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Femdom Empire – Lexi Sindel – Lexi’s Prostate Milking

Lexi is testing out new prostate draining tools on her patient. He is secured to the table in medical restraints leaving his ass and cock open for her experiments. She trys various metal instruments while stroking his cock, he can feel the pressure of the devices thats are aimed at his prostate. She strokes his cock cock until he has a prostate stimulated orgasm.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Carissa: VERY Degrading Beginner Instructions For Anal Virgin Losers

Goddess Carissa

Are you an anal virgin? Do you want to spread your virgin asshole and stick something in there? I know you do and I’m going to give you some tips and instructions. You’re going to need to start with a small dildo because your virgin asshole is going to be so fucking tight. Take it nice and slow. But before you insert it, I want you to suck it. Get it nice and wet and suck that dildo like the loser idiot that you are.
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Ashley Alban – Fucking Your Ass for Ashley

Ashley knows how much your love ass playwith your own ass. You love fingering it and getting rimmed. Ashley thinks you should graduate to ass-fucking. Ashley wants to walk you through how to fuck your ass with a dildo. She tells you what supplies you need. To start off, you need to lube up your ass to get it ready to take a dildo. Ashley shows you what to do. She tells you to stroke your dick at the same time in order to relax and really loosen up your asshole. When youre ready, she tells you to grab your dildo and get it covered with lube. Ashley instructs you to get on all fours and stick your ass up in the air. She tells you how to slide the dildo in so it doesnt hurt. When you have it balls deep inside, Ashley tells you to sit on it and continue to stroke your dick. She fucks her own ass hard. Ashley gives you a cum countdown while you fuck your asses at the same time. Didnt you cum so much harder with your ass filled up?
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Humiliation POV Princess Ellie:I Want You High As Fuck on $ And Stuffing Your Ass

Princess Ellie

I hope you have your $ ready. That nice little bottle you’re familiar with, I want it in your hand. And I want you to get a nice dildo as well because I want you to fuck your ass as you’re high from $. So lift that bottle up to your nose and sniff. You’ve been high on $ so many times and yet it never gets old. And it’s so easy to fuck your ass when you’re high on $, isn’t it?

Take a nice big inhale and then I want you to stick it right inside of you. Oh yea that feels so good to have something inside your ass when you’re high as fuck on $. You love the way it makes you feel. You love how slutty you get when you’re on $. Take another nice deep inhale and I want you to lower yourself down onto that dildo. I want you to start going up and down on it. You love it in your ass, you love the way your prostate is being stimulated. And you love your head right now, you feel euphoric.

Thrust that dildo inside you, fuck yourself with it, you’re on top of the world. You are so fucking high, take another inhale. The higher you go, the hornier you get. Take another, I want you so high, I want you in a trance, fucking your toy and sniffing $. You love stuffing your ass. Take a deep inhale. Fuck it. Moan for me. Now take another sniff and go faster. You’re such a $ slut. You love the way this feels, you love how I fuck with you when you’re high. You can’t get enough. You’re so very high. But I don’t want you to cum, I want you to restart this video and keep getting higher and higher.

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Femdom Empire – Marley Brinx – Ruined Anal Orgasm

Mistress Marley Brinx puts her favorite anal whore’s cock through an extreme stamina test. She fills his hole wide up with a big, fat shocking ass plug making him scream with intense pain and pleasure. It is the perfect tool to make any slut immediately drop to their knees and beg their Owner to cum. With every increasing turn of the knob, Mistress Marley shows why it’s the ultimate self-fucking, slave shocking and prostate milking butt plug in her dungeon today. It doesn’t take long for the anal slut to fail her test as he starts to lose control from being bound, edged and turned into a sexually frustrated fuck-doll for her entertainment. He blasts a massive load all over his helpless body knowing every last drop is about to be shoved right back down his slut throat. To make matters worse, Mistress Marley turns up the voltage and brings out her claws to completely ruin any gratifying pleasure his now thoroughly ruined orgasm would’ve brought him.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Huge Insertions Challenge

If you like to see an ass stretched & filled to capacity…you’ll like this. It genuinely was a challenge as you’ll see it takes a fair bit of encouraging toward the end. He takes it for me though. *grin*
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Femdom Empire – Gigi Allens – The Prostate Drainer

When men first have a prostate orgasm they fall in love with rectal orgasms, Gigi Allens knows how to milk a prostate properly. She slides her fingers into his hole and applies pressure to his male G-spot while stroking his shaft. The slave is overwhelmed with intense pleasurable feelings as her fingers circle his prostate. Gigi stimulates his prostate until making him erupt then feeds him the result.

Featuring: Gigi Allens
Categories: Euro, Handjobs, Milking, Prostate Massage
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Femdom Empire – Kiki Vidas – Blind Prostate Massage

Mistress Kiki has a helpless gimp slave to amuse herself with and nothing is more fun for her than a long drawn out milking! She has many devious ways to milk a slave and this one is subjected to anal violation from her cold steel prostate wand. The poor gimp can’t see her sexiness and is helpless to stop the slow but relentless milking game she plays with his exposed cock. As she expertly teases his frantic tool she thrusts the steel wand deeper into his vulnerable rectum. Mistress Kiki is not to be denied and she laughs at her gimp as she takes him over the edge. Of course her fun does not stop there and she ruins his orgasm by cruelly over stimulating his super sensitive post-milking cock head. Her amusement is plain to see as she leaves him to uselessly struggles against his bonds. Time for her to seek out her next victim!

Featuring: Kiki Vidas
Categories: Bondage, Handjobs, Milking, Prostate Massage, Red Head
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Femdom Empire – Adriana Chechik – Loosen Up

Mistress Adriana keeps her slave completely restrained with only his ass exposed turning him into a helpless fuck-hole for her pleasure. She shows no mercy pounding his ass hard and deep with her thick, strap-on cock making sure his hole stays stretched for good. The more he squirms and begs for mercy, the faster Mistress Adriana pumps his ass full of rock hard dick!

Featuring: Adriana Chechik
Categories: Anal Play, Prostate Massage, Rimming, Strap-on
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Femdom Empire – Shane Blair – Milked Male Clit

Mistress Shane only allows her slave to ever cum when his ass is stuffed and filled. She inserts a firm metal toy deep into his ass then gently presses it against his prostate. The more she stimulates his male clit the harder it becomes to contain himself. As she explores the secret male pleasure spot she becomes more intrigued. Shane has so much sexual power over him. She strokes his cock while applying pressure to his prostate until he creams all over like a good anal slut for his Mistress.

Featuring: Shane Blair
Categories: Asian, Handjobs, Milking, Prostate Massage
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Femdom Empire – Chanel Preston, Slave Kade – Cum like a bitch

After making her slave submit to several huge dildos and leaving him bound with an inflatable butt plug up his ass, Mistress Chanel Preston has a new challenge in mind for her slave. She is going to milk him and make him learn to love cumming with a cock in his ass! Chanel expertly jerks her slave’s dick as she shoves the plug deeper and deeper in his ass. When her slave blows a huge load of cum from the milking, Chanel removes the butt plug from his ass to rub his cum all over it, then shoves it back in his ass. After shoving his cum back inside him, Chanel removes the plug from her slave’s ass and shoves it right into his mouth, ordering him to keep it in there ad not drop it. Chanel has completely humiliated and dehumanized her slave into a cock craving ass whore.

Featuring: Chanel Preston, Slave Kade
Categories: Anal Play, Bondage, Brunette, Handjobs, Milking, Prostate Massage
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Femdom Empire – Vanessa Cage – Prostate Wand Milking

Femdom Empire - Vanessa Cage - Prostate Wand Milking
Vanessa Cage

Mistress Vanessa Cage has had her slave locked up in chastity for some time, but she unlocks him for a reward milking. But she has a surprise for him; while she is milking his cock, she is also going to use a steel prostate wand to milk his prostate as well! As Vanessa expertly milks his cock and fucks his prostate with her wand, her slave gets more and more excited, his cock staying rock hard from all the stimulation – and the sight of Vanessa’s hot body. When Vanessa decides that it is time for him to cum, she uses both hands to jerk his cock, causing him to explode a load of cum all over her gloved hands. Vanessa then rubs her slave’s cum up and down his cock; after all, there needs to be some type of lube on it when she locks it back in chastity.

Featuring: Vanessa Cage
Categories: Handjobs, Prostate Massage
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I got a nice thick treat for you! A rubber dick! I am going to give it to you good, RIGHT IN YOUR ASSHOLE. I’m going to take your anus with my dildo and you’re going to cum from prostate play! You’re going to like this little secret we share. I will turn you into a butt slut, but don’t tell any of your friends. Don’t tell anyone because they would think you were so pathetic and disgusting!
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Femdom Empire – Extreme Prostate Pleasures Valentina Nappi

Femdom Empire - Extreme Prostate Pleasures Valentina Nappi
Valentina Nappi

Mistress Valentina loves how obsessed you are with her ass and now want’s to make you addicted to your own. I am going to teach you how to have a bigger, better and more explosive orgasm by using your fingers to tease your p-spot. Once you experience the intense sensation of my anal pleasuring and cock stroking methods you will never want to cum any other way again.

Featuring: Valentina Nappi
Categories: Anal Play, Brunette, Femdom POV, Foreign Accents, Masturbation Instruction, Prostate Massage
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Femdom Empire – Finger Fucked Prostate Anikka Albrite

Femdom Empire - Finger Fucked Prostate Anikka Albrite
Anikka Albrite

Mistress Valentina’s slave didn’t think she was telling the truth when he was told the only way he would be allowed to cum was like a bitch. He will never think twice about believing his Mistress again as he lays spread eagle and helpless with 3 fingers fucking his tight hole to orgasm.

Featuring: Anikka Albrite
Categories: Handjobs, Milking, Prostate Massage
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Princess Ellie Idol: ELLIE’S SISSY TRAINING 3-6

Princess Ellie Idol: ELLIE'S SISSY TRAINING 3-6

Today will be all about cum and acquired taste, sissy slut! Buy up and start your new assignment.

Time to get dressed and get out there with my latest assignment.

Bust out the sissy garb and a recording device! You’re going to make a video for me in this latest assignment!

You’ll need some props, butt slut! This sissy assignment is for those willing to take the next step in their training! Practice makes perfect, they always say!
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Femdom Empire – Prostate Fuck Stick Mistress Silvia

Femdom Empire - Prostate Fuck Stick Mistress Silvia
Mistress Silvia

Mistress Silvia only allows her slaves to cum like the whores they truly are. If her slave wants a weekly milking then he will have to learn to love getting his ass filled and fucked like a good slut for his Mistress.
Featuring: Silvia Saige

Categories: Anal Play, Handjobs, Milking, Prostate Massage
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