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Humiliation POV Princess Meggerz: You Can’t Resist My Tits

Princess Meggerz

You can’t get enough of my huge tits. You’re willing to spend any amount of money in order to stroke while I tease you with them. I know that’s what you’re doing right now, you’re stroking that cock while I use my tits to tease and manipulate you. Let me remind you, these are weapons, they can and will be used against you, as I see fit. But right now all I want you to do is enjoy them. Stroke to them.
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Meggerz – Pay To Obey Humiliation: Sissy vs. Me

We’re going to compare you, the the fat, hairy sissy “Gwen” with a real curvy woman, me. You will be wearing a lacy black bra and a pair of panties like mine for the judging. And then from the very tips of my toes all the way up my body we will compare. How does it make you feel when I grab my real luscious breasts knowing all that fills your bra cups is fat? How does it make you feel knowing you’ll always have an ugly bulge between your legs and not a pretty little pussy? You’re a zero, bitch and I am an 11. You will never wake up to be the girly girl you feel on the inside. You will always be a fat, hairy, old man.
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Humiliation POV Princess Meggerz: You’re A Cock Craving Faggot And I’m Going To Prove It To You

Princess Meggerz

It’s not a secret, I can see right through you, and I can read your mind. And as hot as you find me and as turned on by women as you think you are, I know what really gets you going. I know the one thing I could shove in your face right now and you’d have an instant hard on. It’s cock. Because you’re a fucking faggot, aren’t you? I know you’re a fucking faggot. You’re a fucking faggot because you’ve got yourwrapped around your own fucking dick and you’re stroking away staring at this cock. Staring at me as I am about to instruct you on how to fuck and suck this cock.

You’re stroking to the fact that you’re a faggot. You thought you were confused but I’m clearing it up for you right now. This big cock I’m holding is hot to you. You find it sexy, it turns you on. It’s what you crave, it’s what you stroke for. You’re a little cock craving faggot. You want it sliding in and out of your mouth so badly. You wish you could lick it. You fantasize about taking cock, about being a filthy dirty fucking cock whore. But you just can’t go through with it now can you? That’s how truly and utterly pathetic you are. You want it so bad and all you do is stroke off to it. You’re a stupid faggot whore, you’re a little slut, playing with your little clitty to the thought of cock.

You’re proving your love for the cock by getting harder and harder. You’re loving it. In fact, all you can think about is when I’m going to take this cock and ram it down your fucking faggot throat. You wanna suck and gag and moan for me, while you keep jerking and jerking. C’mon give the cock a kiss, faggot! I bet you never thought you’d fall so low, yet here you are, with your tongue out, your dick hard, stroking away, being a little faggot cock whore. You really want this dick, don’t you? You want to suck cock because you know it’s the only thing that makes you cum anymore. Nothing makes you cum harder than the thought of having a cock down your throat and then splooging all over your fucking faggot face.

You’re so close to exploding right now as I describe how you’re going to suck this cock. Wrapping your lips around it, feeling it grow inside your wet mouth. And then gagging on it because you’re a fucking faggot. That’s the only thing that gets you off. The only thing that can get you to cum is imagining this cock exploding all over your fucking face. You’re a cock gobbling whore. You’re a fucking faggot. You want to suck and cum, don’t you? So you ram whatever you have down your fucking throat and jerk that little cock for me. Cum as you imagine yourself drenched in another man’s cum like a stupid whore! LOL! You’re a fucking faggot! You’re a cock loving whore, and I proved it.
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Humiliation POV Princess Meggerz: You’re A Nasty, Utterly Disgusting, Filthy Fucking Toilet Freak


Princess Meggerz

You’re a filthy fuck who wants to bury your face in my ass and relish in my goodness. In fact you would do anything to sniff my ass. When you’re down on your knees staring up at me with that look on your face, I can see how bad you want to sniff my ass, how bad you want to be my little clean up butt slut. You’re a filthy fucking pig. You love it when I call you that. You love it when I dangle my ass right above your face, taunting you with it. That delicious crack of mine. And you want to stick your nose up inside me and smell my fresh flavoring. But more than anything, you want to take your tongue and run it up my ass crack, lingering right in my hole. Don’t you, you little fuck? You want to taste me.

You fucking pig. My filthy flavoring, that’s what you want. You wanna be that little filthy freak that I call on to come clean me up. How vile, how disgusting you are. And you can’t help yourself. You can’t resist that temptation. Do you want me to get really nasty with you? Yeah? You wanna taste my fudge, lol. You wanna know how sweet my chocolate is? You wanna eat my fucking ass out, don’t you? That filth! You fucking pig! And the fact that you’re jerking off thinking about tasting what’s in my ass is disgusting.

Your cock is rock hard as you’re so close to my ass, talking about my $.h.!.t.. You wanna be my little waste collector? You want your face to be my toilet seat. You want me to unleash all of my inner goodness on to you. You’re a disgusting fuck, jerking away. Smelling me, tasting me, offering to do whatever it takes to be used by my perfect ass. It’s so fucking disgusting! Yet all you crave is parting my cheeks with your tongue and slipping it deep inside my dirty asshole and licking it clean. You’re rock hard at the thought of it. Do you want to cum with your tongue wedged in my asshole? You wanna be my filthy fuck? Do you want to be that utterly disgusting in my eyes?

Stick your filthy fucking tongue out. Beg to taste my delicious insides. Beg to taste my asshole you fucking freak. I know how bad you need it. I know an opportunity like this doesn’t often come your way. So beg! You crave it more than anything. And then you’re going to explode like the fucking pig that you are
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Humiliation POV Princess Meggerz : Listen And Throb, No Touching, As I Verbally Assault You

Princess Meggerz – Mean Verbal Fuckery Experiment For Self Hating Losers

Today I’m going to perform a little sexual experiment on you. You’re gonna be my little test dummy. We’re going to see how my words, and Just my words, effect you. It’s simple, all you really have to do is take your clothes off and listen. Strip loser, then sit back, relax and listen to what comes out of my mouth. And you are Not allowed to touch your cock, I know what’s going to come out of my mouth is going to turn you on. But you’re not to touch it, you’re just going to look at it and observe its reaction to my words. I know it’s already hard at the thought of being naked in front of me and having me verbally assault you. You’re that pathetic.

And it’s growing harder. Is that because I called you pathetic? Because you are, you’re a pathetic loser. You bought this clip, just like you buy all the others, to be verbally assaulted. You’re made to feel like $.h.!.t., you’re emasculated, dehumanized, and you jerk off to it. And your pathetic dick is getting hard, it’s twitching and throbbing with each mean thing that I say to you. You don’t even have to touch it to make it move. I can do that with just my words.

Look at it, look at how hard it is, what’s wrong with you? I’ll tell you.. You’re a fucking loser and you love it when hot girls call you out on it. You love when women see right through you, see you as the worthless pathetic fuck that you are. And we exploit you. Look at that useless cock of yours, it’s fucking throbbing, and I’ll I’ve done is expose you for the loser that you are. And you know what’s hilarious? I can put up one fucking finger, and your cock starts throbbing, it’s twitching. Fuck you loser. How much money do you blow in order to cum? How much money do you spend to make yourself feel like a piece of $.h.!.t.? Fuck you, and your cock gets even harder. Begging for you to touch it, but you’re not allowed!

You’re a fucking loser and your cock is pulsating. Is that how it begs you to start stroking it? I own that cock of yours, and since you’re not fucking anyone, if I don’t want you to even fuck your fist, then you won’t, because you need my attention and I’m the only girl giving you any. And even though it’s negative, you eat it up. You love negative reinforcement. It’s so hard by now you don’t even know what to do with your hands. But you won’t touch it because you obey my every command, you’re like a fucking drone. You’re a puppet and I’m controlling you because you don’t have any self worth. You’re a fucking loser and I know exactly what I do to you. I know your cock is begging you to touch it right now, bouncing all over the place. All you want to do is stroke and stroke and blow to my mean words.

If I had let you stroke you’d have already cum by now and I want to make sure you hear every mean, degrading word I have to say to you. You’re a self hating loser with a throbbing cock. Such a fucking loser. And when I’m done you’re not going to touch it, you’re just going to let it go soft. And I hope you get a mean case of blue balls that remind you of what I’ve done to you, of what I can do any time I want. I have so much control that I can walk away from you and you’ll still obey me. Now thank me for my attention and then get the fuck out of my face. You disgust me.
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Humiliation POV Princess Meggerz: Swish Your Nasty Load In Your Mouth As You Jerk To Me

Princess Meggerz

I know you already have your container of cum ready for me. I know you wouldnt have bought this clip if you werent prepared. And I know youre wondering what youre going to be doing with that container of your own cum. Perversions are flashing through your mind right now because you know Im one evil bitch. And I love watching you suffer for me.

And since you were such a good boy in preparing that cup of cum for me, that Im going to tease you a bit with my body. I want you to enjoy this. I want you to allow your cock to get hard to me. Im going to make it rock fucking hard. Just look at my body as I tease you, thats it, so hard. Jerk it for me.

So what am I going to make you do with your cum? Its all for you, its not for me, ew gross, I dont want your disgusting jizz. You can be selfish with it. Now look at that nasty nut of yours. Next close your eyes and drink it, but Dont swallow it! Let it linger in your mouth for a little bit. Good boy. Just hold it in your mouth with the hope that you might be able to spit it out when Im done with you.

Heres what youre going to do loser. Youre going to swish that nasty salty cum of yours around in your mouth while you jerkoff to me. Yes yo are. Because if you spit it out, you dont get to cum, you dont even get to jerk it. And then I get to laugh at you for putting it in your mouth anyway. Youre halfway there already and you know you want to, so you might as well swish it around as you jerk your cock to my body. Jerk it to me with a mouth full of cum. Its so fucking hot, isnt it?

Youre so fucking disgusting and pathetic but you cant help it because your dick is hard and you love me. Are you going to cum for me again? Yes, I know you are. All for me. Faster and swish that nasty nut around in your mouth, you disgusting idiot. Stroking, swishing your fucking mess.

Im going to count you down while you jerk and swish. 5, 4, 3, Swallow! You heard me, swallow it. Now if you want to cum you better catch this next load in your and you better lick it up too! How does your mouth taste right now? Ew youre a fucking loser. 3, 2, 1.. Cum into the palm of your hand. Now you already ate one load for me, whats a second? Look at it and lick it up.
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