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GG Fetish Media: Trained Agent – Koa

Koa is intercepted while exercising at the park. She is trained into obedience by a man who turns her into an agent to carry out his missions against his enemies. The tables are turned though, when his adversary trains Koa and reprograms her to fight for him instead.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Dominatrix Mode

You won’t want to miss this video! You Tuber RoboMaster has recorded an unboxing video for his brand new hyper realistic robot. He is excited to show all the new features and commands she has, all utilizing this handy little remote control. But something goes wrong when he’s cycling through her modes.. she becomes “stuck” on Dominatrix Mode! Her programming makes her ruthless and mean, disregarding any limits he may have and forcing him to obey. He’s bound, punished, and made to choke down a massive dildo before being thrown into a cage. Satisfied, she goes into hibernate mode for the night, leaving him to contemplate what this could mean.. will this robot hold him hostage forever?
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Mistress – T: FemDom AI Robot Virtual Fuck

Behold the latest in artificial intelligence technology! A ‘robot’ created with such perfection you are helpless to resist. Seductively Dominant, so life-like you would never be able to tell the difference…& dangerously intelligent. You will find that she can literally read your mind & give you just what you secretly crave. The feeling of her pussy around your cock as she milks you will feel like nothing you’ve every experienced. So go ahead, allow yourself this experience, already your curiosity is over-powering you…
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American Mean Girls: Weird Science Robot Takeover

Your “Goddess Harley Love Doll” has just been downloaded and 3D-printed. All seems well and she seemed friendly at first and was working properly. She shows you her perfect replicated ass and boobs and begins to start really turning you on like a good robot love toy!

Suddenly though, she gets an automatic update over Wifi and it seems the upgrade to her software has had some unexpected changes… She is now acting like the REAL Goddess Harley from Mean Girls! Her personality files have suddenly been modified to turn her into a dominatrix and a total Female Supremacist! And you BETTER do what she says because if you don’t she will use her robot strength against you…slave!
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