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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 3

Every week the nurses get a weekly evaluation at St. Elizabeth and this week nurses Jolie and Sara were in real trouble. For 3 different reasons they both got a leather paddling, a birching and a jolly good OTK slippering from Doctor Mike followed by some time in the corner to reflect on their poor performances.
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Men Are Slaves – Inhale Their Stink

Foot bitch is still busy cleaning all the high heels of Princess Sara and Goddess Jessica. It’s a lot of work to remove all that filth and stink, but the crack of their whip will get him working at a faster pace.
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Spanked In Uniform – Europe Airlines Episode 7

On flight EA 612 to Rome, Sara didn’t clean the galley and Loni scolded her. Sara knew that Mr. Johnson would spank her soundly for that so she asked Loni to spank her. They went to Mr. Johnson’s office and Loni put Sara over her knee and spanked her. Mr. Johnson caught them and they both went over his knee for another sound spanking. Then he had them both kneeling on 2 chairs and they got a sound leather paddling. To think about the lesson they learned, they spent 45 min in the corner, hand on their heads, their sore red bottoms on display
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Spanked In Uniform – St. Catherines Episode 4

One or more girls bought a soccer ball into the school which is forbidden and a window was broken. At assembly I told the whole school that if the culprits do not come forward, I would cane the whole school!. Jolie and Sara came to the punishment room and confessed. I spanked and slippered them both soundly and during the next assembly they were standing on stage bare red bottoms on show to the rest of the school
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Men Are Slaves – Where Is My Coffee? Princess Kendall, Princess Sara

Men Are Slaves - Where Is My Coffee? Princess Kendall, Princess Sara

Seriously, where is their coffee? He should know how important morning coffee is to Sara and Kendall, so he needs to have it ready for them when they strut on over. Sure he’s busy cleaning the kitchen like a good male but that’s no excuse, he needs to budget his chore time better. Maybe some face slapping and humiliation will make him better remember for next time.
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