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Humiliation POV Princess Lucy: Soul Crushing Verbal Abuse For Stupid Suckers (October 1st 2017)

Princess Lucy

Hey loser, I know you’re sitting there, eagerly waiting to beat that cock. To me. That’s why you bought this clip now isn’t it? Because you wanted to jerk your cock to me telling you what a pathetic piece of $.h.!.t.. you are. You bought this clip so I could tell you $.h.!.t.. that you already know while you furiously beat your dick. I’m not going to tell you anything new, just that you’re pathetic, you’re a loser, you have no friends, all the things you’ve become so accustomed to hearing as you jerk off. And I know that jerking off to me telling you these things is the highlight of your fucking pathetic day.

What would you do without me? You would have nothing. It’s kinda sad. Do you really have that little going on in your life? You literally pay for my abuse. You’d pay for me to completely ignore you, you’re that pathetic. And I would ignore you, do you know why? Because you’re no one, you’re nothing, not worthy of any respect at all. No one cares about you, I certainly don’t care about you. If you didn’t buy my clips there would be countless others who would. You’re nothing but a number to me. If you disappeared I’d literally have no clue. But if I disappeared, if I stopped making clips, you’d desperately obsess over me.

I don’t even have to put any effort into these clips, you’d fucking buy anything I made. You’d beat your little loser dick to a video of me talking on the phone completely ignoring you. You’re so fucking low, so fucking addicted, so pathetic. Really. You literally have nothing better going on in your life. So you’ll pay for any glimpse into my life. Just so you have something new to hold on to. You are so pathetic! You really have nothing! Aside from me, what do you have that makes life worth living? I give you purpose.

I won’t even get naked for you. You’ll just pay to listen to me rant about how pathetic you are, about what a worthless piece of $.h.!.t.. you are. And you like that, don’t you? Do you like it when I tell you how much I hate you? Does that get you off? Well it’s true, I do hate you. I don’t like weak men. I may make a living off of you suckers, but I hate you. And you should thank me for even making these videos that you pay for. Because this is the highlight of your day. When this clip is over you’ll have nothing left to look forward to. I’m all that you have. No girl wants you, that’s why you’re here jerking off to my clips. And I’m so repulsed by you.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lucy and Princess Amai: Neighbor Perv Gets Caught And Spanked By Asian Brats

Princess Lucy and Princess Amai

Look at this lucky loser. He gets to worship the socks of two hot, young Asian brats! They both put their knee high socks on his nose and make him sniff their dirty socks before smothering him and cutting off his oxygen, lol! And their socks are really stinky! They taunt and humiliate him with their bratty voices and sexy feet.

They make him kiss their socks and lick the sweat off of them. He breathes in their scent and becomes intox!cated by their smelly feet. This loser loves being underneath their socks even though he must sniff and lick their dirty socks.

In this clip there’s lots of foot worship, sock smelling, verbal humiliation and Tons of giggles! Wouldn’t you love to be this loser underneath the feet of two hot bratty Asian Princesses? Write to us and beg us to be in our next video!
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Humiliation POV Princess Lucy: Itty Bitty Penis, Itty Bitty Loadbl

Princess Lucy

You have the smallest penis I’ve ever seen. And I was wondering… since you have the smallest dick ever, do you produce the smallest load ever? LOL! I mean when you jerk off, how much comes out? Is it like a drop or two? LOL! I want to see, I want you to show me your tiny little load. I wanna see you jerk your itty bitty dick and then I wanna see you spurt your tiny little dick load. I want to see how embarrassingly pathetic your little load is. I don’t even think you could get a girl pregnant.

Does your sex life suck? I’m sure it does. No girl in her right mind would want to be fucked by your itty bitty wittle dick. Well at least not good looking girls like me. Hot girls just don’t want little dick losers. Real men like to blow their huge loads on girls’ faces. I wonder what it would be like if you tried that? LOL! And like two drops came out! LOL! She would laugh at you! It would be so fucking pathetic. Personally I like to have my face plastered with cum. And you could never do that loser!

So tell me and be honest, how much comes out of that tiny little penis? I’ll bet your orgasms are so unsatisfying. I mean your dick is so small you can barely touch it, and then when you cum, it’s over in a second, one little drop. Wow it must be awful. Your sex life and your masturbation habit must both completely suck.

Your ittty bitty dick just ruins your life. It controls your mind, no one wants to touch it, you can barely get a hold of it, and then it barely spurts. So fucking sad. Now show me that little load so I can laugh in your face about it. C’mon jerk it, I’ll show you how with my little pinky. Oh yea, you love jerking that itty bitty dicklette with your two fingers. It feels so good. Now cum, show me that tiny little load so I can laugh in your face. It’s not even a load, it’s a drop.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lucy: Eat Your Cum To Cure Your Chronic Masturbation Addiction

Princess Lucy

So, youve been coming to therapy for a while now and Im just not seeing as many improvements as I would like. I feel like we should be making more progress. I have a new technique I would like to try with you. Its a bit unorthodox, but Ive had very high success rates with other patients. Are you up for it? Oh good. Today youre going to masturbate to completion, yes, right here in my office. Then, Im going to have you eat your cum. I know, not what you were expecting, right? Like I said, its a bit untraditional, but the severity of your masturbation addiction calls for more extreme measures.

Lets start by removing your pants. Dont be shy, Im a trained professional. Just relax, make yourself nice and comfortable. Stroke that cock for me, come on. I want you to work up a big load to consume at the end of our session. As you stroke, I want you to think about why you constantly feel the need to touch yourself. Part of today will be to try and figure out where those urges originate from, why you spend so much time masturbating. As much as I want to help you kick this habit thats taken over your life, sometimes I think youre hopeless. Youre such a naughty boy, you just cant control yourself, can you? My little masturbation junkie.

This is the part where I do the talking, you just sit back, relax, listen, and let me guide you. Im going to assist you in working up a nice big load for you to eat. Keep stroking that cock for me, thats it. I want you to blow a huge load to swallow, were going to completely abolish this issue of yours. Jerk it to me if that helps, how about I bend over and you can think about fucking my tight little ass. Come on, faster now, harder. Its time to cum, put your hand out and release. Are you ready to eat it? Im going to count to 5, when I get there, youre going to guzzle down that juicy load and your addiction will be cured. Or maybe another one might begin?
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