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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Police Extreme By Aline Cruel And Vivi

Slave Vivi smoking in the house, but police woman Aline Cruel doesn’t really like it, so she punish her by slaps, then sit on her back and beat her head to carry her around the room, then they change position and Vivi carry her around in a much harder way and they fall off. Then Vivi have to go to all four legs like a real pony, Aline sit on her, smoke on her and humiliate her in many ways, and they finish the movie with a carry around in the pool where Vivi drowns her head under the water a lot. Little Vivi shouldn’t be smoking in the house if it’s she doesn’t want to be a pony girl. Luckily for us, police woman Aline Cruel notices it, and punishes her accordingly. Aline slaps Vivi around, makes her sit on her back, lands a few punches on her head to let her know who’s in charge and makes her carry her bigger body around the room, occasionally revealing the nice big ass of both Aline and her petite slave as well. Aline casually lights up a cigarette and smokes it on top of Vivi while she carries her around on all fours. She keeps pulling on her hair as if she was a real pony. Then they enter the pool, where the pony play continues.
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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Play Giant Mel Costa And Rasta

This ponyplay video is special, because the girls act like animals! The rasta woman is eating plants when Mel Costa appears as a wild leopard. She immediately jumps on the Rasta girl and attacks her. She sits on her back so the slave must carry her around the pool. The heavy sitting is not pleasant at all, but the slave has to endure the pain she feels. She is having a hard time when Mel Costa sits on her as if she was a ponygirl. The Rasta slave wears no bra so you can take a look at her breasts. Mel Costa’s dress is also very sexy since you are able to see her beautiful, big tits. The heavy sitting lasts for 25 minutes, so the domina has enough time to enjoy the ponyplay.
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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Girls By Pile Collapse And Rapha Vegas

Welcome to this girl-with-girl party! You can meet five beautiful women who are going to play with each other. The ponygirls ride on each others’ back. They step and sit on each other. They wear only tiny shorts and tops, so you can take a look at their body. One of them wears only a bra and a thong. The young girls dominate each other which can be very sexy. They don’t mind if one of them is in pain, they just continue the wild riding. The Brazilian ponygirls play on the bed and on the floor for more than 34 minutes. They really like it, because they can touch each others’ sexy bodyparts. The pile collapses many times during the hot ponyplay.
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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Girls Horse Race By Karina Reis And Mika Patyzinha

Karina Reis And Mika Patyzinha will show you what real ponygirls look like! They are going to ride 3 other women who wear horse masks. The dominas will use their hair as reins and they will pull it if they want to stop the horses. They will slap the girls’ asses if they want them to go faster during the ponyplay. They humiliate the ponygirls with it. The dominas wear sexy clothes like shorts, high-heeled shoes and bras. You can see 2 black hotties and a blonde goddess in this movie.They do the domination next to a pool so there is a danger that they may fall into the water. The slaves feel pain because of the ponyplay, but the sexy dominas don’t pay attention to them.
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Fetish-live: Bridled

Such a beautiful!Perfect day for a ride!
Lets dress up the pony and have a lovely day in the sun.
Mistress Sandra is training pony Anna Rose.
Will you join us for a ride…

Mistress Sandra is wearing legging, top, skirt, jacket, hood, gloves and hat.
Anna Rose is wearing a catsuit and hood.
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Shadowplayers: Ponygirls

Shadowplayers: Ponygirls

Six beautiful ponygirls are trained in spectacular outdoor Western locations. Over 70 minutes of exciting outdoor pony scenes.

Petra is harnessed and gets a butt plug tail by her handler Gypsy. Naked and harnessed, she pulls a cart through the desert around Monument Valley. She is led naked and barefoot to a desert stream where she splashes and plays. She gets a strap-on fucking and is saddle trained.
Tracy Hilton is picked up while hitch-hiking. Shackled and gagged in the back on a van, her clothes cut and ripped off, she is taken to a remote location. Naked and barefoot, she is led across a rocky trail to be trained as a ponygirl.
Rose Algren is lassoed, harnessed to a cart, and works a mountain trail.
Moonshine is towed naked and bound behind a car to a high mountain forest where she gets a butt plug tail and harness and pulls a cart.
Melissa-Ashley exhibits her butt plug tail, is trained on a lunge line and pulls a cart in the desert mountains.
Kitty is trained and gets a strap-on from Claire Adams.
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Shadowplayers: Southwest Ponygirls

Shadowplayers: Southwest Ponygirls

Sexy long haired blonde Gracie Vega experiences her first pony training. Out in the Arizona Desert, she has been taken naked to be harnessed, bitted, and equipped with a steel horsetail butt plug and painful nipple clamps with bells. Lunge line training prepares her to pull a cart through wild western scenery.

Claire Adams is harnessed in the same fashion in the wilds of Utah. After some exercise in one location, she is transported naked, cuffed and ball-gagged in a car along public roads to continue cart pulling in an even more spectacular location.

Jena kitten does some cosplay as My Little Pony, demonstrating how to put in a ponytail butt plug and braid it.

Sybil Hawthorne pulls her cart high above Glen Canyon almost completely naked. With only a head harness and bit, a small waist belt attached to the cart, a butt plug tail and nipple bells, she struggles barefoot over rocky desert terrain.
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