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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Fill Your Bowl, Puppy, And Lick It Clean Like A Good Boy

Princess Lacey

Well I see you down there, are you my good little puppy today? Are you gonna be a good boy for your Goddess? Bark, bark for me bitch. Good boy. Now before we get started, I’m going to make sure you’re really prepared for what I have in store for you, my little puppy. You better have your collar on. Good boy. I also want you to have your little doggy dish, right there in front of you. And it should be empty, but don’t worry, your Goddess will fill it for you. Oh you want to know how I’m going to fill it from here? Simple. I’m gonna tease my little puppy with my perfect ass, making you bark, while you stroke your puppy cock, and then you’re going to fill your little puppy bowl with a big load of cum.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Puppy Transformation Trance II

You’ve been such a good little pet lately. So loyal and obedient, like a dog. In fact- that’s exactly what I want you to be. I want you to be my puppy. I want to leash you up and take you out as my little obedient puppy. It won’t be hard to make this pet project a reality. You’re already an animal eager to please me. My voice will remind you of the base animal you are. You’ll live out the rest of your days sitting at my feet, playing with your toys, and eating kibble, just like I like you. Sit. Stay. Go down.
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Femdom Empire – Gigi Allens – Doggystyle

Goddess Gigi loves fucking boys in the ass especially when they are transformed into helpless rubber pets unable to run away from her massive dick. Gigi gives Doggystyle a whole new meaning as she plows her pet’s ass wide open to be properly stretched for his new XXL butt plug tail. It’s a good thing her slave has always been such a horny as he will now live the rest of his life as one!
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Manimals (1080 HD)

Degradation can get real creative here at Mean Girl Manor sometimes. I make them keep their heads down as I point with open toed boots what slave is going to be what. This slave is going to be pig because he’s so fat, the skinny slave is going to be a gay little ostrich, and the third slave- it is going to be a giraffe because giraffes are my favorite . Of course this is all pretend, they’re still REAL SLAVES, and slaves don’t get treated as well as animals!

First I have these pathetic creatures take turns as they kiss my feet and share food out of a doggy bowl. They’re going to need to eat for what I’m going to put them through. One by one, they have to imitate their as I ride on them with their backs between my legs. And as I do, I make sure to jab them with everything they’re not. I’d feel guilty if they actually were animals, lucky for me they’re just slaves and I DON’T CARE AT ALL ABOUT DEHUMANIZING THEM. By the time I’m done with them they’re going to wish they were a different species.

Princess Carmela
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Dawg Food Spit And Ashes (1080 HD)

This slave was put outside for the day in his dawg cage while I was filming. You might see this outfit that I am wearing in some other clips. I came outside and saw that the tried to get away with not eating the Dawg Food. It was REAL Dawg food, by the way. So I dragged him outside the cage and made him eat it mixed with my spit and cigarette ashes. He got the extreme pleasure of eating some of this mixture off the bottom of my boots too! As a special treat I put my cigarette out on his tongue and the tossed the butt in with his food to eat all up!
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Femdom Empire – Yasmin Scott – Doggie Boot Camp

A correctional facility that uses training and behavior modification techniques to teach disobedient specimens socially acceptable patterns of behavior. Mistress Yasmin’s slave can’t seem to follow instructions or complete any given tasks and is officially demoted from human to pup. A few months spent in Doggie Boot Camp is exactly what this unruly specimen needs to be transformed into a proper and obedient pet. Mistress Yasmin is a very strict and experienced pet trainer who knows just how to put the new bitch in his place. Once he is successfully trained into the perfect pup by using cruel and torturous methods he will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. He better shape up quickly as Yasmin already has a few sadistic Masters wanting to purchase the beast if he can’t learn to be a good bitch-boy.

Featuring: Yasmin Scott
Categories: Blonde, CBT, Euro, Puppy Play
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Jul 23, 2016: Pain Puppet Part 2 | Paintoy Emma

REAL TIME BONDAGE: Jul 23, 2016: Pain Puppet Part 2 | Paintoy Emma

In the beginning of our live session with Paintoy Emma she made it clear that she thought it was going to take a lot to break her, so to start this installment we are going to put her in her place. We hobble her hands with tape and belt her arms and legs so that she is forced to crawl around on her knees and elbows. Then we put an electric collar on her so that any time she isn’t the perfect puppy we want her to be we can punish her with powerful shocks.

Now that she understands who is in control, it is time to find out just how tough our model is. Our crew had a bunch of ideas for different ways to test Emma’s endurance, but we couldn’t decide which would be the best. In the end, we decided to leave Emma’s torment up to the luck of the draw.

Today we are going to play a card game with Emma. Each round one of the handlers will pick two cards from a deck. The first card will decide what kind of punishment she gets: caning, flogging, , or worst of all the cattle prod. The second card decides what part of her tender body will receive the punishment and how many times. If she is very very lucky she will pull the one card in the deck that will allow her to come. There is nothing like random stimulation to drive a person to complete sensory overload.
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Femdom Empire – Austin Lynn – The Puppy Game

Femdom Empire - Austin Lynn - The Puppy Game
Austin Lynn

Mistress Austin tells her slave that she is in the mood to play a game; she is going to make him into her human puppy! The slave is reluctant to play at first, but once Austin shocks him with her hand held electric prod, he quickly complies with her wishes. Austin locks on a latex puppy hood, then takes her puppy for a walk, training him how to walk properly on her leash. Austin realizes that something is missing – her puppy has no tail. She remedies this by shoving a huge butt plug, complete with a pup’s tail, up his ass. After passing her visual inspection, the puppy is taught some tricks, like playing , before Austin decides to reward her slave by letting him worship at her boots. Austin then tells her slave that she has decided to keep him as her 24/7 puppy forever, then orders him to kiss her ass as a sign of his humble compliance. She then leads him away to be locked in his new kennel until she wants to play with him again.

Featuring: Austin Lynn
Categories: Anal Play, Puppy Play
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Mistress Nikita: Thirsty Puppy

My puppy is going to get a special treat tonight, but first it’s going to amuse me by fetching my dildo. I can’t help laughing out load at the site of a fully grown man with a rubber tail shoved up its ass yipping like a little puppy while it crawls around on all fours retrieving my rubber cock in its mouth! All that fun playtime made it very thirsty, of course. I decided it would be fun to make it go in its doggie dish and lap it all up! I have to admit that finding new methods to humiliate my human pets really turns me on.
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You just can’t stay away from me can you D0G? I snap my fingers and you come running to me! You’ve COME to me, and at the end you’ll be CUMMING to me. Before I let you see and worship my perfect body, I’m going to have you do a few tricks. I then move along to painting a mental picture of me facesitting on you, doing some only allowing you a single breath before I resume my seat. You’re hard watching my big white girl booty shake in front of you. Woof d0g! Show me your appreciation, obey me as you stroke your cock!! I am a vision you can’t get enough of, pet!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Valerie Interviews New Hire

Goddess Foot Domination - Valerie Interviews New Hire
Goddess Valerie

Goddess Valerie is interviewing you today for a new job and if you want the position then you are going to have to do exactly what she says. To start, she has you get down on your knees and strip from the waist down, pulling out your big cock. Once she slips out of her sexy high heels she is going to make you worship her feet while you stroke your cock for her. Follow her jerk off instructions while you kiss, lick, and suck on her pretty bare feet, worshiping them as they deserve. Lick her from heel to toe, sucking on her cute toes as you stroke your cock harder and faster, masturbating as she says. If you want the job, cum when she tell you to.
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Femdom Empire – Obedience is Mandatory Alix Lynx, Savana Styles

Femdom Empire - Obedience is Mandatory Alix Lynx, Savana Styles
Alix Lynx

Mistress Alix and Savana have a special obedience program for slaves who can’t seem to grasp the concept of following simple rules. Their method of transforming pesky boys into well trained has never failed as they strip away the last of a stubborn man’s humanity. Every day the slave slowly forgets who they once were until the mind has been completely replaced with only the will to serve and please their Master.

Featuring: Alix Lynx, Savana Styles
Categories: Ass Worship, Blonde, Busty, Humiliation, Puppy Play
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Femdom Empire – Doggystyle Gigi Allens

Femdom Empire - Doggystyle Gigi Allens
Gigi Allens
Femdom Empire

Goddess Gigi loves fucking boys in the ass especially when they are transformed into helpless rubber pets unable to run away from her massive dick. Gigi gives Doggystyle a whole new meaning as she plows her pet’s ass wide open to be properly stretched for his new XXL butt plug tail. It’s a good thing her slave has always been such a horny as he will now live the rest of his life as one!

Featuring: Gigi Allens
Categories: Blonde, Bondage, Busty, Puppy Play, Strap-on
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Femdom Empire – Transformation & Training

Femdom Empire - Transformation & Training
Femdom Empire

Goddess Tangent no longer want’s a human as a slave since pet’s are found to be much more loyal and will never talk back. Instead of kicking her slave to the curb he is transformed from worthless man into Mistress’s best friend. His body and mind is slowly dehumanized one limb at a time then reconstructed paw by paw until no human is left. Since all d0gs have a tail Goddess Tangent makes sure her new pup is fully equipped inside and out to complete his transformation. Proper behavioral modification can now begin by using a high voltage shock collar locked tight around his neck keeping him at complete attention to be molded into the perfect pet for a Goddess.

Featuring: Tangent
Categories: Puppy Play
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: May 30, 2015 Cunty Part 2 | Kay Kardia | London River

REAL TIME BONDAGE: May 30, 2015 Cunty Part 2 | Kay Kardia | London River

We’ll get back to Kay Kardia in just a second but we discovered something about London River a while back that we had to share. You see, London hates being tickled. Really that doesn’t begin to describe it. She can’t stand being tickled. She will do just about anything to avoid it. We didn’t believe her at first, but when given the choice between a little bit of laughter or one hell of a brutal caning she jumped at the chance to feel the wood come down on her ass. She changed her mind for just a second, but as soon as Jack Hammer put his fingers on her she started begging for the thin rod again. She’ll get to enjoy the Sybian in the background while we turn our attention back to Kay, if she can keep quiet.

The blonde beauty could use a good flogging. Kay gets some options, too. Matt will take the leather flogger to her tits or her stomach, at her request. Sure, the tits hurt her more, but as the leather slides away she gets to feel it caress against her nipples. A shot to the stomach is just pain. It probably feels a hell of a lot better than the whip, though. And our special brand of water torture has got to be the worst. We use that during our interrogation and she is ready to tell us everything we want to know.

And then comes the puppy play!
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Femdom Empire RUBBERIZED BITCH Mistress T

Mistress T transforms her slave into a mindless pet upon realizing she has no more use for him. She traps him in full rubber forcing him to live a life on all fours like a bitch keeping him on edge, horny and at the mercy of her every command.

Featuring: Mistress T
Categories: Puppy Play, Tease and Denial
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My Prisoner, George

Format: WMV
Duration: 00:29:33
Size: 1100 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

My Prisoner, George – Episode 4 of the Prison & Medical Room Fetish!
This movie is a continuation of “HUNT”
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