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My Spanking Roommate – Episode 260: Clare’s New Roommate Spanks Her

Clare Fonda has a new roommate, Kira. And when Clare starts to fondle and grope her, there is a dispute about what exactly a “roommate” must or must not do. So Kira clarifies what she will do by putting Clare over her knee for a firm spanking. She starts over those tight Clare yoga pants, using her hand. Then finishes off turning Clare bright red by using a hairbrush on her bare bottom.
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Spanked Call Girls – Clare Spanks Kira for Slacking Off

When Madam Clare gets a call complaining about how new girl Kira slacked off on the job, not wearing the requested outfit and not delivering the goods, she takes it out on Kira’s big, round bottom in the form a sound spanking over Clare’s knee.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kira: Edge Your Oiled Up Cock To My Shiny, Oily Feet

Princess Kira

You can’t help but be a foot slave to my perfect feet. They turn you on so much. Is it my sexy toes or my soft bare soles? Either way you want to become so weak for my feet, and I know how to do that to you. I’m going to oil up my feet and I know that’s going to drive you crazy. Now watch me oil up my sweet, little feet. Don’t they look so sexy? So shiny and glistening. The perfect oily feet of a true foot goddess. It makes you so weak.

Now come closer, my horny slave, get close to my sexy soles. Pull your cock out and worship them, show me how much they turn you on. I know how badly you want to touch my pretty feet. But all you can do is admire them while you jerk your horny cock. You should put some oil on your cock so you can simulate what it would feel like to have my feet rubbing on your cock. Yes that feels so good. Jerk it nice and slow, feel the warmth on your cock.

Edge your oiled up cock to my shiny, oily feet. Worship my feet slave. Adore them, love them. They’re so cute, so perfect, so shiny. It must be driving you crazy, let my feet take over your mind. I’m slowly seducing you into becoming my foot slave. And it’s so easy, I don’t even have to try, my perfect feet do all the work.

Jerk it faster, bring yourself to the edge for the oily soles of my feet. I’m going to count you down to your orgasm, and with each number you’re going not only going to get closer to cumming, you’re going to be falling under my foot slave spell. So that by the time you cum, you will need my feet to cum every time you want to cum. Cum for my perfect feet. Cum and become my foot slave forever. You’re so addicted now.
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