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Disciplinary Arts – STEVIES FANTASY: The Spanked Maid

Featuring: Stevie Rose,Samantha

STEVIE’S FANTASY explores fantasy’s Stevie Rose daydreams about and reenacts them!In this edition, Stevie is slipping through channels and comes across a porn with a maid being spanked and roughed up for not doing a good job cleaning. This gets her imagination going and she calls 800-Maids-2-Go and orders herself a maid for the day.When the maid arrives, Stevie asks the weary girl to put on an actual sexy maids outfit and despite her protests, Stevie tells her its part of the job so she obeys. Then as the girl cleans, Stevie continually spanks her randomly and when a permanent spot “accidentally” appears and the maid cant clean it, Stevie decides to give her the same punishment she saw in the porn.. only harder and MUCH more real! A very well acted fantasy with a very well spanked and pissed off Hispanic maid in Samantha!
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Clubstiletto – Fucked or Fucked Up by the Facecrusher

Goddess Samantha can only go so long before she has to slip into her alter ego The Facecrusher. She knows worthless men have to be terminated under Her magnificent ass for their evil deeds. Her victim might be an okay guy but he is collateral damage for the evil things men do collectively. Unfortunate maybe, but what a way to go, just drift away while her magnificent ass crushes you to dust. Her latest victim thinks he is special, there only to help her work on her ass smothering skills so she can deal with other men, and that she might even fuck him, but he is about to find out that he will only be fucked up, just like the rest of them. Kick and scream into Samantha’s ass, no one can hear you! A nice mix of Face sitting and chest sitting in this one.

Mistress: Goddess Samantha
Category: Ass Smothering, Face Sitting, Ass Worship, Bbw, Chest Sitting, Big Tits, Facesitting, Samantha, Facecrusher, Smother, Chestsitting
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