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Humiliation POV Princess Brittanya: Straight Men Do Not Buy F0rc3d Bi Clips

Princess Brittanya

If you bought this clip it’s because you’re gay. If you’re watching this it’s because you’re a faggot. Straight men do not buy f0rc3d bi clips. But little faggots like you who love getting f0rc3d do. Straight men don’t get f0rc3d into doing anything at all. And to be honest I don’t really have to f0rc3 you to do anything. You’re here so eagerly watching this clip. You bought it so willingly. So you might as well admit that you’re a big fucking faggot. Say it, say, ‘I’m a big fucking faggot.’

I like having fun with little faggots like you, little faggots who pretend that they’re straight. I know you keep it a secret from your family, your coworkers, and even your gf or wife, lol. But you and I both know that you love cock. You love stroking your cock to f0rc3d bi videos. You love stroking to porn, gay or straight, it doesn’t matter, either way you’re looking at the guy’s huge cock. Because you’re a faggot.

Jerk it faggot. Jerk it while you think about big hard cocks. I know you can only get hard for cock any more. I know how badly you want one in your mouth. I want you to jerk and suck on two fingers. Good fag. LOL look at you, you’re so pathetic! All you want is a big cock in your mouth. You want to suck it until it covers your face and mouth with cum. You just can’t wait to swallow it down. It turns you on so much. Admit it, you’d rather suck cock than lick pussy.

And I know that you’re such a faggot that cock in your mouth isn’t enough. You need it in the ass too. Yes I know how much that turns you on. You want a huge cock f0rc3d up that faggot ass of yours. So take those fingers you’ve been sucking on and put them up your ass as you jerk your cock. Oh yea, you fucking love that fag, don’t you? Of course you do, faggots love having things up their assholes. Look at you, you’re definitely not straight. I’m going to make you cum while you think about cocks, while you fuck your ass with your fingers. LOL look at you, do you think straight men get off like this?
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Humiliation POV Princess Brittanya: Caught Perving On Your Daughter’s Best Friend

HumiliationPOV welcomes Princess Brittanya!

I know that you perv on me, and that’s just not right, I’m your daughter’s best friend! You’re a perverted old man. Do you think I don’t notice how you gawk at me every time I come over? Of course I notice! You’re soooo obvious. You like my body, I know it. You’re such a perv, it disgusts me. I can see you’re hard. I wonder what would your daughter would say if she knew her daddy was perving on her best friend? But even worse, what will your wife say? I don’t think either of them will be happy.

So if you want me to stay quiet you’re going to have to pay me, simple as that. Or I could tell them how hard you get every time I come over and you stare at me. Or how you purposefully brush up against me to feel my tight body. Do you want that? Well you’re going to have to spoil me or they’re both going to find out how big of a perv you are. I know your wife is old and ugly and you’d love to have some young pussy like mine, right? But you’ll never get it you old perv, you disgust me. You look so stupid over there with your mouth open and your cock hard as you stare at my body. You’re fucking pathetic.

I know you love my body so from now on, every time you get paid, I get paid. And I want half of your salary. Oh, you think that’s a lot? Well if you don’t, your wife will find out. How much will that cost you? You’re screwed. You’re gonna have keep paying me so I can buy hot outfits to go out with hot guys my own age who aren’t pervs like you. Do you hear me? That’s what I’m going to use your money for. And if you’re lucky, I’ll tease you in the clothes you just bought me. Then you can go home to your old, disgusting wife. How does that sound?

I want you to admit how hot I am. Say it out loud. LOL you fucking idiot I’m recording this. You’re so fucked. Your marriage, your job, your entire future is in my hands. But the truth is, you did this to yourself. What do you think your daughter will say when she finds out you’re perving on her best friend? You’re so old you could be my dad, isn’t that gross you old man? Your daughter would hate you for the rest of your life, your wife would leave you, and you’d d.!.e.. all alone. So pay up and I’ll keep my mouth shut, cause if you don’t I’m going to fuck up your life. This is what you deserve you old perv. I love taking money from stupid old idiots like you.
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