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Humiliation POV Goddess Jocelyn: You’re An Idiot If You Buy This Clip

Goddess Jocelyn

Do you see the price of this clip? That’s how much a membership to HumiliationPOV costs. And with a membership you get over 3,000 clips. But guess what? You idiots love coming to your favorite clip store and buying clips for eight, nine or dollars a piece. Sometimes you even spend more than that on one stupid clip.
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Brat Princess 2: Crystal and Victoria – Share a Human Seat while Chatting (1080 HD)

1080 HD Crystal and Victoria share a human seat. They giggle and take photos while ass smothering the human furniture together. The human furniture cannot breathe underneath the weight of two girls. The merciless girls do not care about his struggle for air. In fact, they think his struggle is funny. Only a loser would lay there and take it. One girl on his face, one girl on his chest. The double face sitting ensures the human furniture cannot breathe at all, but that’s what he gets for being a loser!
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Sugar Baby Fucks You Over

Princess Candy Glitter

I know that you’ve fantasized about having a sugar baby, haven’t you? Some hot young girl, half your age, to parade around and fuck, even if it’s just for your money. It would be so fun to pay her to flirt with you and call you Daddy and do whatever you ask. But, unfortunately for you, you are too much of a loser to have a sugar baby. You’re too much of a loser to get anything in return. The best you could hope for is for some hot young girl to come by and take your cash and then just leave you there, like the idiot you are. You’d be lucky to even see her for those two minutes when she shows up just to take you to the atm and walk away.
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Princess Breanna: Financial Orgasm Jerk to My Big Tits

Admit to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. This holds you accountable not only to your perfect Goddess, but to a community and other people. In theory this will make the shame of not following through, too painful to want to experience. This, in turn will keep you on track to success!
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Princess Breanna: Financial Orgasm Jerk to My Big Tits

Admit to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. This holds you accountable not only to your perfect Goddess, but to a community and other people. In theory this will make the shame of not following through, too painful to want to experience. This, in turn will keep you on track to success!
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Princess Beverly – I Always Get What I Want

I get want I want that what makes me a princess. Life is pretty easy for me I think of something I want and within hours I get it. There is always a loser out there to get it for me. If you can’t somebody else will so you have to act fast. It’s a privilege for you. Sometimes things don’t go so easy and I have to get rough I don’t mind using dirty tricks to get my way. I’ll black mail you if I have to. Once you start with me there is no way out unless I say so. So take this advice don’t piss me off you’ll be sorry.
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HEY FOOT BOY, ARE YOU EYEING OUR FEET? YEAH WE FIGURED. YOU ARE SO WEAK FOR OUR SOLES. We dangle our gorgeous feet right in your face. We know you are a weak footboy who only gets off to brat feet. You enjoy taking advantage of you, we like to see you squirm and jerk like a foot idiot. We know your dick dedication to our soles runs deep. Our feet own you completely. Submit to us now FOOT BOY!

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Humiliation POV: Bratty Princess Ignores Tiny Dick Losers (June 5th 2017)

Bratty Stephanie’s voice is soooo bratty, you will be desperately jerking and waiting, just to hear it, even just for a moment. You will be hanging on her every word.

I have better ways to spend my time than catering to the whims of tiny cock losers like you. But I know how it is for men with tiny cocks, you losers can jerk to almost anything. So since you so desperately want to jerk that pathetic little thing, I’ll let you stroke, but I’m not going to be paying attention to you. If you’re lucky, I might flip you off once in awhile to remind you of your place. But otherwise, I’m ignoring you.

Are you even hard? I mean I see you tugging but it’s just so small. You’re so pathetic jerking away while I completely ignore you. God I just love giggling at idiots like you, you’re so fucking stupid.

Are you still jerking? You’re not finished yet? Ugh. Pathetic. Well I don’t care, I’m still not talking to you. Loser!

Ewww you’re so gross, I really don’t want you staring at me any longer. So fuck off loser! You’re such a gross, creepy perv!
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Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas: Ball Bust Interview with local pig!

Pig #2 is a Local pig in Oregon and begged for an interview! I busted him so hard my Pig #1 was crying lol and of course I ended ball busting both of them while I was at it. My Goal was to bust one open id say i came pretty close. My Hits are Hard and I am merciless when it comes to ball busting. Ive learned most pigs are weak and can’t take much pain so all interviews are done with pig tied up. This way if pig ever backs out he can’t go anywhere until I’m done with him! FOR WMV CLICK Ball Bust Interview with local pig!
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Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Ball Bust Interview with local pig!

Pig #2 is a Local pig in Oregon and begged for an interview! I busted him so hard my Pig #1 was crying lol and of course I ended ball busting both of them while I was at it. My Goal was to bust one open id say i came pretty close. My Hits are Hard and I am merciless when it comes to ball busting. Ive learned most pigs are weak and can’t take much pain so all interviews are done with pig tied up. This way if pig ever backs out he can’t go anywhere until I’m done with him!
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Improv Slapping For A Tardy Slave

This is a look inside a real life event here at Mean Girl Manor – a slave came ridiculously late for a shoot and now he has hell to pay. We are going to slap theout of this worm and teach him not to come late for shoots. I mean Brooke and I have places to be and things to do and we dont like waiting around for slave to film with. Its probably the biggest insult a slave has ever given us… I mean its about to get REAL in the Mean Girl Manor right now. So when he gets here we unleash our anger on him and both of us bitch slap the hell out of him. He is so frazzled he cant even remember Superior Goddess Brookes name even though they have just been introduced. We make him practice her name as we just keep slapping him over and over again harder and harder till we get our frustration out. We have dates with real men tonight and cant be held up by dimwitted slaves

Princess Beverly
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Humiliation POV Princess Kelly Sunshine: Manipulative Cash Princess Bashes Worthless Pay Pigs

Princess Kelly Sunshine

One thing I know for sure, you get off on spoiling hot bratty girls like me. You wanna take every dollar you earn and go to my clip store and go on a little spending spree. I know it turns you on to send big, fat tributes. You know it’s the only way you can get my attention. But I think besides the sexual gratification that it gives you, deep down at the core you know that I deserve your money. You know that you’re a total fucking loser and you don’t deserve your money. You don’t have anything to spend it on anyway. There’s nothing you can buy that makes you feel as good as when you’re giving it to me.

You slave away day after day for your paycheck, and then you go and spend it on frivolous things you don’t need or deserve. So from now on, you are going to be giving all of your money to me. Because just look at me, I’m hotter than you, I’m smarter than you, I’m better than you, I’m more popular than you and I’m superior to you in every way. So why would you go treat yourself? What have you ever done to deserve having spending money? That’s for people like me. I’m so far out of your league it’s laughable. I’m just a better person than you and you know that I deserve that cash. And you know how good it feels when you drain it into my bank account. There are some people who are superior and some people who are nobodies.

So from now on it’s your job to slave away every day until you get your paycheck and then you’re going to come straight to me so I can fuck you over. That’s what you want to do with it anyway. We both know it. I deserve all of your fucking money, not you. Do you know why? Because you’re worthless. You don’t know how to spend your money, I’m going to spend your money. Didn’t just hearing that make your cock twitch? Do you see this outfit I’m wearing? Some no name loser bought it for me. Wouldn’t you like to know that I’m wearing the clothes you bought for me? I don’t spend my own money, that’s a job for losers.

You don’t get to buy new clothes, or go out to a nice meal. No that’s for you, that’s my life and you just pay for it. I get to do those things because I’m young and hot and powerful. You’re going to make sure I get everything I want. And you’re going to do it because you’re easy to manipulate. You’re going to do it because you know it’s the only way a loser like you could please a goddess like me. You’re going to give up spending on everything else but me. You don’t need anything, you’re just a nobody. Nobody but me pays attention to you. Nobody cares about you.

We all have our place in the world and my place is being a hot, powerful, manipulative brat. And your place is to be a slave, a financial slave. That’s all you are, good for nothing, but paying. And just as you get turned on by paying, I get turned on by being filthy fucking rich off of you fucking losers. It’s just so easy for me to look you in the eyes, and stare right into your pathetic soul and tell you, ‘Pay Me’.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Bathe Me Daddy

Princess Skylar has blackmailed her step-dad into becoming her slave. After catching him in the act of violating her worn panties, she has video evidence to show Mom, and he has no choice but to agree to anything she wants. Today, she needs daddy to bathe her. She makes him wear a hood with no eyeholes because he doesn’t deserve to see her lush young body. While being bathed, she tells him she’s so happy she found him sniffing her panties and how nice it is knowing he has to do everything she says. She tells him he will be greeting her boyfriends at the door from now on, taking their jackets, serving their drinks, “and when they leave, you will shake their hands and say ‘thank you for fucking my daughter’”. Poor daddy groans but knows he has no choice but to do whatever she demands. To humiliate him further, she says “In fact, you can tell my boyfriend that Mom, your wife, is pretty hot too, and that next time he comes over, he can fuck her as well”. She says that maybe Mom, she, and the young stud will have a threesome. She makes him tell her he likes the idea and has him say “I’m looking forward to your boyfriends fucking Mom”. Poor dad! He’s dying but does as he’s told. Skylar turns on the jets and tells daddy to wash her entire body while she relaxes. Daddy goes over her breasts, ass, and pussy with the washcloth, now that he’s nothing but her helpless slave.

Mistress: Princess Skylar
Category: Blackmail Fantasy, Taboo, Bathtub Fetish, Princess, Humiliation, Family Fantasy
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Humiliation POV Luscious Lindsey: You’re A Nobody, A Clip Junkie With Nothing Better To Do Than Jerk Off

Luscious Lindsey

You know you’re a loser, and that will never change. You know you’d never get a hot, young girl like me. No. You’re the type of guy who will do anything for a hot bratty girl, just hoping for any bit of attention because you’ll never be good enough for someone like me. The only thing that you can do is to sit there and beat off to clip after clip after clip. I mean what the fuck else would you do? Do you have anything else that you would rather be doing right now than jerking off? What’s more important than this? That’s right, you have nothing, absolutely fucking nothing more important to do.

I don’t care what you want, I don’t care about you at all, no one does. No one gives a fuck about you. You’re a nobody, you’ve always been a nobody, and you always will be. There’s just nothing a loser you like can do about that. All you have is to be thankful that I tease you with my super hot body that you don’t deserve. You’ll never ever be good enough. You’ll never be worthy of a woman like me. Go on, say that to yourself while you jerk it loser. Say it out loud. I want to make sure that you know and understand what a waste you are, what a fucking loser you are. You’re just gross.

You’re just a source of income. You buy all of these clips because you have nothing better to do. Do you think I would ever let some creep who buys all of my clips even near me? Ewww. I never wake up and think about you, but I know you can’t get me out of your head. You’re so fucked. You’re a gross waste that no one likes so you just sit at home alone and jerk and jerk and pay and pay. You’re fucking addicted to it, you’re addicted to me even though you know I can’t fucking stand you. How sad is that?

No one care about you, women just use you to support their lifestyle. And the fucked up part of all of that is that you fucking love it. You fucking crave that don’t you? You love that I make you feel useful in some way because you know that you’re not. So when you buy a clip you know that money goes right into my account and that makes you useful. And you sit there and you stroke to me telling you just how pathetic that is, just how fucking worthless you are.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Mia – I’m Going To Fuck Your Co-Workers

Mia walks into the room, having just returned home with you from one of your work functions where everyone was looking at you with admiration for scoring such a hot young wife. “You must have been so proud having me on your arm, weren’t you hubby?” she asks. “ I know they were all fantasizing about being with me and there were in fact a few there I wouldn’t mind fucking. Anyway, out in public you can have me on your arm but when we get home we know the truth… you’re my cucky.” She orders you to your knees and she reminds you how when you got married you thought you’d be fucking her all the time. “How many times have you actually fucked me?” she asks, then holds up her fingers to make a big fat zero! She talks about the hot young studs she often has come over and wonders what your co-workers would think if they knew you had to fluff them. She smiles as she sees your humiliation… and erection.

“Well, I guess some of them will find out”, she says. She mentions one guy that was particularly hot and says “I want you to get me his phone number. I wonder if his cock will be as big as my boyfriends?”, she asks as she holds up a big rubber cock. She asks you if it looks familiar saying that she had it moulded from her boyfriends cock. She talks about the last time he was over and how funny it was watching him ram his cock down your throat, how it would make you choke and gag. She then sticks the big dildo out towards you and tells you to suck it as she wants you to practice so you’ll be better at sucking him next time.

“This is a real man’s cock”, she tells you, “Who wouldn’t want to suck it”. She then brings it to her mouth and starts to lick it. She strokes it with her hand and talks about how good it feels in her tight little pussy, how it almost rips her open. Even erect you can see your cock is nothing compared to her studs and know you must accept your place at her feet if you want to keep your marriage. She humiliates you further by saying she likes to talk to her lovers about how little your cock is, how it makes them laugh. She pulls out a little butt plug and compares it to your little thing before tossing it at you and telling you to stick it up your ass. “I want a butt plug up your ass whenever he comes over, from now on” she tells you, “Just in the event he wants to fuck you up the ass you will be loose enough to take all of him”.

She says she’d like to see him fuck her up the ass and then pull it out and fuck your ass. She says you’d be lucky to have her ass juices up your hole. She tells she also knows you’ve been lying at work and telling the other guys that you are in charge and fuck her all the time. When she fucks some of the guys at work will they keep your secret? She tells you to stroke your cute little cock, which is now so erect, and then sends you down to worship her feet. Such is your lot in life!

Mistress: Princess Mia
Category: Cuckolding, Princess, Humiliation
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Humiliation POV Princess Kara: It’s So Hot To Hear Me Giggling While You Suck Cock

Princess Kara cannot stop laughing and giggling through this entire clip! Very Bratty!

Do you know why I’m smiling so much? Because I’m going to be laughing so hard while I watch you suck cock, LOL! You’re gonna be a cock sucker for Princess Kara. And you’re gonna do it because I know you want to make me happy. You’re so trapped by me, you just want to degrade yourself for my amusement. You can’t stop. You’ll even suck cock for me, even though you’re ‘straight’, LOL!

I wanna watch you gag on cock, I think it’s going to be so funny! Don’t be scared, just suck it, it’s just a cock. It’ll be so hot to hear me giggling while you suck cock, it will turn you on so much. You love it when I laugh at you. And this will make me laugh so fucking hard! I just love laughing at you loser. Look at yourself, you’re a cocksucker. Look what I’ve done to you. You’re so stupid. I can tell you’ve done this before, LOL. You seem to know what you’re doing you fucking fag. LOL! OMG, I can’t stop laughing! It’s so pathetic. Suck that cock for Princess Kara, suck it deeper and deeper. Choke on it. That’s it. LOL! Let the balls smack you in the face! This is too funny! Guzzle it all down on your knees loser.

I think you’re enjoying this. But I wonder what you like more, is it the cock or that you hear me laughing hysterically as you do it? You do realize you’re going to be doing this forever now. You’re going to be sucking cock for Princess Kara for the rest of your life. Why? Because you love it. Do you know how I know? Because I can see how fucking hard your cock is faggot! LOL! You’re such a loser.

This is too funny! I can’t wait to tell everyone that you since you can’t fuck me, you suck cock for me. You think I’m so fucking hot, yet all you can do is suck cock for me. LOL! I tease you with my young hot body, while you stare at me with open eyes and a huge cock shoved down your throat! You’re so confused, aren’t you? LOL! This is too easy. You’re going to get so addicted to my giggles as you suck cock that soon you’ll be begging me to let you suck cock, just so you can hear me laugh at you! You’re just a pathetic little cock sucker for me now.
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Clubstiletto – Cucky your Face Should Smell Like My Armpits

“Oh, he fucked me so good I’m just sweating” says sexy Princess Lily. She summons Her bitch from the closet and tells him She needs her stinky armpits licked clean. “Get in there! I want your breath to smell like my armpits. You’re such a loser you’ll go to your meeting with that smell on your breath and breathe into everyone’s face so they’ll know what a loser you are.” She asks if he likes dirty, disgusting, stinky things and tells him that s also like stinky things. “Are you a ?” She asks and then makes him bark like a dawg. He’s instructed to lick both Her pits until she’s satisfied they’re clean, while she talks about her boyfriend the entire time… how he pleases her and what a loser the slave is. She’s still so horny though! “I can’t get enough of my man’s cock” she says, as she plays with her pussy while making the slave continue to lick. After a while, she notices that his face is starting to stink like armpit. She calls him a worthless piece of and tells him to go back to his closet. She sniffs her pits and says, “Good, now he stinks instead of me”. She resumes playing with her pussy, while softly uttering her boyfriend’s name. “Oh, Ramone” she sighs, as a look of sheer bliss crosses her face.

Mistress: Princess Lily
Category: Armpits, Cuckolding, Princess, Armpits, Armpit Worship, Cuckold
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Clubstiletto – Jemma’s Fuck Toy

In this hot POV with ultra sexy Princess Jemma, it opens with her talking about how lucky she feels having learned so much from her step-mom Kandy, who has turned her dad into her complete slave, making him do unspeakable things, and shown her how to be a strong independent woman herself, fulling grasping that women rule. She then says she’s doubly lucky because of her neighbor Bellatrix. “She’s taught me that men really need to be put in their place and controlled by women.”, she comments, adding, “They are meant to be our toilets, our seats, our slaves. They’ve taught me so much about being in control” As the camera pulls back you see a flogger, butt plug and dildo on the bed with Jemma. She then gets on all fours and runs her hand across her ass. “At one time if a man was interested in this ass, I would imagine him sticking his cock inside it.” As she reaches for the dildo, she adds, “But now I fuck men in the ass.” She holds the dildo in place between her legs and tells you to look at how big it is and to imagine how good that would feel in your ass. She starts to thrust her hips and talks about how she would ram it in your ass and fill up your holes. “I’d make you my complete bitch.”, she giggles. She says she will pull it out of your ass then turn you around and thrust it into your mouth. “I’ll make you clean up all your ass juices from my big cock.”, she says mockingly, her disgust for you evident in her voice. She says she will slap your face with it and then stick it back in your gaping hole. “Are you stroking your cock right now?”, she asks, then tells you what you should really be doing. Can you guess? Now that your cock is out, she starts to mock you for it’s lack of size, saying it’s smaller than a tube of lip gloss, it’s almost an inny, it’s so small. It’s time for you to accept that you can’t give with that little thing but instead you are the bitch and the one that is going to get fucked. Laying back on the bed, Jemma looks so hot and as she strokes her ‘cock’ she again tells you how you will be taught to lick her balls, to suck her cock, to deep throat it. “Can you suck it as good as daddy, does?”, she asks. “Show me what a good little cocksucker you are.” Then to torment you even further, she pulls her shorts to the side and revels her silky smooth pussy. She rubs it and says, “If you were a real man you would get to play with this.” But you aren’t, are you cocksucker?

Mistress: Princess Jemma
Category: Strap-on, Femdom Pov, Pov Strap-on, Princess, Pov, Strap-on
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Humiliation POV Princess Kara: Findom Addict Mindfuck, I Know You’re Scared But You Can’t Stop

Princess Kara

I know you’re a findom addict. I know you’ve been spending a lot of money on me. And you say you need to stop, that you can’t keep spending, but you can’t stop. You keep sending me money and gifts even when you try to run away. You just can’t stop yourself from coming back and spending. You need to accept that you’re a little findom addict. Nothing else makes you cum the way that paying me does. When you send a tribute your cock just throbs and nothing else does it for you like that. And you know that with each tribute, if it doesn’t get bigger, you don’t feel it as much, it doesn’t feel as good. You need to keep raising the stakes every time. It’s like it’s never enough, like a junkie to catch that next fix that will feel as good as the first one.

You’ll just keep spending and spending and you’re so fucked in the head, you know it’s true. You can’t stop. You look at me, at how hot and young I am, and you feel it, you feel that you have to give it all to me. And that scares you, doesn’t it? You’re truly worried you’re going to go broke for me. Because the truth is, you want to. That thought makes you so hard. And the truth is, I’m going to drain you for all you have. I’m going to take every last penny and you’re going to love every second of it. And not only that, you’re going to beg me to do it. It’s hard wired into your brain. It’s all you can think about. It’s the only way you can cum.

Your wallet belongs to me, you know I deserve your money, you feel it. You come to me loser, you find me and beg me to take it. It’s not like I need you or seek you out. I don’t have to, you idiots come begging me to take it all. My hot body drives you crazy and turns you into such a little addict for me. I know you want me loser, and you know the only thing I want from you is your money. I know you want to pay more and more, and I know you’re scared, but that won’t stop you. You have no self control.

But when you see how happy you’re making me, all your fears will go away. You need to spoil me loser, I deserve it. Nothing else will make you feel as good as when I drain you, ever again. I know I’m all you think about. I know that me just talking about how much you’re going to spend has you jerking your cock so hard and fast. I Know loser, I know how hard and throbbing you are right now. And I know how dumb it makes you. But you won’t be able to cum until you spend more than you did the last time. That’s how it works, that’s why you’re so fucked, you little addict.
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: You Need To Be Fucked Over And You Fucking Love It

Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: You Need To Be Fucked Over And You Fucking Love It

Princess Candy Glitter

You work to pay to me, do you understand that? Your reason for going to work every day is to fill my bank account. And that thought gets you so hard. Because you know when you pay you get my attention and its the only way a hot girl like me would pay attention to a loser like you. And even though I laugh at you as I take your money, you love it, you eat up my attention. Youre so desperate for it. The only reason Im even speaking to you right this second is because I know you have money to give me. And youre going to hand it over willingly, youre going to beg me to take it from you to fill this sick need of yours.

I give your life meaning, dont I? I am your fucking god. You worship me, you live to pay me. You love paying, you love being fucked over by me. You dont deserve to have nice things, you deserve to go broke. And you know it. It turns me on to think about my bank account growing larger and larger while yours diminishes away to nothing. Ill bet it would turn you on so much to see all the money Ive taken from losers like you. Its just so easy when youre as hot as I am. Its so easy when men like you are so fucking weak. Youre weak, pathetic and obsessed.

I need more of your money loser. Youre a fucking loser with nothing else to offer. Youre just a human fucking wallet to me. Youre a human atm, otherwise youre useless. And be honest, you love this abuse, you love going broke for me. Youre so lucky that I even take your money and pay attention to you because you know a girl like me would never pay attention to you otherwise. In fact, you should thank me while I drain your account, loozer.

Its just so easy to fuck you over, I just have to stand here and look hot and you are just so eager to get on your hands and knees and hand over your fucking wallet to me. Youre just a pathetic pay pig and you dont deserve any of the money you have in your bank account. You need to fucked over. I know thats what you really want, you want to go broke for me.

You get such a rush every time you pay me. Its so addicting, you cant stop. And I wont stop until you have nothing else to give me, I will push you to the edge. Im not afraid to take every last penny from you because I know that I deserve it more than you. And that turns you because youre a fucking freak weirdo pay pig. You just want to be fucked over and you should be grateful Im giving you this opportunity. Fuck yourself over for me loser. Its just so easy to take advantage of you and you fucking love it!
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