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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy – Dream It Be It

The scene opens with two unicorns riding a pony. One unicorn uses a hoof to slap the horse’s balls, then hops onto the pony so it can carry both girls around. The pony is told to bounce and the unicorns haven’t had this much fun since they played silly games and missed the Ark. Things get hazy as we hear Mistress Kandy saying that the pony seems to be getting tired, and the next thing you know, Miss Jasmine is trying to wake her up, as Miss Kandy is fast asleep on the couch. Turns out it was all one strange fucked up dream! However, all three characters from the dream really are in the room, and Jasmine has the pony kneeling by the couch and ready to ride. It’s just like the dream minus the heads! Jasmine mounts the pony and Kandy grabs the crop to get him going. “Can he handle both of us?” Kandy asks, adding that in her dream, he was carrying both of them. She mounts him next and the pony boy does in fact manage both of them quite comfortably, giving them a nice, easy ride. They discuss further training plans for him, including some outdoor instruction. Jasmine hops on next, piggy back style, and he gives her a nice ride, including some squats. It’s Kandy’s turn now, so she climbs onto his shoulders and makes him do even more squats. The pony begins to sweat heavily so Jasmine provides some gentle encouragement with the crop. The pony is ordered back down on all fours and both girls hop onto his back once more. He’s ready to ride outdoors!!
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Ella Kross – Riding and Whipping My Human Pony Boy!

Today I’m going to be riding my pony boy, so I need to decide which of these five whips I’ll be using on him. After some careful deliberation, I choose two of them and hop on my slave’s back to ride him like a little horse. I whip his bare bottom to keep him moving along, laughing as I deliver painful lashes to his red ass. When it becomes obvious that my pony needs a rest, I have him lay down on his back, kick off my heels, and trample him by walking all over his naked body. He groans in pain under my feet as I step on him, then it’s time for him to get back to work as my human pony! I climb on top of him again and have him continue carrying me around the room while I strike his sore ass with my whipping rod. “Faster!” I scream as he shuffles around on all fours with me on his back. I think I might have to trample him some more!
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – New House Pony Ride

With the art of blackmail, Kandy has turned her stepson into her steed. The latter has the hots for his stepmom; he has even licked her pussy, and certainly Daddy wouldn’t stomach this news very well. So stepson Junior is now at the mercy of every whim and desire of his stepmom, and if she wants a strenuous pony ride outdoors, he must oblige. Of course, Kandy has ulterior motives for exerting Junior in such a fashion. She wants him alert and ready for some nasty bedroom activities later on. Kandy herself is working up a sweat just from griping her inner thighs around her pony’s neck. So her pussy and ass are getting quite damp…..She directs Junior up the stairs to a back alley, which happens to be on an incline. He starts going downhill, then has to retrace his steps uphill, and just when he is at his most tired, he must brace himself to descend the stairs with his cherished mount. Then it’s indoors for some kinky fun with stepmom!

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Ella Kross – Teaching New Slave to Worship Our Feet Featuring Mistress Kate!

Joined by my friend Mistress Kate, we break in a new slave by teaching him how to properly worship our feet. We begin by making him lick my leather boots clean, laughing at the loser as he polishes them with his tongue. “Do it better!” I scold when he fails to impress me. As he kneels before us naked, I have him lick Kate’s shoes as well and the loser proves to be a fast learner. “Continue to worship her feet!” I command as I hold his head to her feet, supervising the action to make sure the jerk does the best job possible. Mistress Kate slaps his bare ass hard, then rides him like a horse as he gets back to licking my boots. Together we have a blast mocking this idiot as he mouths my leather. Taking a seat on my sofa, I have him suck my heel as Kate sits on his back and watches. “Not bad for the first time!” we tell our new student as he worships my boots. He’s successfully passed our first test!
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Laboring the Gagged Pony

Mistress Kandy, beneath her sunny exterior, possesses a latent mean streak, and she decides to gag her pony and restrict his breathing while he has to bear her full weight. This happens to be a new pony, unused to the rigors of being on all fours for prolonged periods of time. He is young, and labors noticeably under the burden of his Mistress not to mention his restricted ability to breathe. Kandy tries to encourage him with some swift swats to the rear, but all he can manage is to plod dutifully along. Kandy can sense his imminent collapse, so she taunts him by advocating the viewer to apply as a replacement for this lame horse! What is required of a pony? To be on all fours for hours, to be spanked and whipped repeatedly, to survive on a meager diet of apples and oats, to be confined to a dirty cage when off-duty, and to be bathed via the garden hose. That grim prospect is enough to make Kandy’s young steed crumble to the floor.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jessica, Mistress Kandy – No Mercy For the Old Pony

Mistresses Kandy and Jessica have no mercy for a tired old man who has been serving them all day. He is rousted up for pony duty, with Jessica on his back as Kandy leads him on a leash for a promenade in the hotel room. While he is supporting Jessica’s weight, he must also worship Kandy’s feet. Well, the steed is not very adept and while leaning down to worship Kandy’s feet, he pitches his mount off his back! The Mistresses are not pleased, and he is now relegated to sniffing Kandy’s pungent ass as he continues to carry Jessica. The ladies want a fast and alert pony, and this old relic is clearly baged. They motivate him with some hard spanks and several hard slaps of a strap. His performance only improves slightly, so Kandy devises the ultimate punishment: He must carry them both simultaneously! Well, the pony is at the end of his rope and he winds up collapsing underr his heavy charge.

Mistress: Miss Jessica, Mistress Kandy
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Ella Kross – Riding Our Human Horse Princess Kate

Ella Kross - Riding Our Human Horse Princess Kate
Ella Kross

Princess Kate is as beautiful as she is funny, and in this video shedecides she`d like to ride my slave as if he were a horse. With the dirtyloser down on all fours, she sits atop his back as he crawls across thefloor with me guiding him by his ponytail. Kate enjoys riding her humansteed while slapping his ass and demanding he make horse noises. “Nay!” hesays before I stifle his voice by making him worship my feet with hismouth. With Kate still seated on his back I shove my feet in his mouth andhave him suck my cute, pedicured toes. How appropriate is it that ourhuman horse has a ponytail? I grab onto it and use it to guide his headwhile he licks our feet, Kate and I both laughing our asses off as hecontinues making horse noises. Kate and I have way too much fun togetherhumiliating slaves!
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Clubstiletto – Fetch and Carry Till You Drop Goddess Airen, Mistress Kandy

Clubstiletto - Fetch and Carry Till You Drop Goddess Airen, Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy always takes advantage of a beautiful fall day for a relaxing shoulder ride in the country side. Relaxing for her; that is! Soon she has her steed fetching sticks like a dawg, while she rides him on all fours. She dismounts to get her boots mucky in a stream and then orders the ponyboy to lick them clean. And that’s not all! Her 6 foot tall friend Goddess Airen wants to join in, so they command the tired pony carry them both AT THE SAME TIME! He manages for a while, huffing and puffing, until Kandy dismounts and he carries Airen on his shoulders for a considerable distance. Unfortunately, he collapses soon after, and both ladies trample him on the floor, tearing his pants open……Yes, it’s another beautiful day in the countryside!

Mistress: Goddess Airen, Mistress Kandy
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Clubstiletto – Riding The Thin Pony Goddess Airen, Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Kandy

Clubstiletto - Riding The Thin Pony Goddess Airen, Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy loves to make her steeds suffer, and this thin pony is no exception. After riding in circles, the poor horse collapses under her weight so Kandy punishes him by adding 2 more riders: Mistress Jasmine and Goddess Airen. The women are fit and strong, and despite all his grunting and groaning, the feeble pony must move forward with all 3 ladies on his back!

Mistress: Goddess Airen, Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Kandy
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Cruel Evening Ride Mistress Ariel

Clubstiletto - Cruel Evening Ride Mistress Ariel
Mistress Ariel

Mistress Ariel wanted to go for a cruel ride with spurs even though it was the evening time and the lighting was not at its best. You can see everything no problem and we brought out additional lighting so you can enjoy watching her ride but we’ve reduced the price since it’s a little bit darker than our high quality daytime lighting. Mistress Ariel spurs and spurs her pony without mercy. She is very sadistic and truly enjoys causing as much pain as possible to her pony. She even spurs his arms when she puts her legs forward. He cries out in agony but she simply laughs as she spurs hi arms and his flanks.

Mistress: Mistress Ariel
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Slave is used as a horse and brutally trampled

Sado Sisters - Slave is used as a horse and brutally trampled

On all four legs the slave enters the room while Jane sits on him and hits him with a whip on his ugly butt. Because Layla wants to have some fun too she hits him with a crop on his body until she decides to sit down on him too. But that’s not enough! Today the girls are very cruel! So the slave has to lay down on the ground. Soon both girls start to trample on his body. Additionally the kick his useless balls with full power. And his face is treated too! Because this still is not enough they decide to jump on his stomach too! First they make a standing jump but then they jump from the couch on him too. The useless squirt convulse in pain!
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Britney’s Exhausting Shoulder Ride

Clubstiletto - Britney's Exhausting Shoulder Ride
Princess Britney

Princess Britney is spectacular in this long, exhausting shoulder ride. She looks amazing in her dress and her muscular legs really hold her mount in place as she makes him carry her and obey all her commands. She frequently slaps him hard on the face for every little mistake. She rides him to collapse and then orders him to get up and carry her some more. She makes him do squats with all her weight on his shoulders and she frequently loses count and makes him start over. Princess Britney is 5′ 8″ (174 cm) tall and weighs 155 lbs (70 Kg) because she is very muscular and solid. Her pony was really working hard in this riding scene and she was totally merciless. He is very lucky she didn’t use her spurs and whip on him or he would have been a total mess. Fans of dominant shoulder riding will really enjoy this scene.

Mistress: Princess Britney
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Her Little Pony (Part 3 of 3)

Miss Annalieza is taking her fully saddled pony for a ride in the paddock. She delights in testing his leg strength and speed across ground. To keep him in line and for extra motivation, she uses the crop on his flanks and rump.

Format: MP4
Duration: 18:08 Min
Size: 378.44 MB
Resolution: 1280×720
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