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FAMILIES TIED: May 11, 2018 – Chanel Preston, Seth Gamble and Penny Pax

Penny Pax is a naughty little house slut that loves being bent to the will of her dominant, cocksure boyfriend, Seth Gamble. She knows and loves her place in Seth’s world, crawling towards him and begging for his cock with just the sexy sway of her hips. Looking up from his reading, Seth answers the call of Penny’s body, grabbing her throat and gorgeous, flowing red hair as he restrains her and tugs at the clamps on her nipples. Seth spanks her, zaps her, slaps her pretty pussy until it’s pink with pain, and tugs at the clamps again. Penny moans and writhes with the desire to please her master as Seth pushes himself on her, parting her lips with his thick cock. Penny gags and spits, choking as Seth pumps in and out, taking her throat as he pleases. He then does the same with her cunt, taking it for himself, making his pretty pet beg to cum as he fucks her until her eyes roll back in her head.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: April 20, 2018 – Charles Dera and Penny Pax

When Charles Dera’s ex wife, Penny Pax, uploads compromising pictures of Charles to her social media account, Charles is fired for violation of his employer’s moral turpitude clause. When Charles confronts Penny, her silly game is turned into a much more serious BDSM and hard anal encounter. It’s all about Charles today.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: March 9, 2018 – Penny Pax, Skylar Snow , Michael Vegas and Mona Wales

The second half of our Halloween Orgy opens with a bit of quality pep talk between Mona Wales and Penny Pax, who she has reason to believe does not accept Mona as her new Governess. It turns out that Penny believes her seniority as a TUF slave should have made her a shoe-in for the Governess. Mona takes her on a degrading walk around the room, asking guests to vote again for Governess, and having Penny explain her position on the matter directly into Mona’s ass. Sitting on the furniture, Mona has Penny lick her cunt- and when she is done she is made to beg for a group hug to comfort her because she is a loser.
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December 8, 2017 – Penny Pax, Skylar Snow , Michael Vegas and Mona Wales

Has much to celebrate with Mona Wales promotion to Governess and a newbie slave slut wannabe on deck for initiation. Senior anal slave Penny Pax rolls her eyes at being passed over for promotion to Governess, but is too busy having her big ass shined by the horny party guests to do anything about it. Our wide eyed new whore on staff Skylar Snow is the perfect sex slave: gorgeous natural tits, big jiggly ass, and an innate horny-ness that leaves her squirting in duress while the BDSM lifestylers laugh at her plight.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: September 8, 2017 – Penny Pax and Ramon Nomar

Penny Pax is an officer of the court in her real life. This busty natural redhead makes routine housing inspections to check for illegal activity. But this gorgeous slut has her own dirty desires. Welcome to Kidnap Inc. When Penny shows up for another routine inspections she finds Ramon Nomar there. While the two ride up a dark elevator Ramon violently grabs Penny and pulls up her tight black dress to reveal she is wearing no underwear to cover her trimmed pussy.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: May 5, 2017 – Penny Pax and John Strong

Pretty Penny Pax is all tied up with nowhere to go. Somewhere out there in a desolate, dark dungeon poor Penny is being held captive by John Strong. He is convinced she has stolen something from him so he is going to fuck the truth out of her. First he puts tight nipple clamps on Penny’s huge natural tits and makes Penny suck his stiff cock until she is slobbering all over it. Then he vibes her pussy until she is screaming with pleasure. All day long Mr Strong has his perverted way with his captive little slut Penny—flogging, fucking, caning and then fucking again. Penny may be captive but she loves being used like a dirty whore. She can’t get enough of John’s thick pounding cock as he sends her over the top again and again. Pussy fucking, hardcore anal, blowjobs, mind bending orgasms. This Captive Slut has never had it so good!
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: January 6, 2017 – Tommy Pistol, Mona Wales and Penny Pax/Anal Psycho 2

In Anal Psycho part 1, when Tommy and Xander kidnap Mona, the crazy wife of a local lottery winner, to pay off a vicious loan shark, the newly rich husband refuses to pay the ransom! Mona plays the two would-be thugs against each other, and Xander ends up with a bullet in the brain. In part 2 Tommy is stuck with a dead body, a crazy nymphomaniac captive and Vinnie the finger chopping loan shark after him. With nowhere left to turn Tommy resorts to calling Mona’s hot therapist, Penny Pax. Penny initiates sexual therapy for all in an effort to unite Mona’s split personalities. Three way anal sex, bondage, erotic therapy and a dark storyline make this a highly entertaining erotic thriller.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: December 23, 2016 – Xander Corvus , Tommy Pistol , Mona Wales and Penny Pax


When are two strangers the same person? When the seemingly prudish wife of a lottery winner is kidnapped from her hot hypno-therapist’s office by two desperate guys on the run, her newly rich husband refuses to pay the ransom! The kidnappers try to hold it together when they learn their victim is a split personality psycho that is half uptight prude and half anal nymphomaniac bitch! Mona’s two personalities play the men against each other but when her manipulations fail, the two men must commit to their desperate act in the worst possible way. This Sex and Submission Feature stars Mona Wales, Penny Pax, Tommy Pistol, and Xander Corvus and it includes: outrageous action, girl/girl seduction, boy/boy/girl hardcore anal sex, double penetration, squirting orgasms, bondage, captivity, depravity and lust in spades.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: November 15, 2016 – Ramon Nomar, Karlee Grey, Penny Pax

Uptight Babe Submits to Punishment and Squirts Everywhere

Karlee Grey is a gorgeous, uptight perfectionist that arrives on The Upper Floor to restore some rare artifacts, but instead finds herself restoring a sense of sexual release, hot squirting sex, and punishing bondage. Penny Pax returns as our mischievous head slave slut, craftily positioning her perfect ass to be beat and fucked and seducing the new meat. Penny Pax tries something new with a shibari torment suspension tie that take her breath away and leave her writhing in the air in pain and pleasure. This update is a hot afternoon romp including tight bondage, suspension, clamps, electro play, spanking, hardcore anal, and tons of hot squirting sex.
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Miss Missa X – Penny Pax – The Oedipus Complex

Includes: Fantasy mother Penny Pax, and a pulsating orgasm creampie

Do you know what it’s like when your thoughts are so loud that you can’t hear anything else, not even your mother when she’s talking to you? I get like that all the time around women, especially my mother. I think that my mother is the only person in the world who truly understands me, and yes.. sometimes I fantasize about her lips wrapped around my cock when she is talking to me, but I swear that any guy would if they were talking to her.

I’m pretty new to sex but I have had sex with three babes since last year, it’s cool and everything, but still.. I’m looking for that special girl. I’m not the kind of guy that gets all fucked up at parties and fucks random chicks. I’ve did it once, it wasn’t for me. I need more than just getting my nut off, I need love, I need someone who understands me. I think I need to find a girl to get serious with, to have a real relationship with. I think about all the qualities that she should have: she should be into watching me play hockey in the winter, and baseball in the Summer, she’s a good listener, she should wear heels, like all the time, my Mom does that and it is so feminine. Mom even has a pair of heels she calls her “house heels,” man, I know they kill her feet, she is always begging me to massage them, but they make her legs look mile high. She says, “they make me feel good.” I can guaran-fuckin-tee that you won’t find a chick with those qualities at my age, I’m going to need a sophisticated lady, an older lady. Oh.. and I need a woman that touches me like my mother does, this is very important. I’m talking about the little ways she touches me, as if she wants to remind me that she loves me, several times a day, the way we sit at the table and she runs her index finger up and down my forearm, when I leave the house she hugs me tightly, and wraps her delicate fingers around the back of my neck, and she links her arm around mine like a Victorian lady when we are walking around in public. I always feel like I am the man when I’m with her, even though I’m eighteen, she looks so young that I’d bet people think she’s my older girlfriend. I snap out of my day dream, mom is furrowing her brow at me, oh fuck– I don’t want her to think I wasn’t listening to her. I nod my head politely, and thankfully she continues on talking.
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HOGTIED: September 29, 2016 – Penny Pax and The Pope/Red Headed Rope Slut is Violated and Tormented

Penny is a dirty little slut and she’s not afraid to admit it. She loves to be tied up and made to suffer in the bondage. Her pussy drips as soon as the rope comes out and she grinds her ass in to the Pope every time he gets close to her. She is such a rope slut and we love her for it, and by love we make sure she is tormented to her breaking point. We abuse her body, then violate her pussy, ass, and her throat. We leave no hole un fucked! If you’re gonna act like a whore, then we will treat you like one.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: July 29, 2016 – Penny Pax, Xander Corvus and Kimber Woods/Evil BDSM Swingers Trap an Anal Lesbian

THE UPPER FLOOR: July 29, 2016 - Penny Pax, Xander Corvus and Kimber Woods/Evil BDSM Swingers Trap an Anal Lesbian
THE UPPER FLOOR: July 29, 2016 - Penny Pax, Xander Corvus and Kimber Woods/Evil BDSM Swingers Trap an Anal Lesbian
THE UPPER FLOOR: July 29, 2016 - Penny Pax, Xander Corvus and Kimber Woods/Evil BDSM Swingers Trap an Anal Lesbian

Kimber Woods is clearly smitten with her coworker Penny and jumps at the chance to have a drink at her lonely mansion while her husband is gone. Deep into some heavy petting and a couple cocktails, Penny pretends to be surprised when her dominant comes home and catches them, but really she’s delighted with the trouble. Penny is a crafty little slut slave and loves getting caught by her Master in the act of adultery just so her hungry ass can get punished. Her Master is just as clever, and turns the game to his advantage by inviting Kimber to follow her lesbian desires into a twisted web of submission, rough anal sex, spanked asses, rope bondage, painful clamps, whippings, and power games. Kimber is an eager student, and follow after Penny’s tasty cunt into an extravagant night of BDSM sex.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: Jun 24, 2016 – Penny Pax , Seth Gamble , and Nicole Clitman/The Slutty Sisters

SEX AND SUBMISSION: Jun 24, 2016 - Penny Pax  , Seth Gamble  , and Nicole Clitman/The Slutty Sisters

When Penny Pax’s slutty sister, Nicole Clitman, gets caught fucking around with Penny’s boyfriend, she gets thrown out of the house! But Seth brings the sisters back together for a humiliating make up and scene and Nicole’s first time anal scene. Penny Pax’s anal scene is amazing as always with her legs tied wide open giving Seth and Nicole access to all her slutty holes. Lot’s of nasty ATM and coerced girl/girl action in this movie, along with a hot taboo anal incest premise!
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WHIPPED ASS: May 27, 2016 – Cherry Torn , Penny Pax and Mia Li/Bad Secretary: Hot babe spanked, double penetrated, & dominated!

WHIPPED ASS: May 27, 2016 - Cherry Torn , Penny Pax  and Mia Li/Bad Secretary: Hot babe spanked, double penetrated, & dominated!

After caught sneaking a cigarette in the basement at work, Mia Li submits to hot coworkers Penny Pax and Cherry Torn with hard spanking, finger banging, foot worship, pussy licking, face sitting, clothespins, flogging and double penetration strapon on fucking!
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 04, 2016 – Aiden Starr , John Strong , Marco Banderas , Penny Pax , Audrey Holiday , Goldie Rush and Aidra Fox

THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 04, 2016 - Aiden Starr , John Strong , Marco Banderas , Penny Pax , Audrey Holiday , Goldie Rush and Aidra Fox

Part Two of The Upper Floor’s legendary Halloween Costume Ball: Anal slut Audrey Holiday teaches young Goldie how to scream in a stress position on the vibrator while Audrey takes a hard fucking in her ass. Goldie obediently licks every bit of cum up while being electro punished and made to cum relentlessly as the guests laugh at her predicament and cheer for Audrey’s deep anal reaming.

In the other room beautiful women enjoy anonymous blow jobs behind masks, rope suspensions, tight rope bondage take downs, and being held down while they cum. Gorgeous slave girls take single tails and suffer beautifully for their masters.

Once again all the slaves are brought together in a sweaty fuck competition, Tits are bouncing every where, slave girls cumming again and again as Aiden Starr rides each of their faces in turn. Both our male guests have any one of four perfect slave asses to choose from, and the resulting fuck orgy is unbelievably hot. Covered in cum and sweat, which of these two new slave girls will be collared and kept by The House?
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Feb 02, 2016 – Penny Pax and Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre is the Perfect Anal Submissive for Penny Pax. Penny Pax puts Charlotte over her knee and spanks her bottom until its glowing red and her gape closes. Penny doesn’t want to the gape to close too much so she widens Charlotte’s ass open with the speculum and rewards Charlotte for a good stretching with a passionate face sit. Eager to please, Charlotte begs to take Penny’s fist. After taking the whole fist, Charlottes asshole is left gaping wide and red. Penny Pax slings a good hard ass fucking with a strap on to finish off Charlotte and keep her gapping
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Dec 25, 2015 – Aiden Starr , John Strong , Marco Banderas , Penny Pax , Audrey Holiday , Goldie Rush and Aidra Fox

At one of our liveliest shoots of the year, 200 gorgeous and creative sadists, masochists, swingers, and lifestyle players join the Upper Floor in a wild party celebrating hot sex and real BDSM play. The orgy is served by two returning anal slaves, Penny Pax and Audrey Holiday, who bring their slutty asses and submissive knowledge to the floor in order to train the new meat girls, Goldie Rush and Aidra Fox, who are locked in a cage and swallowing cock. The senior slaves must struggle out of their bondage while being whipped, shocked, and vibrated on the sybian, then go grab a new slave and teach her the ropes. On this particular night the ropes include brutal fucking, anal service, tight bondage, zippers, floggings, and keeping Mistress Aiden Starr’s pussy happy, all while collecting as many hot loads of cum as they can.
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WHIPPED ASS: Dec 18, 2015 – Lorelei Lee and Penny Pax

WHIPPED ASS: Dec 18, 2015 - Lorelei Lee and Penny Pax

While lathering up her hot body in the shower, Lorelei Lee notices her cute horny lesbian roommate, Penny Pax, peeping through the door at her. Later on, Lorelei puts on her corset and high heals to teach Penny a lesson with spanking, finger fucking, fisting, face sitting, foot fucking, paddling, and pussy and anal strap-on fucking!
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THE TRAINING OF O: Oct 23, 2015 – John Strong and Penny Pax

THE TRAINING OF O: Oct 23, 2015 - John Strong  and Penny Pax

Penny Pax Pax has endured many days of training and service in the Armory over the years and today she returns to show us what a well trained sex slut she has become. Pax shows of her perfectly shaved submissive pussy and asshole while wearing a tight fitting ball gag before John Strong makes full use of every one of Pax’s slutty holes.
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