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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: I’ll Bet You Never Thought You’d Fall This Low, Did You Faggot? (December 5th 2017)

Look at you, my little faggot bitch. I’ll bet you never thought you’d fall this low. I’m sure when you got into this you considered yourself to be one hundred percent straight. You never even thought about cock. And then you fell into my sick, twisted little web, didn’t you? And now look at you. You are nothing but a little faggot. How did you fall so low?
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey:Your Boyfriend Is A Sissy Faggot, Lock Him Up And Cuckold Him

Princess Lacey

This clip is meant to be viewed by you and your girlfriend, buy it for her!

I know your kind, you’re a sick, perverted, faggot sissy bitch, just dying to be locked up in chastity and fucked in the ass. But you’ve somehow managed to convince some poor girl to be your girlfriend. And that’s exciting for me because I’m about to have a lot of fun with that. And the whole dynamic of your relationship is about to change forever. I want you to press pause right now and go and get your girlfriend, she’s going to watch the rest of this clip with you. I’m going to mainly be talking to her, with you on your knees by her side, as she watches this. I’m going to tell her exactly what kind of freak you really are, and exactly what she can do with it. She might take my advice and have a lot of fun with you, or she might just leave your pathetic ass and you’ll be alone with your perversions.

Press play for her now.

So you must be the girlfriend. Is your pathetic boyfriend on his knees next to you? This may come as quite a shock to you, but your boyfriend is a sick, perverted freak. He’s been stealing your panties and wearing them while he jerks off to videos where sexy girls tell little freaks like him exactly what to do, and he obediently listens because he’s just a pathetic loser. And I have some valuable advice for you. You might first be shocked and turned off by this information, and you may want to leave him right now, and I wouldn’t blame you. Look at him right now, and you loser, look at your girlfriend and tell her you’re a fucking freak. I’ll bet he listened, didn’t he?

I think you should turn him into the little faggot sissy that he is. Get yourself a chastity device and lock his pathetic cock up. You won’t be needing it any more and I don’t think you want it any more. From now on you can fuck whoever you want because not only will you be turning him into a sissy, but you’ll be cuckolding him. And he’s going to fucking love it! Aren’t you bitch?

You should start humiliating this loser you call a boyfriend. You can make him wear panties and shove a big dildo up his ass. He’ll like that. And while he’s busy with himself you can go to a bar and pick a real man and bring him home and fuck his brains out while your little loser bitch is locked up in chastity, watching from a closet. Take full advantage of the situation. Don’t be so quick to up and leave him, you could get a lot out of this. You can make him buy you clothes for your dates, he’ll even pay for your dates. He’s nothing but a little sissy faggot.

Oh and another thing, he doesn’t want sex any more, he’s not turned on by you. He likes cock, lol! I’m sure you’re not even that turned on by him, I mean look at him. So what you should do is get a strap on and fuck that little faggot’s ass. I have so many things I’m going to explain to you in this clip. You’re really going to thank me. He’s not your boyfriend anymore, he’s your cuckold sissy faggot bitch to do whatever you want with. So have fun with him or leave him, either way, now you know the truth.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey:You Can Only Listen To Sissy Cocksucker Music From Now On

Princess Lacey

The following is a member submitted clip idea. We make your ideas for free on HumiliationPOV. Princess Lacey has done this one to perfection! She will make you feel like such a cock sucking sissy! You’ll be bobbing your head to the beat like the cocksucking sissy that you are! The description is the member’s clip submission in his own words.

I once heard a girl say that Christina Aguilera makes the best cocksucker music. So I asked her what cocksucker music was? She explained that it’s what she calls any music that appeals predominantly to women and gay men, i.e. people who are likely to suck cock. I realized that this applies to pretty much all the music I listen to as a sissy.

So it occurred to me that this might make a good idea for a video, where the Brat in the video tells the viewer that they are only allowed to listen to cocksucker music from now on. She tells them that they must go through all of their music and ask themselves if someone who heard them listening to this would assume that they sucked cock. If the answer is yes, they can keep that song/album, but if the answer is no, they must get rid of it, throw out the CD if physical or delete if digital. They must also apply this same litmus test before buying or streaming any new music from now on. If it would make people think they’re a cocksucker, they can buy it. Otherwise they can’t.

The Brat in the video could give examples of songs or artists that would qualify as ‘cocksucker music’, such as female pop singers, boy bands, etc.

Get ready to enjoy your new music library, the only music will ever listen to from now on.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey:Leave Your House Sissy, Leave Your Old Self Behind

Princess Lacey

Well sissy, this has been going on for far too long, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. You get all dressed up like a slutty sissy, for what? To sit around your apartment all by yourself? Not anymore. I’m going to put an end to that. I know you’re dressed up right now as you’re watching this because you truly are a sissy. So it’s time to be your true self, out in the real world. I want you out there strutting around like a sissy all over town. I want you exposed to everyone.

You are going to do exactly as I say, you are my sissy after all. So I want you to put on your sexiest, most feminine outfit. I want you dressed from head to toe, from your heels to your wig, makeup, stockings, panties, a short mini skirt, you know the look you just love. Get really slutty and girly for me.

Now that you’re looking like my pretty sissy, I want you to go stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at yourself. That’s who you are. Just look at yourself, there’s no denying it. Now I want you to say, “I am a pretty sissy and I’m ready to let the world know exactly who I am.” Take that in.

Get ready, you’re going to leave your house and leave your old self behind. When you open that door and step outside dressed like a sissy, you will feel so liberated. And you will thank me for this. You’ve been sitting alone, dressed up for years now. Those days are over. I want you out there. I want this done today. I know you feel ashamed, but don’t. Don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks, just be who you are. It will be such a relief. It’s a different world now, you don’t need to be ashamed anymore. You need this so badly. This is who you really are. And while you’re out I want you to go shopping for something sexy dressed as your sissy self, your real self. And when you come home, you’ll be on your knees thanking me, after your first experience out in the world. Fucking liberate yourself, expose yourself to the whole fucking world.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: The Mindfuck Begins When You Send Me The Key

Princess Lacey

Hey my little chastity loser, I’ve got a couple of questions for you. First of all, is your little dick locked up right fucking now? Because it most certainly should be. My next question is, what’s the longest you’ve gone being locked up? I know some of you just like the idea, some of you wear it for a day or so, some for a week or a month, and some just send me the key and let me decide. And that is what I prefer, being in complete control of your cock and your orgasms. It gives me so much power. I own your cock loser, and you want me to lock it up and own you completely.

But for now I want to pick your stupid little brain a bit, about your chastity device. I hope you’re wearing it now as you should be, and I wonder when the last time was that you touched that dick of yours. I hope not recently because as a chastity loser that’s not something you deserve. Only a Goddess like myself should decide if you deserve that privilege.

I wanna push you, I wanna push your limits. I don’t think you truly know what it’s like to be in chastity. Do you know how I know? Because your key isn’t in my hand. Only then will you feel my power. If you have the key, well then what good is that, you can unlock yourself at any time. The mindfuck you will feel when you send me that key will fuck you up more than you’re stupid little brain has ever been fucked up before. But you know what? You’re going to love it. You’re going to beg me for more. Having a true key holder for your locked up cock, gives you a whole new feeling of submission, a deeper one. So if you still have your key, not only are you not taking this seriously enough, but you’re missing out on the mindfuck of your life.

You’re not truly in chastity until I have the key. Wearing it yourself isn’t enough. That’s just a stupid game you’re playing. In order to truly feel my power, and you will feel it every moment of you every day you’re locked up, you need to hand over the key. You need to have your limits pushed. You need this so bad. Send me the key loser, feel the rush. Your hands will be trembling as you put it in the envelope. Once you know it’s on it’s way to me that will be the most liberating, exciting thrilling feeling your little loser body will every experience. Yes you know it’s true, you feel the rush already. But that’s nothing compared to what you’ll feel when you see it in my hands. I wanna know how long you’ve gone in chastity and then I’m going to take you way past that. I wanna control that dick. Be my chastity bitch for real and experience true bliss. Soon you’ll be begging for that key, only to have me laugh in your face, and push you just a little bit further. But once I do send you the key and let you out, and you feel you have the control back, you’re not going to want it. You’re gonna wanna put it right back on and send that key right back to me.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Therapy and Brain Rewiring For Masturbation Addicts

Princess Lacey

This is a therapy clip for true jerk junkies. Or maybe more of a rewiring, than therapy, because some of you jerk addicts think it’s ok for you to try and live a normal life and be a normal person. But you will never ever be a normal person. You have a disease and it’s called chronic masturbation. And the first step to living with your disorder is accepting it. Admit it to me and yourself. Admit it, you are addicted to masturbating. Yes, it is very pathetic but you already knew that.

You’re here to learn more about yourself and you know there’s no better way than to have a goddess tell you directly. So listen up freak, you are an addict. You will never get healthy. So you need to abide by every word I say. I know you’re jerking your dick right now because you can’t help yourself, you can’t keep your hands off of that stupid dick while you stare at a sexy Goddess like me. No of course you can’t. And it’s ok, you can stroke bitch because I know you can’t help yourself.

But you can help yourself by stop trying to be normal. Embrace the fact that you are a masturbation addict. I need you locked in your room, masturbating constantly. It’s what you want anyway, so just do it, stop trying to live life, stop having friends, stop talking to family, and stop going out. It’s going to be a lonely life but you’ll be happy because you love jerking to hot bitchy girls who truly hate you. You fucking need it. You’re a loser, I mean anyone who can’t stop masturbating constantly is really a loser.

You’re here to learn from me that you are a true chronic masturbator. And you will stay locked in your room, jerking off, like a good little addict. You need to feel that high, you need your fix. Your high comes from jerking that dick. You just love that orgasmic high. Stare and stroke like the addict you are. You know there is no recovery because these clips will never stop. There’s no help for you. There’s no way to avoid your addiction, it will never go away.

Worship and stroke and become a mindless, sexless drone. This is the therapy you need, the perfect rewiring. Stroke and stroke and stroke, like the fiend you are. You will never fuck again, just embrace your disease and don’t stop stroking.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Humiliating Loser Sharpie JOI

Princess Lacey

I need you to do two things for me, jerk that pathetic dick of yours and write all over that disgusting body to humiliate yourself for me. Really quite simple, even for a mindless jerk junkie like you. So I’m sure you’re already for the first thing I asked, your hand on your dick, stroking to my instructions. And for the second part, you’re going to need a sharpie. A nice, big, fat black marker. You are going to write all over that useless body of yours while you jerk, and it’s going to make you so fucking hard. Your only use is to entertain me.

So keep jerking, and let’s get ready for the fun part. I want to see how covered with words I can get you by the end of this clip. So grab your marker and write, ‘Loser’ on your forehead. Then look at yourself. You must be a loser to be sitting there jerking on your dick and writing Loser on yourself. I want to really fucking humiliate you. So I want you to write ‘Fuck’ on one side of your mouth and ‘Hole’ on the other. LOL! Do it with an arrow pointing to your mouth because your mouth is a little fuck hole! And I don’t care if you’re not gay, if you don’t want a cock, I’ll fuck your mouth with my strapon bitch! See now you’re a loser fuckhole.

Now take your marker and on your chest I want you to write, ‘I Am Goddess Lacey’s Jerk Junkie’. Your body is a huge blank canvas for me. Write it nice and big. You’re my little loser fuck hole jerk junkie. I’ll bet you’re so hard by now. Desecrating your body for me. Everything I’m having you write on yourself is true. You’re addicted to me and to jerking your dick and to obeying whatever comes out of my mouth.

Now I want you to write something on your dick, ‘Useless’. Because you know for a fact that your cock is useless. No one wants it. But you already knew that, that’s why you’re here, jerking off and writing humiliating stupid words all over your body like a fucking loser. And just for fun, I want you to write on your ass cheeks, “Fuck My Ass”. LOL!

Look at yourself in the mirror as you jerk off. I know this has you so horny. But there’s one las thing you must do for me, I want pictures, lots of pictures. You can either email them to me or post them in the forum.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Magic K.!.l.l.er Pussy

Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Magic K.!.l.l.er Pussy

Princess Lacey

So you want to worship my pussy? Well, I must warn you, my pussy has magical powers. My pussy is a real man eater. Every second you stare at my pussy, every thought you have about my pussy, my pussy will suck up all of your life force. My pussy will k.!.l.l. you, the longer you stare at it and the more you think about it. My pussy will suck all of your strength, all of your life power, all of your youth, and wisdom. It will take from you everything that keeps you alive. And you dont even get to fuck it.

You would never get to fuck my divine, magical, powerful pussy. My pussy is holy, it is goddess pussy. It will suck the life out of you. Do you still want to worship it? Do you even dare look at it? Its already sucking from you because I know youre thinking about it. You cant stop thinking about my divine pussy before you. Youre looking arent you? Youre looking and thinking about it now. And it is just taking everything from you. You are feeling your mind melting as my pussy absorbs everything from you. I dare you to look away. I dare you to turn this clip off and stop thinking about my pussy but I know you cant resist it.

You want it to end you, you want it to take everything from you. You want it to just destroy you because my pussy is fucking divine and you cant resist it. Youre obsessed, you cant take your eyes off of it, and I wont even show it to you without panties on. If I did, it would k.!.l.l. you instantly. And I want to drain your life force slowly, its going to suck everything from you. To let my pussy k.1.l.l. instantly would be too good for you. You need to suffer. I want you to have a slow .

Stare and let it fucking suck every ounce of life from your body. Feel its power. My pussy fucking owns you. And it will own you until the moment it k.!.l.l.s you. How much longer can you handle it? Your mind is complete mush and once it drains your life completely, I will just throw you away like garbage. Give all of your life force to it, you have no choice. Let it end you. You probably never thought that this is how you would d.!.e., my divine, magical pussy, sucking you dry. Youre withering away to nothing. Now enjoy the last moments of your life as you stare at my pussy. Youre just another victim to my magical pussy.
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