’ll lose and you’ll need to pay my rent! All you could ever handle would be fucking between my shoe and foot!
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Sandals up close

Helenas Feet - Sandals up close

Come up close to my feet and sandals as I sit on the swing. Again and again my sandals get close to your face. Come on, do what I tell you and lick the sandals. I don’t care if they’re dirty – just do it!

Categories: Sandals
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